Thursday, November 26, 2009

i guess it's about time!

It's been so long since I've last posted... I can't remember the half of it. So instead of listing off days and their events, I'm just going to update everyone on the things going on in my life.


All of my classes are going pretty well and I can't believe we're already getting down into finals! For American History (which I have decided is my least favorite class), I just finished reading a book called Celia, A Slave about a fourteen year old slave girl that got raped by her master (awesome... not) and wrote a nine page paper about it. For Art History, we just sit in class and Rhiannon takes notes and I try to entertain her. For the art seminar, we continue to make fun of "Miss East-West" and listen to boring lectures about art. For Weather and Climate, we're learning about tornadoes, lightning, and thunder... it's actually pretty exciting.

For my art classes, things are coming to an end too. In Color and Composition, we just finished a group project that involved creating a code to represent the lyrics of the Beatles song "Across the Universe." Van, Jefferson, and I worked together and created this:

Mural Poetry Project - Across the Universe

For 3D design, I am enjoying myself by learning how to braise metals (it actually is pretty cool but i'm not very good at it and i've been burned quite a few times). I'm working on making a baby manatee, it's about two and a half feet long.

I'm getting even further in my journey towards being in an IDS (interdisciplinary study) in Animation. I'm working on getting my council together and my petition for the Dean's Office.


UGA cheerleading is at it's busiest point. Volleyball, basketball, and football are still going strong. We aren't practicing as much, which is good, but Jackie and I are still doing really well with our stunting. Georgia vs. Georgia Tech is this weekend and I'll be cheering! Can't wait to see my cheer friends that go to school there. It was great to see Chelsea Parker last weekend at the Kentucky game too!

For Stingrays, we're getting close to our first competition! We know our whole routine (other than the dance) but I think we are learning that really soon. I'm excited about being on the competition floor again and seeing everyone at competitions.


I recently set up (or well, had it set up for me) a website selling my t-shirts! The shirts are fifteen dollars and shipping is about five dollars extra. I'm using this as a fundraiser to pay for Stingrays and hopefully, get a little cash on the side. Order yours today!

I'm getting really excited about Spreezy Breezy X (aka. Spring Break '10) and a cruise to Mexico with a bunch of friends! I'm sure it's going to be super fun. I need to get a passport though.

I'm working on my Christmas shopping and I'm getting really excited about that!

As of right now, I'm in Raleigh, NC spending time with my family, eating lots, and reading a little bit of Harry Potter. I'm going to try to stay more up to date with this whole blogging thing... we'll see how that goes.

Until next time.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I waited too long again. However, I fully plan on sleeping tonight... so I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to update you on the past 14 years of my life. Sorry.