Monday, August 31, 2009


today seemed to fly by really fast, but not as fast as my hand flew over my paper in all three of my classes today!

so classes went well, nothing too serious, just a lot of note taking.

after classes, I came home and took a short nap before practice.

practice went well, for the most part, but Jackie was sick so she did as much as she could then I got to stunt a little bit with Paige and work on some running and standing tumbling.

as of now, I'm eating my little heart out while finishing my art project.

the Rachel Zoe Project is on and I'm also watching that.

eeh, I don't feel like blogging anymore today.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh, the weekend.

I guess I should start with Thursday due to the fact that Thursday is where I left off...

So Thursday started at six in the morning when I moaned to myself as I turned off my alarm and prepared for a very long day. Workouts went well, I got to work out with Tram and Casey Denney. Obviously, we had a fun time. After workouts, I headed back to my apartment for a little nap before heading to class.

Color and Composition went well, for the most part. We had a presentation on shape and color and I was one of the only persons in my class to speak up and answer questions... I guess that's the cheerleader in me. Once the presentation was complete, We continued working on our line drawings. When I thought I had finished my first one, I began erasing the pencil marks from the paper when I smudged the pen ink ALL OVER my work. So I started over. So annoying.

In 3D design, we were given an orientation on the work room and how to use all of the machinery. After spending two weeks in the class without being able to use the room, I can understand how much easier everything will be now that we can. I look forward to getting a little dusty with the saws and sanders!

After class I gave Rhiannon a ride back to the Sigma Kappa house then headed back to my apartment. After a few hours of being bored and doing nothing, I got ready and headed out to meet my friend Chad for dinner. Dinner was great but I was totally exhausted by the end of the day so I went right how and went to sleep.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I got a call during 3D design that I would be drug tested the following morning (Friday) and six. So Friday morning, my alarm went off at FIVE A.M. and I sat up in the bed and tears fell from my eyes (figuratively). But I pushed through and peed in a cup. The good thing is that I was first in line and I had an hour to sleep before practice started at seven.

Practice went pretty well and I was off to Rankin (Student Athlete Center) to get in some reading before heading to classes. Classes were, in all, pretty boring for the day. Pauly let us out a little bit early. The rain was definitely a bummer, especially since I didn't have an umbrella. But it was Friday and after Weather & Climate... I was home free!

After class, I had a short appearance at a retirement home (which was very fun and personally rewarding. I like to think of doing things like that as earning brownie points of life). I headed back to my apartment and after a couple of hours, Erica was here!

Erica and I enjoyed our night hanging out with lots of new and old friends and having a fun night in Athens. She even got to experience Pokey Sticks (an Athens area favorite food).

Saturday started out pretty late when Erica and I woke up and kind of lolligagged around the apartment until she had to leave and head back to Marietta. After about ten minutes, A few friends headed over and we ventured to the pool to catch some rays.

So Whitney, Jackie, Emily, Banks, Taryn, Mary, Kendall, Steph, Zack, Ashley and I were all laying out by the pool when before we knew it... The Loft (a bar in Athens) set up a tent and had a DJ was spinnin' tracks! It was lots of fun until two and a half hours later, I decided I'd had too much sun and I said by ados to my friends and headed back inside.

I made plans to hang out with Casey and Trammell for Saturday night and, obviously, we had a great time.

As for today, I spent my entire day hanging out with Casey. For the most part, we were extremely silly and loud all day. In my opinion, the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

As for right now, I am watching Center Stage at the apartment with Zack and Caitlin. I plan on heading to bed soon, tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tuesday and wednesday.

Yesterday, Tuesday started at nine forty five when my alarm went off and I woke up wondering if I had really woken up at six a.m. for workouts or not. As it turns out, I had woken up that early and I did attend workouts from seven to eight. After working hard for an hour in the annex, I came back to the apartment for a little nap before getting up and getting ready for the school day.

Color & Composition went really well. I finally decided which four drafts (out of 24) I am going to use for my line project due next Tuesday. I worked on my horizontal line drawing until it was time to change classes. Expect pictures tomorrow!

In 3D design, I attempted to make a star (similar to a chinese star lantern... but only half) out of foam core. In the end (about two hours later), it didn't turn out so hot BUT Professor Hwangbo was impressed with my idea and wants me to continue working on it. It's a good think I have over a month to finish this project!

After class, I just hung out around the apartment until Zack invited me on a tumbling date to Force. I accepted, obviously, and worked on standing fulls and lots of other skills around the gym for about an hour.

I hopped in the shower and got ready to go over to meet a few friends at KD. I packed a bag because I was invited to spend the night, and I did! I had a great time hanging out with the big group of girls.

This morning, I woke up to my alarm and showed at KD then headed out for the day!

In American History, I took over two pages of notes on the Tutor family (and friends). This included details on births, deaths, children, cousins, countries, religions, etc. My right hand was exhausted!

In Art History (to which I was late... again), we continued covering the baroque period, including a sculpture of Saint Teresa found in some church (I'll know the real information after a little more studying).

In the Art seminar, we were assigned seats (well, we picked a seat and then it was assigned to us... so I guess we assigned ourselves to a seat). After that was taken care of, we watched two slide shows: one covering the galleries of the Lamar Dodd building, the other covering the Art History major (a.k.a. no thanks).

In Weather & Climate, we finished the group project we started last week then had a short lecture over the atmosphere. Not very interesting but I took good notes and stayed awake (not that I've fallen asleep yet, just throwing it out there).

After class, I walked back to my car, which felt good to get in a little exercise. Back at the apartment, I made lunch (left over pizza and a sandwich) then relaxed and watched TV before heading to UGA cheer practice.

At practice, Jackie and I did a lot better with stunting! After stunting, we had a conditioning circuit that almost kicked my butt. I definitely got in my work out... and soaked my shirt!

After practice, I met up with BFF Taryn and we went on a walk around campus and caught up with each other... even though it had only been two days. I even got to see a few other AXOs after our walk!

Currently, I am 100% dreading waking up early tomorrow. Not fun. But... I'm going to grab something to eat and shower before calling Erica and heading to bed.

Well, until tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

monday number two of my second freshman year.

The alarm went off this morning at eight forty five and I think I went back to sleep for about thirty second after turning off my alarm. However (and luckily), I got out of bed and into the shower after a night of sleeping no so well.

To my first class of the day, History, I was a few minutes late. Eek! But I made up for it by speaking up in class during a discussion about how England became such a power country during the 1400's. I'm a historian.

In Art History, we continued learning about paintings during the baroque period of England. I kind of felt like I was getting more of a bible study... but I took good notes and understood where Professor Pauly was coming from.

During my hour break before Weather & Climate, I chilled out in the Lamar Dodd art building and facebook stalked. Not too exciting but definitely not stressful.

In weather and climate, we went over the sun and how it effects the come and go of the seasons, some inverse cosine law, and began a group project. I worked with a boy and two girls but I don't quite remember their names. Oops. After class... I was home free! Well, kinda.

It was time to run some errands! First stop? The Loft. The Loft (noun): a totally modern and artsy art supply store found on Baxter street in Athens, Ga. Luckily, most of my supplies were in a pre-made bag so I paid for my goods and was on my way! Next stop? Office Max! I needed one binder and some dividers so it was a quick trip. Last stop before heading to the apartment was Publix. A few meals and odds and ends and I was out the door and headed back to the apartment.

After unloading everything, I made a sandwich and began a little relaxation time. I found a "Make It or Break It" (television series on ABC family about gymnasts) marathon and was stuck to the TV. Five thirtyish rolled around and I was out the door and headed to cheerleading practice.

All-girl practiced for the first hour and luckily I was there to fill in for Katy when she had to leave early. Coed practiced the second hour and I didn't do very well with my stunting (sorry Jackie). But work outs start tomorrow so I'll be pumping iron and getting stronger! We conditioned at the end of practice and I was thoroughly drenched in sweat when walking back to my car.

As we had planned, I met up with Taryn at Alpha Chi and we went on a little walk to get a little bit of exercise while catching up on each others lives. I seriously don't know what I'd do without Taryn and her sense of humor that matches perfectly with mine! We plan to walk again Wednesday night.

As for now, I'm dreading waking up early but I'm really not that tired or sleepy. A little snack might help though!

Until tomorrow. and wait!

2009-2010 UGA Cheerleaders
(the poster I talked about!)
Jackie and I are the sixth couple from the left.


weekend recap... holla!

Where do I even begin?

Friday morning, I woke up around nine, got ready, blah. Classes went well (other than History going over by six minutes... causing me to be late to Art History). But I was happy when they were over! Hooray!

After class, I headed back to the apartment to get ready for a small get together that Zack and I put together. I had a few friends come over (shout outs to Mary, Amanda, Blaire, Matthew V. Rost, Tayler, and Clint) but it was mostly Zack's friends, which is totally fine too! We all had a lot of fun.

Saturday, I woke up pretty late... around eleven thirty and started getting ready for poster signing day! I picked up Alli from AOPi and Katie and Anna from the dorms and we headed to the stadium. The day went really well although it's kind of weird to think of how many people have a picture of me hanging in their office/home. Jackie and I were talking about that today. Anyway... I'll try to get a picture of the poster on here sometime soon!

After poster signing ended, I went back to C-Well with Katie Mac! Along with her "person," David, we watched Mamma Mia on TV and got ready for the family cheer dinner. It was weird being back at Creswell (dorm that I lived in last year) because it didn't even feel like the same place anymore. Weird.

At the cheer dinner, I sat at a table with other cheerleaders who's parents couldn't make it to the dinner (except for Katie's mom, Suze, snuck into the mix). Dinner was great and I really enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up!

After the dinner, I was off to KD to see Madeline and Courtney! It was great hanging out with them (and by hanging out, I mean they slept and I sat there). We have plans to get together again on Tuesday night! Yay!

After my stay at Kappa Delta, I headed over to Megan Trammel and Tiffany Burgess's house to hang out for the night. Casey Denney and Katie Mac were thrown into the group and we headed off to Kelly and Lauren Med's house. After some chit chatting, we were joined by a few football players. It was definitely a fun night!

This morning, I woke up around eleven and sat around doing nothing for most of the late morning and early afternoon. I got a call from Jackie and she decided to come over to the pool! As she headed over, I got started on washing some clothes. The pool was very fun despite the fact that Jackie and I got none of our reading done... oops. After the pool, Jackie stayed for a little bit and we found out that Heather (friend and ZTA with Jackie) made the Dance Team for UGA!

Jackie peaced out and I continued with the laundry until sevenish rolled around and I decided that I needed to eat before practice! So I did. Then I went to practice. Then I came back. And now I am tired of blogging and I am going to sleep. Goodnight!

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a quick post!

Today went pretty well. I have my first morning cheer practice for the year tomorrow at SEVEN a.m. so I'm going to make this a quick post and then hit the hayyyy.
  • woke up at nine forty five.
  • ate some left over pizza from last night.
  • took a quick shower.
  • drove to parking deck/found a spot (on the fifth/top level).
  • went to color/composition.
  • started first project. my teacher (Moon Jing Jang) really liked my ideas. Score.
  • small break between classes - hit up the computer lab.
  • went to 3D design with Rhionion (aka. Rhiannon).
  • kinda got an orientation on the different places we would be working with materials.
  • presented my "industry produced object" to the class. Little Mermaid snow globe. Totally rocked.
  • Imi Hwangbo (teacher) presented a slide show of some of her works. She is 100% a rockstar. Ben (or Becca to point out to Ben) you must check out her website. You'll love her stuff. Especially the stuff under "New Work."
  • Went back to the apartment.
  • Bought used textbooks online. Five books for under sixty five dollars... I'd call that a success.
  • Put new stickers on my car! Thanks mom for mailing me that Vineyard Vines whale!
  • Ate dinner. A chicken sandwich and a bowl of soup. Rocked.
  • Headed over to Emily/Scott/Catherine's apartment for Project Runway premier. Hung out with lots of new/old friends.
  • Currently, I am back at the apartment and heading to bed.
Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

august ninteenth two thousand and nine.

I woke up today at nine and I realized a little too late that I was going to be a little late. I hurried through my normal morning routine and was out the door by nine thirty knowing that I had to get to the parking deck in east campus, find a spot, jump on a bus, and get to north campus by 10:10! Stressful... but I made it work!

My first lecture in American History was a success! Mr. Lawton went through the beginning of human development in the Americas up until the first introduction of "white man" to the new world. I took great notes and plan to continue in the same fashion for the remainder of the semester. With fifteen minutes to get to my next class... I was out the door and off to the bus stop in no time!

American history went well, I was about thirty seconds late but my professor seems super awesome. It's the second semester of Art History and she is very lenient with memorizing dates and such (thank goodness). Another amazing part of this class, the final is not cumulative! Meaning: no memorizing hundreds of flash cards right before summer! So that's a weight off my shoulders. Her name? Mrs. Pauly. We'll get along just fine (:

After Art History, I jumped on a bus with Rhiannon to the SLC for the Art Seminar. After receiving two pieces of paper upon my arrival into a large lecture hall, I found a seat near Caitlin and Rachel (best friends and fellow art majors). As the lights dimmed and the speeches began, I got a little tired but fought the urge to nod off to sleep! The class let out a little early which worked out for me because I had to book it to the geography and geology building for my first Weather and Climate class!

Weather and Climate went well but it was a lot of notes! I'm probably going to have to work pretty hard in that class but that's okay because I do that in every class! I enjoyed the lecture and the little things I learned about UV rays, radiation, the atmosphere, etc. After Weather and Climate, I got on my last bus for the day and headed back to my car.

Back at the apartment, I started looking up used books online. I think I'm going to be able to get all my books for under 60 dollars! I'd call that a bargain. However... that doesn't include art supplies. Eek. After my research, I moseyed around the apartment doing not much of anything. I was out the door around six and headed to my first cheer practice under Coach Ben.

Practice went amazingly! Jackie and I worked really hard on stunts and the conditioning at the end of practice definitely left me feeling like I'd accomplished something. Jackie, Alli, and I also found out that we will be flying to the Arkansas game in September! So exciting. I look forward to the remainder of the season!

As of right now, Amanda Beans (best friend from cheerleading in past years) just left the apartment. She was over and hanging out for a little bit. It was great to catch up on each others lives. Not too long ago, I made a frozen pizza and ate half of it. I'm pretty tired and heading to bed soon. Nighty night!

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second Year Freshman.

Yesterday started at exactly eight fifteen when my alarm went off. I had slept amazingly well and was super excited about the day ahead of me so I popped out of bed and into the shower! After picking out a cute outfit and grabbing a breakfast bar, I was out the door and on a mission! First stop: Parking Services.

I had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes at the Parking Services department in East Campus before receiving my blue parking permit for the E05 parking deck. Super exciting... and slightly expensive. After collecting my prize, I headed for the closest bus stop and hopped on an East Campus Express bus. I was on my way to my first class of my second year at UGA when suddenly a biker came out of no where and slammed right into the side of the bus! Okay, that didn't actually happen but I had to make sure you're paying attention. I arrived at Pre-Civil War American History a little early and sat patiently for the teacher to come in. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Lawton (I think that's his name) as he went over the syllabus and got a little overwhelmed when he got a little teary eyed when he started talking about reading a hand written draft (by Jefferson... I think?) of the constitution. I guess he really loves his history. Class got out a little early and I headed to my next class, Art History II.

So I never actually made it to class (due to bus confusion) but I saw my friend Rhiannon walking out of the building and knew that she was in my art history class so I inquired what happened in class? She said that the teacher (who "seems cool") just went over the syllabus (which is online) and let them go early! So I was done for the day! I took Rhiannon back to the Sigma Kappa house and was on my way to the apartment.

Back at the apartment, I stalked oasis (the website used for class scheduling at UGA) for an open class that would a) fit my schedule and b) work into my required classes. No luck. Soon enough, it was time for Bid Day with the TRIOTAS and Alex headed over to prepare the apartment for all our new babies. I would write about the night's activities but that's top secret III stuff so... sorry.

After Alex and all the new triotas left, I headed over to my friend Clint's new house. I got a quick tour of the new place and met all his room mates before settling down on the couch and watching a little television. Millionaire Matchmaker, Dating in the Dark, and some show about Hoarders were all in the mix. It got pretty late so I decided to say my goodbyes to Clint and head back to the apartment to get ready for my second day of class... Today!

This morning, my alarm went off at nine fifteen and I threw on my flip flops, brushed my teeth and headed out the door to meet Jess at my storage unit. Jess (friend and fellow cheerleader) drives a truck and agreed to helping me move my futon from my storage unit to my apartment (because my futon definitely ain't fitting in Flow). So that took about twenty-ish minutes and I was back at my apartment (I almost said dorm! ha!) by ten. I showered, picked out a cute outfit, grabbed a cereal bar and was out the door by ten forty. First class of the day: Color and Composition with Moon Jing Jang (I think?). Class went my pretty smoothly. Mrs. Jang went over the syllabus with examples/explanations along the way and we were let out of class very early.

I was walking about the Lamar Dodd art building when I ran into Rhiannon and Carolyne at almost the exact same time! I hung out with both of them for a little while then decided to head to the Sigma Kappa house with Rhiannon for lunch. At the house, I enjoyed some barbeque chicken with a side salad and glass of water. After lunch, I got a quick peek at Rhiannon's room before heading back the the Lamar Dodd for 3D design.

With Rhiannon as a class mate, I met Imi Swangbo (I think that's her name) and was introduced to a world of deciding if art was objective or subjective. I, along with the rest of the class, decided that it's a complex mixture of both. Yet again, we went over the syllabus and we let out a little early. On the way to the car, I had a good, long chat with my grandmother on my dad's side about the first few days of class and gave her my new address - KA-CHING!

Back at the apartment, I finally got my schedule figured out! I am now taking Weather and Climate to help satisfy Dad's amount of hours per semester qualification and one of my two science requirements. Very exciting!

After a good while of doing nothing but watching an old cycle of ANTM on TV, I decided to make dinner (a lean cuisine). Ashley Schick (mutual friend of Zack and me) headed over for dinner because they were planning on going to Force (local cheerleading gym) for the UGA club competitive team practice. I decided to join them and get a little tumbling in. I had a great tumbling night! Toe fulls were probably one of the best accomplishments.

As of right now, I'm updating my blog and doing nothing else. I'm considering making at PB sandwich and watching some television. Nothing too exciting.

Well, until tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my last day of summer 2009.

After posting earlier this morning, I showered and dressed quickly before heading to lunch with Zack and Ashley Schick at Inoko Express. I ordered the hibachi chicken and planned on saving half of it for dinner but I ended up eating it all (oops).

Back at the apartment, I didn't really do anything. At all. I took a little trip to Academy to find a water bottle (that they didn't have) and Barnes & Noble for a daily planner (which I got). I planned on going to Publix for groceries but I was overcome with a rush of laziness and went back to the apartment.

Time dragged by and soon enough it was time for the cheer meeting. Thinking that the meeting started at seven, I left my apartment and headed to Tram's house for a few minutes but then found out that the meeting actually started at seven thirty. So I spent a little more time watching Tram clean while listening to the Tarzan soundtrack that I was planning on.

At the meeting, we met (or re-met) our interim coach... BEN! So glad to have him back. A lot of details about the season are still unclear, but I definitely look forward to the upcoming season!

After the meeting, Alli, Jackie, and I headed to Chili's for dinner. We all split queso for an appetizer, I had chicken alfredo (which I did save half of) for dinner, and we all split the chocolate molten cake (aka. heaven) for dessert. We paid our bills and said our goodbyes and I headed to Wal-Mart!

At Wal-Mart, I got everything off my checklist (excluding a lamp and the same water bottle that was not at academy) for less than seventy dollars! My plan? To eat everything I bought before returning to the grocery. I'm hoping I can hold out with my frozen dinners, sandwich meat, and ramen noodles for about two weeks!

As of right now, I'm getting excited about tomorrow! I'm waking up pretty early to head to campus to get my parking pass and then it's off to my first class of my sophomore year! The schedule for monday? History at 10:10 and Art History at 11:15.

Until tomorrow.

two-a-days. days 9 and 10. and the day after? ...and some of today.

Let's go way back to Thursday. That seems like such a long time ago...

So after I posted on Thursday, I ate six hard tacos with just beef and cheese from Taco Bell then headed to practice with Ashley. Things went by pretty smoothly and we even finished our work outs a little early. Before breaking, we were asked to sit down for a team meeting. After a lot of tears and explanation, Shelly O'Brien resigned as Spirit Coordinator at the University of Georgia because of her young child, Brayden, that she believes she needs to spend more time with. We'll all miss you, Coach O! We find out tonight (Sunday) who our interim coach will be for football season.

After leaving the Stegeman Coliseum, everyone headed back to their houses/apartments/dorms to prepare for a cheerleading pot-luck style dinner held at The Boulet brother's house! Ashley and I got ready at her apartment then headed to Publix with Craig to pick up our contributions to the party. I decided to bring soda while Craig brought baked beans and Ashley picked up some potato salad.

The party was super fun and a lot of the cheerleaders were there. Chuck brought his wife, Macey, and their baby, Drake. So adorable. I even got to hold my friend Lauren's tarantula (I know that's really random... but I loved it/kinda want to get one). Everyone started leaving as the night grew old so Ashley, Craig, and I headed back to the apartment.

The next morning, Friday, came quickly and my alarm went off at eight for the last time (MAZEL TOV!). When everyone arrived at the coliseum, we were informed of what was to happen that day and that's exactly what we did. Warm up pyramids. Check. Do sidelines. Check. Free time for forty five minutes (I tumbled with Casey and Tram). Check. Sprints. Check. Conditioning. Check. Once everything was complete, we were invited to Jason's Deli for lunch on Coach O. I enjoyed a chicken caesar salad with black olives and a sprite before saying goodbye to the team, hugging Coach O, and peacing out to beat the ATL traffic back to Kennesaw.

I hit a little bit of traffic on the way back but I was at Casey's house around four and began with the laundry from the week. I got a phone call from Justin and an invitation to dinner! So I took a quick shower and threw on a cute outfit then headed down to the Double Tree hotel near the Cobb Galleria to meet up with Justin and Martin. After picking up Mike from his apartment, we valet parked the car and walked to a restaurant in Midtown Atlanta called Einstein's where Jeff and Bill already had a table for six. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheese tortellini but moreover, the sweet potato fries! I ate every last bite of them. Martin was nice enough to cover my meal and I was (and am) very appreciative. I forced (literally) Martin, Justin, and Mike to take a walk around the block after eating because I always feel better getting a little motion in my body after sitting and stuffing my face for a long time. After the walk, we got the car back and headed to Mike's apartment to drop him off then straight to the hotel.

Once back at the Jones residence, I finished laundry and I started packing. Everything left at the house fit into two duffle bags and two laundry baskets excluding my hanging clothes. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch when I was supposed to be packing my car so I decided that I could hold that part off until morning.

So saturday came and I woke up the old fashion way (naturally) around nine thirty. I packed up my car in the midst of a yard sale (Katy, I didn't see anything that you'd like... unless you want some baby clothes?) taking place in the Jones' driveway. I hugged Heather and all the kids and thanked them for all they had done for me over the summer then realized that I'd see them every Sunday, so it isn't that big of a deal. I was on the road by ten fifteen and headed toward Athens and my new apartment!

A few phones calls with Zack gave me enough information to know that I did not have to wait in line to check in because he was already in the apartment. So I started unloading and setting up my room! The apartment is awesome. And it even came with a ceiling fan (which I was kinda stressing out about). I still have one more trip to make to my storage unit and a few pictures to hang but once that is done, pictures will be on the blog! It's so nice having my own space and my very own bathroom! I can't wait to use my crock pot either!

Everything (for the most part) was looking great and organized so I texted my friend Taryn and asked if she would like to come over and check it out. She brought Alyssa Johnstone and I got to give my first formal tour of my new apartment. After a little chit chat on the leather couch, we decided to hit up Taqueria La Parilla for dinner. I wasn't too hungry so I munched on chips and queso until we got a surprise from our waitress... fried ice cream! No, it wasn't anyone's birthday... the waitress felt bad that Alyssa's fajitas took so long so it was a dessert on the house! It was gone in about thirty seconds.

Back at my apartment, Taryn, Alyssa, and I enjoyed the last few minutes of the Women's Gymnastics National Championships. Alyssa really wanted to check out the pools so we went on a quick go-see to the Club House. Four pools and a hot tub, not too shabby. Taryn and Alyssa left soon after and I had just sat down on the couch when I got a phone call from Casey Denney (fellow cheerleader and friend) asking me to come over to hang out with her and Megan Trammel (who usually goes by Tram). So I did. We had a fun night and I met lots of new friends. I ended up spending the night with Casey and woke up this morning (Sunday) and driving back to my apartment and sleeping here until around eleven.

As of now, I need a shower. Zack and I are planning on going to lunch pretty soon. I have the cheerleading meeting tonight at seven. And classes start tomorrow. The most exciting part? Today is my half birthday! I should get half a cake or something. Anyway... I hope I didn't forget anything.

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a recap of two-a-days. day 8.

So yesterday (Wednesday) started like many days prior, at exactly 8 a.m. when my alarm (Full Circle by Miley Cyrus) went off. I took a shower, got ready, blah, blah, blah. I was at the coliseum by nine.

The UCA staff would only be with us from 9-12 that day so we had a lot of work to get done. We worked on stunts and pyramids all morning. After lunch at Snelling (two chicken philly sandwiches, some onion rings, a few strawberries, some vanilla soft serve with whipped cream, two sugar cookies, and a scoop of rainbow sherbet), we headed back to the coliseum to finish off the day.

Coach Shelly O'Brien said that after we completed everything required of us, we would be able to leave early. So with a little fire under our butts, we completed the checklist. But yet, we weren't done? We were instructed to run around the coliseum's (that's a weird word to say) upper level while, individually, we would meet with Coach O about evaluations. This run lasted about twenty minutes, then a fairly lengthy abs circuit followed. Eventually, I was called to get my evaluation, which I was very pleased with. After everyone had received their eval, we were released (around 4).

After cheer was over, I headed to Verizon with Ashley (who was struggling with the new phone she got on Tuesday). After that little rendezvous, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner. After we returned to her apartment and ate, I passed out on the couch for about an hour. After waking up, I realized that I had a text from one of my best friends, Frances. It was an invite to come over... so I did! Frances (who I have known since third grade) recently transfered to UGA. So I headed over to Frances's apartment and hung out with her and her two roommates, Courtney and Gabrielle. The main topic of conversation was Recruitment, which Frances and Courtney are both going through right now.

After departing with Frances, I headed over to Matthew's apartment to say hello and catch up on each other's summer. This didn't last very long because I was pretty exhausted. So I made my way over to Ashley's apartment and went to bed pretty much right away.

As of right now, it's a little after eleven and I'm sitting on Ashley's couch in my PJs. I'm sure you're wondering why... I'm supposed to have two-a-days day 9 today, right? Well, Coach O gave us the morning off! So I slept in until around 10 (that rhymed) and have done basically nothing since. I hope to get lunch soon and we have to be at the coliseum by one.

Until later!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

two-a-days. day 7.

This morning, I had a false awakening around seven when Ashley left to take her car to the Volkswagen dealership in Athens because she had trouble starting her car yesterday. It was good to know that I had another hour or so to sleep... so I did! My real alarm went off at eight and I scurried upstairs to shower and prepare myself for the day. I threw on my DryFit Nike outfit for the day and was out the door by eight forty.

At the coliseum, it was day 2 of UCA camp. We were joined by Drew and Jeremy again and began stunting after taking a quick jog around the basketball court and a few minutes of group stretching. Stunting, basket tosses, and pyramids filled the day. Jackie worked on X-Full baskets and I was so proud of her! I apologize but there were no pictures taken today. Maybe tomorrow!

After the long day of practice, I took Ashley to her car then headed to my storage unit and loaded it up with everything that was in my trunk from my shopping day with Katy! After that, I headed back to Ashley's apartment and made plans to meet up with Taryn and Alyssa at eight for a walk/catch up fest.

As we walked and talked, we ran into quite a few friends! Caitlin, Mackenzie, Mary, Kelley, Jaclyn, Josh, Madeline, Courtney, Kaley, Sarah, and Brittney (just to name a few). It was great to get in some exercise while catching up with good friends.

As of right now, I just devoured a Zensation zalad from Zaxby's (along with side of friends and an ice cream sandwich) and am watching The Office with Ashley and her boyfriend, Craig. I plan on going to bed shortly. Tomorrow is another long day!

Until tomorrow.

Oh boy! Alli (aka. Falkenstroodlystromstein) just uploaded pictures from last friday!

Jackie (stunt partner) and I

More pictures to come, I hope!

Monday, August 10, 2009

two-a-days. day 6.

My alarm went off at eight this morning. I don't exactly want to dwell on the fact that I got up super early because I will be doing it again for the next four days... moving on. I showered and threw on my Nike DryFit shirt and shorts and headed out the door with Ashley.

Today began UCA cheerleading camp at UGA. We worked on stunts and baskets before lunch then worked on pyramids and stunts after lunch. As you can probably tell, as a base, I am very sore from throwing, catching, holding, dipping, squeezing, and being smashed into the ground by Jackie (love you!). Lunch was at Snelling and I thoroughly enjoyed a chicken philly sandwich.

After two-a-days, I did nothing but lay on Ashley's couch as she prepared a chicken pot pie for dinner. It. Was. So. Good.

As of now, I'm so tired that I am falling asleep as I type. I apologize for this post being lame. But you know what? There is a possibility of pictures tomorrow!

Until tomorrow.

august 9, 2009.

Last night (Saturday), I ended up not watching a movie with Heather and went to bed around 11:30 and woke up around ten this morning (Sunday). I layed around for a little bit before heading upstairs, enjoying a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, and some quality time with all the Jones children, Devan, and Heather. After my breakfast, I finished the laundry left in the washer from the night before.

I didn't do much after laundry until I got a phone call from Erica inviting me to come over for a swim and dinner. I totally accepted, packed my bags, and headed over to the Levy home. I was greeted by Erica and her parents then changed into my swim trucks and headed to the neighborhood pool! At the pool, I ran into Rachel (a little girl on peppermint - mini level 1 at stingrays) who was pretty confused about seeing me outside of the gym. Erica and I enjoyed the water and the sun for a little bit then headed back to her house to get ready for dinner and practice.

Erica and I took turns showering and we downstairs by six for dinner, a homemade spaghetti with caesar salad and italian bread. So amazingly good. I loved it. After stuffing my face, I hopped in my car and followed Erica to the gym.

I alternated between Orange and Smoke practice all night working on jumps and tumbling... although I mostly just distracted people from what they were supposed to be doing. I chatted a little with Rachel, Scott, Maddie, and Aubrey on the Smoke side and Erica, Brooke, Strappy, Martha (Sarah McAndrew) and Susanna on the Orange side. After their practices, I had thirty minutes to chill out before Rust/Citron practice started. It was good to see everyone at the gym. A special shout out to Scott and Kellie, who had been keeping up to date with my blog quite nicely (:

At Rust, we worked on jumps then running tumbling then standing tumbling. When the stunting portion of stunts started, I decided to head out because I was driving back to Athens.

So as of now, I'm back at Ashley's apartment. I'm exhausted. And I am going to bed. Goodnight.

Until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

two-a-days. day 5. And the day after.

I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, this past Thursday.

Before I forget, everyone needs to download "Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles.

So Friday morning was the earliest of them all. My alarm went off at six fifty and I (groaningly) took a quick shower and began trying to look presentable for the cheerleading poster pictures that would be taken starting at eight. Sporting the uniform called "Red Super G," I arrived at the coliseum one last time for that week. With the rest of my team members, I headed out to the practice fields. We were put in a few different positions and posed for multiple pictures. First we did whole team (in which I held Jackie on my shoulders in three different ways) pictures, a goofy picture, pictures by years on the team, and individual shots. Alli had her camera and we decided to do some other pictures on the side (stingray alum, sophomores, etc). After pictures, we were told to change into our practice clothes.

Practice started around ten and (I think) we started with cheers, then progressed to stunts, then band dances. After we had completed everything required, we were told to change into our running shoes and TyTy chose to grace us with his presence.

About thirty minutes later, I was drenched in sweat in the mid-day sun. My legs were pounding with pain from sprinting across the football field a total of 24 times. Yeah... I was dead. Once the sprints were over (thank goodness), we headed inside the coliseum and got a little surprise!

We were each given a black back pack containing our practice clothes for the year (although our T-shirts and shoes were not in quite yet). But the good news wasn't over yet! We were instructed by Coach O to head to Chick-Fil-A for lunch then we were released for the day and the week! Such a relief to have a little extra time off.

So everyone caravanned over to my favorite fast food restaurant and I enjoyed a nugget meal with a lemonade. Anna even tried the new Peach milkshake... but I thought it tasted like plain vanilla. After everyone finished eating, we all parted ways and Ashley and I headed back to her apartment. The best part of it all? The three hour nap that took place almost immediately after arriving at her apartment. Well deserved and extremely needed.

Ashley and I woke up from our nap and she made plans to go over to her boyfriend's house and I called Stephen, who I knew was in town for the night. Stephen said to grab my bathing suit and head over to our mutual friend Carolyne's apartment to meet up with him, Carolyne, and Molly. So I did!

We all sat around at watched Shark Week on Discovery for a little bit before heading to the pool for a short dip. Stephen and I took turns doing basket tosses off the waterfall into the deeper pool while Molly judged. I think Stephen won. The night came and we continued hanging out until it got pretty late and I decided to just crash on the couch at Carolyne's house.

This morning, around ten or so, I brushed my teeth and said my goodbyes and hopped in my car and headed toward Decatur for a shopping day with Katy! Stops at Ross, BrandsMart, and Wal-Mart gave me the prefect opportunity to get almost everything on my shopping list! I got everything from a toaster, coffee maker, crock pot, can opener, and a colander to a bathroom mat, measuring cups, shower curtain, cutting boards, and pillows! And when I eventually got back to Katy's and ordered my bedding from it was definitely a major day for apartment shopping. And I have to say BrandsMart is the craziest, biggest, most crowded, most compact, amazing place I have ever been. I second Katy's statement, "I'd love some BrandsMart gift cards!" Katy and I made a quick drive thru at the El Pollo Loco and headed back to her house.

After spending some time with Katy, Dan, and injured Roxxi (tore her ACL - so sad), I headed back to the K-saw! I had just arrived when Heather was headed out the door and Casey asked me if I'd like to go get pizza with Emily, Devan, Harrison, Lily, and himself. I accepted and we moseyed over to Johnny's Pizza and Subs on Dallas Highway. Casey and I split a Buffalo Chicken Pizza that was so good but SO spicy! I pretty much ate everyone's crust too.

The tab was taken by Casey and a census was taken about what to do next... the Park was the winner! So we all jumped in the Suburban and headed to the Park in Acworth. Walking, running, swinging, laughing, and a little crying from Lily all took place before we piled in the car again and made our way over to our next adventure... ice cream!

A birthday cake remix with white chocolate chips instead of sprinkles from Coldstone at the Avenue West Cobb later, I was full to the brim! But a very happy full at the same time.

Currently back at the Jones residence, I'm doing laundry from the past five days and relaxing. Heather and I might be watching a scary movie a little later but as for now, I'm freshly out of the shower and quite content with having nothing to do but sit around.

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

two-a-days. day 4.

Jeannine just won So You Think You Can Dance! Even though she's not my favorite, I definitely wanted her to win over Brandon, who got received second. Kayla, my heart and soul, got fourth place.

Well, as you can tell by my title, today was the fourth day of two-a-days and I keep getting more an more exhausted as the days roll by. I woke up at eight, hit the snooze once, then hopped in the shower and was out the door by eight thirty and headed to the coliseum!

We were inside for the morning and it was good to be on the mats and in the air conditioning. As always, we worked on fight songs, pyramids, stunts, cheers, tumbling, blah, blah, blah. Lunch was held at Snelling Dining Commons and I loved it. I sat with some of the other sophomores and two of my favorite rising freshman, Anna and Katie.

After lunch, we were outside but it wasn't long until we were mysteriously split up into groups of fix or six. We were all handed a yellow sheet of paper and given a digital camera and an hour and a half to complete a scavenger hunt! Although my team did not win, I had a great time bonding with Allyson, Abby, Casey, and Chanice.

After the scavenger hunt, Tyler met us outside with a box of jump ropes. About forty five minutes later, I (along with the rest of the team) was drenched in sweat. Luckily, seeing TyTy means it's the end of our day! So we were released and I headed back to Ashley's with Ashley, Anna, Alli, Jackie, and Katie.

Back at the apartment, we hung out for a little while and watched a little TV. Once our little tummies started growling, we loaded up the cars and headed to Zaxby's! I'm not exactly sure what everyone ordered but I do know that Anna and I enjoyed Zenzation Zalads. So yummy. Katie even ordered a large helping of cheese bites for the whole group to share.

Ashley, Anna, and I said our goodbyes to the rest of the group and headed back to Ashley's apartment. A little while rolled by but soon enough it was eight o'clock and So You Think came on! After two hours of uninterrupted entertainment, I started this blog.

As of now, everyone is preparing for the earliest morning of the week. We must be at the coliseum at eight in the morning fully prepared for poster pictures. That means I'll be getting up around seven. I'm not too excited. However, tomorrow is the last day of the week and then the weekend begins!

Yet again, I apologize for no pictures. Maybe tomorrow. Until then.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

two-a-days. day 3.

Wednesday started the same as Tuesday, at exactly 8 in the morning when my alarm went off. I opted out of taking a morning shower because I took one last night. I changed into my cheer clothes and Ashley, Anna, and I were out the door by eight thirty.

We met inside the coliseum and the mats were already rolled out. The team started out by stretching and then we worked on some band dances and stunts then moved on to working on some pyramids (and I made one up! - Ben, you'd be so proud. Miss you!). That continued for a few hours then we had some free tumbling time! Obviously this is my favorite time of the day because tumbling is definitely my favorite part of cheerleading... maybe tied with jumps (but I also worked on jumps during the free tumbling time).

For lunch, Jason's Deli sandwiches were catered in and I enjoyed a turkey on wheat with plain chips, a white chocolate macadamia cookie, and a purple powerade. We were alloted an hour and a half for lunch and I finished my sandwich in about fifteen minutes so I was struck with an idea! My storage unit, which I have had all summer in Athens, needed to be paid by the fifth and today was the fifth! So Bria and I headed over to Stephen's Storage and I payed my fee.

Back at cheerleading, we worked on cheers/sidelines and continued with the stunting until we had an hour left and Tyler graced us with his presents in the coliseum. After 4 rounds of laps and stadiums around the coliseum and 20 stadium sprints, I was EX. HAUS. TED. But no worries, we still had an abs circle to complete. After that was done (about 20 minutes later), I was no longer living.

Back at Ashley's, I passed out on the floor of her bedroom while waiting for my turn in the shower. I took my shower (and I felt a lot better after) and thirty minutes later, we (Ashley, Anna and myself) were on the way to Bateman's house!

Dinner at the Batemans' house was so much fun and super yummy! Shane's Rib Shack catered and everyone on the team was there! So fun bonding outside of cheerleading and getting to know each other as real people.

Once we were back at Ashley's apartment, I was so ready to hit the hay... but here I am, still awake at 11:09 because my favorite Wednesday night show came on! So You Think You Can Dance! Ashley, Anna and I watched it together (Katie, King, and Bird - I miss you!) and I, for the first time ever, actually voted! For Kayla, of course.

As of now, I'm going to sleep. Two more days of two-a-days then it's the weekend!

Until tomorrow... and hopefully pictures!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

two-a-days. day 2.

today started out pretty early, around eight. I got in the shower, got ready, etc. Ashley, Anna and I were at the coliseum by 8:50 and we got started promptly at nine.

It seems like so long ago... I don't even remember what we did first! I know that we started the day inside because the grass on the knoll was wet from the sprinklers. That was definitely a ray of sun (in a not so hot kind of way) to my morning.

We ate lunch at the dining hall, Snelling, which brought back so many good memories of my freshman year.

I don't really feel like going over all the details of two-a-days (although Jackie and I did pretty well)... so after camp, Jackie, Alli, and I went to the KD house to visit some friends. It was so great seeing Whitney, Mackenzie, Kelley, Courtney, Madeline, Elmo, and E-Pish again! Before long, Alli was ready to head back to the AOPi house.

At the Pi house, I got to see Amanda, Callan, Taylor, Audrey, Sarah, Brittany, Lindsay, Robyn, April, and Danielle (I feel like I'm forgetting someone). After seeing everyone's adorably decorated rooms, Alli and I headed out to meet Sasha for dinner at Taqueria La Parilla.

Dinner was great (two tacos, an enchilada, and some rice) and after things wrapped up there, Alli dropped me off at Ashley's house to be reunited with Ashley and Anna. While Anna, Ashley, and Alex (friend/cheerleader) ate dinner, we all chatted about about the day and the days to come. Pretty soon, everyone was ready to go to sleep.

One chapter of HP later, here I am writing in my blog. I've got a few more early mornings and long days before I get to rest and relax... so I'm headed to bed.

Until tomorrow!

two-a-days. day 1.

Today started awfully early when my alarm went off at six thirty. I hopped in the shower and continued my normal morning routine (fairly quick paced) and was out the door with bag in hand by six fifty.

About two hours later, I had made it to Athens and was helping Jackie (best friend and stunt partner) move into the ZTA house. After a few trips to and from her car with various things (shelves, shoes, fans, etc), it was time to brace ourselves and head over to the coliseum.

As we all met in the coliseum, it was so great to see everyone (old and new) and ask each other about summer trips and stories. Paige even got engaged! After the greetings and talking subdued, the practice day started by passing out the contracts, reading the contract, and initialing/signing the contract. This took quite a while considering the contract was twelve pages long and extremely detailed.

After the contracts had been collected, lunch was served (subway sandwiches) and the teams, Coed and All-girl, met in separate ends of the room to discuss requirements and goals for the team.

After a good amount of time making the lists, we headed outside to the grassy knoll and began with a little bit of stretching. Then the girls (boy aren't required) got into a formation and began reviewing sideline cheers. Once completed, it was time for tumbling evaluations. Just a few simple standing tucks were required of the boys... but I will admit, I did a few toe backs too.

After the girls completed their running tumbling evaluations, we split into our teams and began stunting. I think Jackie and I performed extremely well and I hope to have some pictures posted sometime soon. After a good bit of stunting, band dances were next. This was another portion where boys weren't entitled to do much.

After Coach O and Coach Ashley were fairly pleased with everyone's performance, we headed inside to the weight room to have a quick meeting with Tyler and a tour of the workout facility in the Annex. This concluded our two-a-days practice for the day! hooray!

After breaking, we were all informed that it was Allyson and Katie's birthday so we all decided to get ready and head to Brett's for dinner. It was my first time going to Brett's, a restaurant in Athens, and I thoroughly enjoyed a cheeseburger and fries as my meal. Brownies with hot fudge, caramel, and ice cream were served to Allyson and Katie for their birthdays but they were both willing to share... and I was willing to eat!

Because I don't move into my apartment until the fifteenth, I am staying with different cheerleaders for the next two weeks. Tonight's slumber party is taking place with Ashley and Anna! Very exciting. Day 2 of two-a-days starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. so I've got to get some sleep!

Until tomorrow.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"i don't care about 'em."

After my post from earlier today, I finished my laundry then changed clothes and headed to Stingrays to meet one of my best friends, Amanda, and catch up on each others lives for a little bit. As I was walking her to her car, Amanda realized that she was going to be putting her TV and DVD player in storage for a year... when I needed a TV and DVD player for my apartment! So Amanda is (very generously) letting me borrow her TV and DVD player for the year! So kind and considerate.

After Amanda left the gym, I headed back inside just as Orange was starting to get their choreography. I won't let any secrets out but I must say that I love what they have learned so far! And Justin (friend/coach/choreographer) has taken a liking to my favorite quote from Toddlers and Tiaras, "I don't care about 'em." So fun!

Six forty five-ish rolled around and Scott got to the gym... with a surprise for me! A Darlington Shirt. I'm basically a prefect now! At seven, Smoke began practicing. I migrated floors and working on some jumps with Smoke until Zack arrived at the gym.

awesomely awesome Darlington T.
Thanks Scott!

Zack and I got out the laptop and began making lists of all the things we had/needed for our apartment for next year! We got a lot of work done but still sneaked some peeks at Orange still getting their routine.

At 9:30, the first open practice began! We had a great turn out and an amazing practice packed with tons of skill! If you're interested in being a part of either the coed or all-girl level 6 open teams, let me know!

As of now, I'm at the Jones residence and I'm exhausted. I'm basically all packed for the week and I'm headed to bed super soon! It's going to be an early morning and a long day and I need to be ready for it!

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A not so sunny Sunday.

Yesterday, after getting home from Camp and updating my blog, I took a nap that ended up being about 3 hours long... and it was amazing. I even had some crazy dreams! After the nap, I began cleaning my room at the Jones residence (when i was hanging up my clothes, I broke the rod off the wall... oops - but Casey said not to worry about it). After a few loads of laundry and a lot of organization, I hopped in the shower.

After getting the shower, I packed a little bag and headed over to the Levy house for a sleepover with Erica! When I got to their house, I was greeted by Erica's parents and waited in Erica's bedroom for her to return from a birthday party. When she returned (not too long of a wait), all the Levy children were soon in Erica's room. So Sara, Erica, David, and I all sat around and had a chat about girlfriends, baseball, going back to school, and life in general. David went to bed first (he was leaving for San Francisco in the morning) and was shortly followed by Sara. Erica and I stayed up a little later and enjoyed some queso dip with chips then headed to bed.

I woke up the next morning (this morning) when my alarm went off at nine. I had plans to meet up with Taryn (my long lost best friend who had been studying abroad in France for the previous two months) for breakfast at Ihop on Johnson Ferry. It was so fun to hear about her personal experiences studying in France and to share all that I had done while she was gone. To my surprise, Taryn got me a gift from France! A super cool (and totally modern) sketch book. Taryn and I are both headed back to Athens tomorrow (me for cheer, her for her sorority - AXO) so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the days, months, and years to come (:

modern French sketch book from Taryn

As of now, I'm back at Casey's house and finishing up some laundry. After that, I'll be packing for the week in Athens. Later today, I'm headed to the gym for Orange and Smoke practices then hanging around for the first Open teams (Rust and Citron) practices starting at nine thirty.

Until later... or maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

my last weekend in Cobb County before heading back to Athens... thus far!

So yesterday began amazingly... around eleven thirty when I woke up at King and Katie's house (King was still out of town) and lolligagged a little bit before calling my sister, Katy, and setting up a plan with her to come over and eat lunch.

So I made my way over to Decatur (not Smyrna, because Katy will never live in Smyrna or Cobb County) and enjoyed an amazing homemade lunch of wheat pasta with eggplant parmesan sauce with Katy. After a quick shower, Katy and I headed out to run a few errands (and I even drove!). First stop, Timeless Tattoo. After walking in and being greeted by a few of the artists, Katy and I asked a few questions about White Tattoos. They suggested not getting a white tattoo especially when you're interested in getting script because it tends to run and fade into an ugly yellow. They (meaning the tattoo artists) said that black or grey is the only way to go if you're interested in getting words tattooed on your skin. I guess I'll be thinking for a while longer before I get a tattoo... if i get one at all. Katy and I made a quick trip to QuickTrip and then the day continued.

Katy and I set off to our favorite little Indian salon (which I just realized, I have no clue what it's actually named because Katy and I usually just call it "eyebrows") to get my eyebrows threaded. After a painful couple of minutes, I was out of the reclining chair and off to drop Katy back at her house.

After parting ways with Katy, I was back to West Cobb to get ready for my evening. I threw on a cute outfit (a polo and my True Religion pants) and headed over to East Cobb to make an appearance at Beavis's birthday dinner at Wild Wings Cafe. After that, It was off to Brandon and Bird's apartment. A little after seven, Justin picked us up and we were off to the Rascal Flatts concert held at the Lakewood Amphitheater! I had an amazing time and LOVED the music. They're definitely one of my favorite bands and one of my top two favorite concerts (along with Jingle Jam 2008 feat. Colbie Callait, David Archuleta, Gavin Degraw, and We the Kings). Thanks so much for treating me to the dinner and concert, Justin!

Justin, Brandon, Bird and me at the Rascal Flatts concert!
so much fun spending time with good friends
(and a little spill on my shirt... oops)

I'll post again later on tonight about today and hopefully about buying a pair of Tom's shoes (:

Until later.