Wednesday, August 19, 2009

august ninteenth two thousand and nine.

I woke up today at nine and I realized a little too late that I was going to be a little late. I hurried through my normal morning routine and was out the door by nine thirty knowing that I had to get to the parking deck in east campus, find a spot, jump on a bus, and get to north campus by 10:10! Stressful... but I made it work!

My first lecture in American History was a success! Mr. Lawton went through the beginning of human development in the Americas up until the first introduction of "white man" to the new world. I took great notes and plan to continue in the same fashion for the remainder of the semester. With fifteen minutes to get to my next class... I was out the door and off to the bus stop in no time!

American history went well, I was about thirty seconds late but my professor seems super awesome. It's the second semester of Art History and she is very lenient with memorizing dates and such (thank goodness). Another amazing part of this class, the final is not cumulative! Meaning: no memorizing hundreds of flash cards right before summer! So that's a weight off my shoulders. Her name? Mrs. Pauly. We'll get along just fine (:

After Art History, I jumped on a bus with Rhiannon to the SLC for the Art Seminar. After receiving two pieces of paper upon my arrival into a large lecture hall, I found a seat near Caitlin and Rachel (best friends and fellow art majors). As the lights dimmed and the speeches began, I got a little tired but fought the urge to nod off to sleep! The class let out a little early which worked out for me because I had to book it to the geography and geology building for my first Weather and Climate class!

Weather and Climate went well but it was a lot of notes! I'm probably going to have to work pretty hard in that class but that's okay because I do that in every class! I enjoyed the lecture and the little things I learned about UV rays, radiation, the atmosphere, etc. After Weather and Climate, I got on my last bus for the day and headed back to my car.

Back at the apartment, I started looking up used books online. I think I'm going to be able to get all my books for under 60 dollars! I'd call that a bargain. However... that doesn't include art supplies. Eek. After my research, I moseyed around the apartment doing not much of anything. I was out the door around six and headed to my first cheer practice under Coach Ben.

Practice went amazingly! Jackie and I worked really hard on stunts and the conditioning at the end of practice definitely left me feeling like I'd accomplished something. Jackie, Alli, and I also found out that we will be flying to the Arkansas game in September! So exciting. I look forward to the remainder of the season!

As of right now, Amanda Beans (best friend from cheerleading in past years) just left the apartment. She was over and hanging out for a little bit. It was great to catch up on each others lives. Not too long ago, I made a frozen pizza and ate half of it. I'm pretty tired and heading to bed soon. Nighty night!

Until tomorrow!


Kb_Mal said...
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Kb_Mal said...

So does that mean you're going to Michigan? YAY! (though I'm sad you didn't get the TN game since you wanted it).

Rock-n-roll on the text book prices! Yeet.

Becca said...

I've been ringing people up for $600 or more for text books, you are awesome!