Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh, the weekend.

I guess I should start with Thursday due to the fact that Thursday is where I left off...

So Thursday started at six in the morning when I moaned to myself as I turned off my alarm and prepared for a very long day. Workouts went well, I got to work out with Tram and Casey Denney. Obviously, we had a fun time. After workouts, I headed back to my apartment for a little nap before heading to class.

Color and Composition went well, for the most part. We had a presentation on shape and color and I was one of the only persons in my class to speak up and answer questions... I guess that's the cheerleader in me. Once the presentation was complete, We continued working on our line drawings. When I thought I had finished my first one, I began erasing the pencil marks from the paper when I smudged the pen ink ALL OVER my work. So I started over. So annoying.

In 3D design, we were given an orientation on the work room and how to use all of the machinery. After spending two weeks in the class without being able to use the room, I can understand how much easier everything will be now that we can. I look forward to getting a little dusty with the saws and sanders!

After class I gave Rhiannon a ride back to the Sigma Kappa house then headed back to my apartment. After a few hours of being bored and doing nothing, I got ready and headed out to meet my friend Chad for dinner. Dinner was great but I was totally exhausted by the end of the day so I went right how and went to sleep.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I got a call during 3D design that I would be drug tested the following morning (Friday) and six. So Friday morning, my alarm went off at FIVE A.M. and I sat up in the bed and tears fell from my eyes (figuratively). But I pushed through and peed in a cup. The good thing is that I was first in line and I had an hour to sleep before practice started at seven.

Practice went pretty well and I was off to Rankin (Student Athlete Center) to get in some reading before heading to classes. Classes were, in all, pretty boring for the day. Pauly let us out a little bit early. The rain was definitely a bummer, especially since I didn't have an umbrella. But it was Friday and after Weather & Climate... I was home free!

After class, I had a short appearance at a retirement home (which was very fun and personally rewarding. I like to think of doing things like that as earning brownie points of life). I headed back to my apartment and after a couple of hours, Erica was here!

Erica and I enjoyed our night hanging out with lots of new and old friends and having a fun night in Athens. She even got to experience Pokey Sticks (an Athens area favorite food).

Saturday started out pretty late when Erica and I woke up and kind of lolligagged around the apartment until she had to leave and head back to Marietta. After about ten minutes, A few friends headed over and we ventured to the pool to catch some rays.

So Whitney, Jackie, Emily, Banks, Taryn, Mary, Kendall, Steph, Zack, Ashley and I were all laying out by the pool when before we knew it... The Loft (a bar in Athens) set up a tent and had a DJ was spinnin' tracks! It was lots of fun until two and a half hours later, I decided I'd had too much sun and I said by ados to my friends and headed back inside.

I made plans to hang out with Casey and Trammell for Saturday night and, obviously, we had a great time.

As for today, I spent my entire day hanging out with Casey. For the most part, we were extremely silly and loud all day. In my opinion, the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

As for right now, I am watching Center Stage at the apartment with Zack and Caitlin. I plan on heading to bed soon, tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Until tomorrow.

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Kb_Mal said...

LOVE Center Stage, life brownie points, laying poolside, etc.! Fun!