Tuesday, August 4, 2009

two-a-days. day 1.

Today started awfully early when my alarm went off at six thirty. I hopped in the shower and continued my normal morning routine (fairly quick paced) and was out the door with bag in hand by six fifty.

About two hours later, I had made it to Athens and was helping Jackie (best friend and stunt partner) move into the ZTA house. After a few trips to and from her car with various things (shelves, shoes, fans, etc), it was time to brace ourselves and head over to the coliseum.

As we all met in the coliseum, it was so great to see everyone (old and new) and ask each other about summer trips and stories. Paige even got engaged! After the greetings and talking subdued, the practice day started by passing out the contracts, reading the contract, and initialing/signing the contract. This took quite a while considering the contract was twelve pages long and extremely detailed.

After the contracts had been collected, lunch was served (subway sandwiches) and the teams, Coed and All-girl, met in separate ends of the room to discuss requirements and goals for the team.

After a good amount of time making the lists, we headed outside to the grassy knoll and began with a little bit of stretching. Then the girls (boy aren't required) got into a formation and began reviewing sideline cheers. Once completed, it was time for tumbling evaluations. Just a few simple standing tucks were required of the boys... but I will admit, I did a few toe backs too.

After the girls completed their running tumbling evaluations, we split into our teams and began stunting. I think Jackie and I performed extremely well and I hope to have some pictures posted sometime soon. After a good bit of stunting, band dances were next. This was another portion where boys weren't entitled to do much.

After Coach O and Coach Ashley were fairly pleased with everyone's performance, we headed inside to the weight room to have a quick meeting with Tyler and a tour of the workout facility in the Annex. This concluded our two-a-days practice for the day! hooray!

After breaking, we were all informed that it was Allyson and Katie's birthday so we all decided to get ready and head to Brett's for dinner. It was my first time going to Brett's, a restaurant in Athens, and I thoroughly enjoyed a cheeseburger and fries as my meal. Brownies with hot fudge, caramel, and ice cream were served to Allyson and Katie for their birthdays but they were both willing to share... and I was willing to eat!

Because I don't move into my apartment until the fifteenth, I am staying with different cheerleaders for the next two weeks. Tonight's slumber party is taking place with Ashley and Anna! Very exciting. Day 2 of two-a-days starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. so I've got to get some sleep!

Until tomorrow.

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K_Streams_Her_C said...

How nice of the girls to let you have sleepovers at their houses.

And I want to see your stunting photos!