Monday, August 3, 2009

"i don't care about 'em."

After my post from earlier today, I finished my laundry then changed clothes and headed to Stingrays to meet one of my best friends, Amanda, and catch up on each others lives for a little bit. As I was walking her to her car, Amanda realized that she was going to be putting her TV and DVD player in storage for a year... when I needed a TV and DVD player for my apartment! So Amanda is (very generously) letting me borrow her TV and DVD player for the year! So kind and considerate.

After Amanda left the gym, I headed back inside just as Orange was starting to get their choreography. I won't let any secrets out but I must say that I love what they have learned so far! And Justin (friend/coach/choreographer) has taken a liking to my favorite quote from Toddlers and Tiaras, "I don't care about 'em." So fun!

Six forty five-ish rolled around and Scott got to the gym... with a surprise for me! A Darlington Shirt. I'm basically a prefect now! At seven, Smoke began practicing. I migrated floors and working on some jumps with Smoke until Zack arrived at the gym.

awesomely awesome Darlington T.
Thanks Scott!

Zack and I got out the laptop and began making lists of all the things we had/needed for our apartment for next year! We got a lot of work done but still sneaked some peeks at Orange still getting their routine.

At 9:30, the first open practice began! We had a great turn out and an amazing practice packed with tons of skill! If you're interested in being a part of either the coed or all-girl level 6 open teams, let me know!

As of now, I'm at the Jones residence and I'm exhausted. I'm basically all packed for the week and I'm headed to bed super soon! It's going to be an early morning and a long day and I need to be ready for it!

Until tomorrow!

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