Thursday, August 20, 2009

a quick post!

Today went pretty well. I have my first morning cheer practice for the year tomorrow at SEVEN a.m. so I'm going to make this a quick post and then hit the hayyyy.
  • woke up at nine forty five.
  • ate some left over pizza from last night.
  • took a quick shower.
  • drove to parking deck/found a spot (on the fifth/top level).
  • went to color/composition.
  • started first project. my teacher (Moon Jing Jang) really liked my ideas. Score.
  • small break between classes - hit up the computer lab.
  • went to 3D design with Rhionion (aka. Rhiannon).
  • kinda got an orientation on the different places we would be working with materials.
  • presented my "industry produced object" to the class. Little Mermaid snow globe. Totally rocked.
  • Imi Hwangbo (teacher) presented a slide show of some of her works. She is 100% a rockstar. Ben (or Becca to point out to Ben) you must check out her website. You'll love her stuff. Especially the stuff under "New Work."
  • Went back to the apartment.
  • Bought used textbooks online. Five books for under sixty five dollars... I'd call that a success.
  • Put new stickers on my car! Thanks mom for mailing me that Vineyard Vines whale!
  • Ate dinner. A chicken sandwich and a bowl of soup. Rocked.
  • Headed over to Emily/Scott/Catherine's apartment for Project Runway premier. Hung out with lots of new/old friends.
  • Currently, I am back at the apartment and heading to bed.
Until tomorrow!


Lou said...

Your welcome for sending the sticker! It almost didn't make it ... fell out of my purse in the parking lot at work and I went back out to look for it ... couldn't find it until after work - must have blown under a car .. and after that car left - there it was! Whew - I was SO happy to find it and that it was not damaged. YAY - enjoy!

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