Tuesday, August 4, 2009

two-a-days. day 2.

today started out pretty early, around eight. I got in the shower, got ready, etc. Ashley, Anna and I were at the coliseum by 8:50 and we got started promptly at nine.

It seems like so long ago... I don't even remember what we did first! I know that we started the day inside because the grass on the knoll was wet from the sprinklers. That was definitely a ray of sun (in a not so hot kind of way) to my morning.

We ate lunch at the dining hall, Snelling, which brought back so many good memories of my freshman year.

I don't really feel like going over all the details of two-a-days (although Jackie and I did pretty well)... so after camp, Jackie, Alli, and I went to the KD house to visit some friends. It was so great seeing Whitney, Mackenzie, Kelley, Courtney, Madeline, Elmo, and E-Pish again! Before long, Alli was ready to head back to the AOPi house.

At the Pi house, I got to see Amanda, Callan, Taylor, Audrey, Sarah, Brittany, Lindsay, Robyn, April, and Danielle (I feel like I'm forgetting someone). After seeing everyone's adorably decorated rooms, Alli and I headed out to meet Sasha for dinner at Taqueria La Parilla.

Dinner was great (two tacos, an enchilada, and some rice) and after things wrapped up there, Alli dropped me off at Ashley's house to be reunited with Ashley and Anna. While Anna, Ashley, and Alex (friend/cheerleader) ate dinner, we all chatted about about the day and the days to come. Pretty soon, everyone was ready to go to sleep.

One chapter of HP later, here I am writing in my blog. I've got a few more early mornings and long days before I get to rest and relax... so I'm headed to bed.

Until tomorrow!

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