Sunday, August 2, 2009

A not so sunny Sunday.

Yesterday, after getting home from Camp and updating my blog, I took a nap that ended up being about 3 hours long... and it was amazing. I even had some crazy dreams! After the nap, I began cleaning my room at the Jones residence (when i was hanging up my clothes, I broke the rod off the wall... oops - but Casey said not to worry about it). After a few loads of laundry and a lot of organization, I hopped in the shower.

After getting the shower, I packed a little bag and headed over to the Levy house for a sleepover with Erica! When I got to their house, I was greeted by Erica's parents and waited in Erica's bedroom for her to return from a birthday party. When she returned (not too long of a wait), all the Levy children were soon in Erica's room. So Sara, Erica, David, and I all sat around and had a chat about girlfriends, baseball, going back to school, and life in general. David went to bed first (he was leaving for San Francisco in the morning) and was shortly followed by Sara. Erica and I stayed up a little later and enjoyed some queso dip with chips then headed to bed.

I woke up the next morning (this morning) when my alarm went off at nine. I had plans to meet up with Taryn (my long lost best friend who had been studying abroad in France for the previous two months) for breakfast at Ihop on Johnson Ferry. It was so fun to hear about her personal experiences studying in France and to share all that I had done while she was gone. To my surprise, Taryn got me a gift from France! A super cool (and totally modern) sketch book. Taryn and I are both headed back to Athens tomorrow (me for cheer, her for her sorority - AXO) so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the days, months, and years to come (:

modern French sketch book from Taryn

As of now, I'm back at Casey's house and finishing up some laundry. After that, I'll be packing for the week in Athens. Later today, I'm headed to the gym for Orange and Smoke practices then hanging around for the first Open teams (Rust and Citron) practices starting at nine thirty.

Until later... or maybe tomorrow.

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