Tuesday, August 11, 2009

two-a-days. day 7.

This morning, I had a false awakening around seven when Ashley left to take her car to the Volkswagen dealership in Athens because she had trouble starting her car yesterday. It was good to know that I had another hour or so to sleep... so I did! My real alarm went off at eight and I scurried upstairs to shower and prepare myself for the day. I threw on my DryFit Nike outfit for the day and was out the door by eight forty.

At the coliseum, it was day 2 of UCA camp. We were joined by Drew and Jeremy again and began stunting after taking a quick jog around the basketball court and a few minutes of group stretching. Stunting, basket tosses, and pyramids filled the day. Jackie worked on X-Full baskets and I was so proud of her! I apologize but there were no pictures taken today. Maybe tomorrow!

After the long day of practice, I took Ashley to her car then headed to my storage unit and loaded it up with everything that was in my trunk from my shopping day with Katy! After that, I headed back to Ashley's apartment and made plans to meet up with Taryn and Alyssa at eight for a walk/catch up fest.

As we walked and talked, we ran into quite a few friends! Caitlin, Mackenzie, Mary, Kelley, Jaclyn, Josh, Madeline, Courtney, Kaley, Sarah, and Brittney (just to name a few). It was great to get in some exercise while catching up with good friends.

As of right now, I just devoured a Zensation zalad from Zaxby's (along with side of friends and an ice cream sandwich) and am watching The Office with Ashley and her boyfriend, Craig. I plan on going to bed shortly. Tomorrow is another long day!

Until tomorrow.

Oh boy! Alli (aka. Falkenstroodlystromstein) just uploaded pictures from last friday!

Jackie (stunt partner) and I

More pictures to come, I hope!


K_Streams_Her_C said...

Great picture!

Lou said...

I miss you! It is so fun to catch up with you via your blog. Thanks for posting every day. It is so comforting to read! :) Love you!