Sunday, August 16, 2009

two-a-days. days 9 and 10. and the day after? ...and some of today.

Let's go way back to Thursday. That seems like such a long time ago...

So after I posted on Thursday, I ate six hard tacos with just beef and cheese from Taco Bell then headed to practice with Ashley. Things went by pretty smoothly and we even finished our work outs a little early. Before breaking, we were asked to sit down for a team meeting. After a lot of tears and explanation, Shelly O'Brien resigned as Spirit Coordinator at the University of Georgia because of her young child, Brayden, that she believes she needs to spend more time with. We'll all miss you, Coach O! We find out tonight (Sunday) who our interim coach will be for football season.

After leaving the Stegeman Coliseum, everyone headed back to their houses/apartments/dorms to prepare for a cheerleading pot-luck style dinner held at The Boulet brother's house! Ashley and I got ready at her apartment then headed to Publix with Craig to pick up our contributions to the party. I decided to bring soda while Craig brought baked beans and Ashley picked up some potato salad.

The party was super fun and a lot of the cheerleaders were there. Chuck brought his wife, Macey, and their baby, Drake. So adorable. I even got to hold my friend Lauren's tarantula (I know that's really random... but I loved it/kinda want to get one). Everyone started leaving as the night grew old so Ashley, Craig, and I headed back to the apartment.

The next morning, Friday, came quickly and my alarm went off at eight for the last time (MAZEL TOV!). When everyone arrived at the coliseum, we were informed of what was to happen that day and that's exactly what we did. Warm up pyramids. Check. Do sidelines. Check. Free time for forty five minutes (I tumbled with Casey and Tram). Check. Sprints. Check. Conditioning. Check. Once everything was complete, we were invited to Jason's Deli for lunch on Coach O. I enjoyed a chicken caesar salad with black olives and a sprite before saying goodbye to the team, hugging Coach O, and peacing out to beat the ATL traffic back to Kennesaw.

I hit a little bit of traffic on the way back but I was at Casey's house around four and began with the laundry from the week. I got a phone call from Justin and an invitation to dinner! So I took a quick shower and threw on a cute outfit then headed down to the Double Tree hotel near the Cobb Galleria to meet up with Justin and Martin. After picking up Mike from his apartment, we valet parked the car and walked to a restaurant in Midtown Atlanta called Einstein's where Jeff and Bill already had a table for six. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheese tortellini but moreover, the sweet potato fries! I ate every last bite of them. Martin was nice enough to cover my meal and I was (and am) very appreciative. I forced (literally) Martin, Justin, and Mike to take a walk around the block after eating because I always feel better getting a little motion in my body after sitting and stuffing my face for a long time. After the walk, we got the car back and headed to Mike's apartment to drop him off then straight to the hotel.

Once back at the Jones residence, I finished laundry and I started packing. Everything left at the house fit into two duffle bags and two laundry baskets excluding my hanging clothes. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch when I was supposed to be packing my car so I decided that I could hold that part off until morning.

So saturday came and I woke up the old fashion way (naturally) around nine thirty. I packed up my car in the midst of a yard sale (Katy, I didn't see anything that you'd like... unless you want some baby clothes?) taking place in the Jones' driveway. I hugged Heather and all the kids and thanked them for all they had done for me over the summer then realized that I'd see them every Sunday, so it isn't that big of a deal. I was on the road by ten fifteen and headed toward Athens and my new apartment!

A few phones calls with Zack gave me enough information to know that I did not have to wait in line to check in because he was already in the apartment. So I started unloading and setting up my room! The apartment is awesome. And it even came with a ceiling fan (which I was kinda stressing out about). I still have one more trip to make to my storage unit and a few pictures to hang but once that is done, pictures will be on the blog! It's so nice having my own space and my very own bathroom! I can't wait to use my crock pot either!

Everything (for the most part) was looking great and organized so I texted my friend Taryn and asked if she would like to come over and check it out. She brought Alyssa Johnstone and I got to give my first formal tour of my new apartment. After a little chit chat on the leather couch, we decided to hit up Taqueria La Parilla for dinner. I wasn't too hungry so I munched on chips and queso until we got a surprise from our waitress... fried ice cream! No, it wasn't anyone's birthday... the waitress felt bad that Alyssa's fajitas took so long so it was a dessert on the house! It was gone in about thirty seconds.

Back at my apartment, Taryn, Alyssa, and I enjoyed the last few minutes of the Women's Gymnastics National Championships. Alyssa really wanted to check out the pools so we went on a quick go-see to the Club House. Four pools and a hot tub, not too shabby. Taryn and Alyssa left soon after and I had just sat down on the couch when I got a phone call from Casey Denney (fellow cheerleader and friend) asking me to come over to hang out with her and Megan Trammel (who usually goes by Tram). So I did. We had a fun night and I met lots of new friends. I ended up spending the night with Casey and woke up this morning (Sunday) and driving back to my apartment and sleeping here until around eleven.

As of now, I need a shower. Zack and I are planning on going to lunch pretty soon. I have the cheerleading meeting tonight at seven. And classes start tomorrow. The most exciting part? Today is my half birthday! I should get half a cake or something. Anyway... I hope I didn't forget anything.

Until tomorrow.


Kb_Mal said...

What a crazy informative post!

A few things:

1. Expand your mind with your tacos. Sour cream IS DELICIOUS. Or maybe tomatoes or lettuce.


3. Do you need crock pot recipes?

4. BABY CLOTHES? WTF? Don't make anyone start any rumors about me. But thanks for checking out the yard sale for me.

5. GO DAWGS!!!

6. You have the most friends I've ever heard of in my life.

Anonymous said...

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