Monday, August 24, 2009

monday number two of my second freshman year.

The alarm went off this morning at eight forty five and I think I went back to sleep for about thirty second after turning off my alarm. However (and luckily), I got out of bed and into the shower after a night of sleeping no so well.

To my first class of the day, History, I was a few minutes late. Eek! But I made up for it by speaking up in class during a discussion about how England became such a power country during the 1400's. I'm a historian.

In Art History, we continued learning about paintings during the baroque period of England. I kind of felt like I was getting more of a bible study... but I took good notes and understood where Professor Pauly was coming from.

During my hour break before Weather & Climate, I chilled out in the Lamar Dodd art building and facebook stalked. Not too exciting but definitely not stressful.

In weather and climate, we went over the sun and how it effects the come and go of the seasons, some inverse cosine law, and began a group project. I worked with a boy and two girls but I don't quite remember their names. Oops. After class... I was home free! Well, kinda.

It was time to run some errands! First stop? The Loft. The Loft (noun): a totally modern and artsy art supply store found on Baxter street in Athens, Ga. Luckily, most of my supplies were in a pre-made bag so I paid for my goods and was on my way! Next stop? Office Max! I needed one binder and some dividers so it was a quick trip. Last stop before heading to the apartment was Publix. A few meals and odds and ends and I was out the door and headed back to the apartment.

After unloading everything, I made a sandwich and began a little relaxation time. I found a "Make It or Break It" (television series on ABC family about gymnasts) marathon and was stuck to the TV. Five thirtyish rolled around and I was out the door and headed to cheerleading practice.

All-girl practiced for the first hour and luckily I was there to fill in for Katy when she had to leave early. Coed practiced the second hour and I didn't do very well with my stunting (sorry Jackie). But work outs start tomorrow so I'll be pumping iron and getting stronger! We conditioned at the end of practice and I was thoroughly drenched in sweat when walking back to my car.

As we had planned, I met up with Taryn at Alpha Chi and we went on a little walk to get a little bit of exercise while catching up on each others lives. I seriously don't know what I'd do without Taryn and her sense of humor that matches perfectly with mine! We plan to walk again Wednesday night.

As for now, I'm dreading waking up early but I'm really not that tired or sleepy. A little snack might help though!

Until tomorrow. and wait!

2009-2010 UGA Cheerleaders
(the poster I talked about!)
Jackie and I are the sixth couple from the left.



Kb_Mal said...

What a stud! Love the poster!

And you're a historian? Tell me more.

annabeck said...

I love that you have a walking buddy. I love having people to walk with.

The poster looks amazing. I'll be missing you this weekend at the midnight express. Love you.

Anonymous said...


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