Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend recap... holla!

Where do I even begin?

Friday morning, I woke up around nine, got ready, blah. Classes went well (other than History going over by six minutes... causing me to be late to Art History). But I was happy when they were over! Hooray!

After class, I headed back to the apartment to get ready for a small get together that Zack and I put together. I had a few friends come over (shout outs to Mary, Amanda, Blaire, Matthew V. Rost, Tayler, and Clint) but it was mostly Zack's friends, which is totally fine too! We all had a lot of fun.

Saturday, I woke up pretty late... around eleven thirty and started getting ready for poster signing day! I picked up Alli from AOPi and Katie and Anna from the dorms and we headed to the stadium. The day went really well although it's kind of weird to think of how many people have a picture of me hanging in their office/home. Jackie and I were talking about that today. Anyway... I'll try to get a picture of the poster on here sometime soon!

After poster signing ended, I went back to C-Well with Katie Mac! Along with her "person," David, we watched Mamma Mia on TV and got ready for the family cheer dinner. It was weird being back at Creswell (dorm that I lived in last year) because it didn't even feel like the same place anymore. Weird.

At the cheer dinner, I sat at a table with other cheerleaders who's parents couldn't make it to the dinner (except for Katie's mom, Suze, snuck into the mix). Dinner was great and I really enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up!

After the dinner, I was off to KD to see Madeline and Courtney! It was great hanging out with them (and by hanging out, I mean they slept and I sat there). We have plans to get together again on Tuesday night! Yay!

After my stay at Kappa Delta, I headed over to Megan Trammel and Tiffany Burgess's house to hang out for the night. Casey Denney and Katie Mac were thrown into the group and we headed off to Kelly and Lauren Med's house. After some chit chatting, we were joined by a few football players. It was definitely a fun night!

This morning, I woke up around eleven and sat around doing nothing for most of the late morning and early afternoon. I got a call from Jackie and she decided to come over to the pool! As she headed over, I got started on washing some clothes. The pool was very fun despite the fact that Jackie and I got none of our reading done... oops. After the pool, Jackie stayed for a little bit and we found out that Heather (friend and ZTA with Jackie) made the Dance Team for UGA!

Jackie peaced out and I continued with the laundry until sevenish rolled around and I decided that I needed to eat before practice! So I did. Then I went to practice. Then I came back. And now I am tired of blogging and I am going to sleep. Goodnight!

Until tomorrow.

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