Sunday, August 16, 2009

my last day of summer 2009.

After posting earlier this morning, I showered and dressed quickly before heading to lunch with Zack and Ashley Schick at Inoko Express. I ordered the hibachi chicken and planned on saving half of it for dinner but I ended up eating it all (oops).

Back at the apartment, I didn't really do anything. At all. I took a little trip to Academy to find a water bottle (that they didn't have) and Barnes & Noble for a daily planner (which I got). I planned on going to Publix for groceries but I was overcome with a rush of laziness and went back to the apartment.

Time dragged by and soon enough it was time for the cheer meeting. Thinking that the meeting started at seven, I left my apartment and headed to Tram's house for a few minutes but then found out that the meeting actually started at seven thirty. So I spent a little more time watching Tram clean while listening to the Tarzan soundtrack that I was planning on.

At the meeting, we met (or re-met) our interim coach... BEN! So glad to have him back. A lot of details about the season are still unclear, but I definitely look forward to the upcoming season!

After the meeting, Alli, Jackie, and I headed to Chili's for dinner. We all split queso for an appetizer, I had chicken alfredo (which I did save half of) for dinner, and we all split the chocolate molten cake (aka. heaven) for dessert. We paid our bills and said our goodbyes and I headed to Wal-Mart!

At Wal-Mart, I got everything off my checklist (excluding a lamp and the same water bottle that was not at academy) for less than seventy dollars! My plan? To eat everything I bought before returning to the grocery. I'm hoping I can hold out with my frozen dinners, sandwich meat, and ramen noodles for about two weeks!

As of right now, I'm getting excited about tomorrow! I'm waking up pretty early to head to campus to get my parking pass and then it's off to my first class of my sophomore year! The schedule for monday? History at 10:10 and Art History at 11:15.

Until tomorrow.

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Kb_Mal said...

Ooooh. Can't wait to hear a school recap. So jealous. I miss college.

And good thing you and your bbs split the chocolate molten cake.