Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second Year Freshman.

Yesterday started at exactly eight fifteen when my alarm went off. I had slept amazingly well and was super excited about the day ahead of me so I popped out of bed and into the shower! After picking out a cute outfit and grabbing a breakfast bar, I was out the door and on a mission! First stop: Parking Services.

I had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes at the Parking Services department in East Campus before receiving my blue parking permit for the E05 parking deck. Super exciting... and slightly expensive. After collecting my prize, I headed for the closest bus stop and hopped on an East Campus Express bus. I was on my way to my first class of my second year at UGA when suddenly a biker came out of no where and slammed right into the side of the bus! Okay, that didn't actually happen but I had to make sure you're paying attention. I arrived at Pre-Civil War American History a little early and sat patiently for the teacher to come in. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Lawton (I think that's his name) as he went over the syllabus and got a little overwhelmed when he got a little teary eyed when he started talking about reading a hand written draft (by Jefferson... I think?) of the constitution. I guess he really loves his history. Class got out a little early and I headed to my next class, Art History II.

So I never actually made it to class (due to bus confusion) but I saw my friend Rhiannon walking out of the building and knew that she was in my art history class so I inquired what happened in class? She said that the teacher (who "seems cool") just went over the syllabus (which is online) and let them go early! So I was done for the day! I took Rhiannon back to the Sigma Kappa house and was on my way to the apartment.

Back at the apartment, I stalked oasis (the website used for class scheduling at UGA) for an open class that would a) fit my schedule and b) work into my required classes. No luck. Soon enough, it was time for Bid Day with the TRIOTAS and Alex headed over to prepare the apartment for all our new babies. I would write about the night's activities but that's top secret III stuff so... sorry.

After Alex and all the new triotas left, I headed over to my friend Clint's new house. I got a quick tour of the new place and met all his room mates before settling down on the couch and watching a little television. Millionaire Matchmaker, Dating in the Dark, and some show about Hoarders were all in the mix. It got pretty late so I decided to say my goodbyes to Clint and head back to the apartment to get ready for my second day of class... Today!

This morning, my alarm went off at nine fifteen and I threw on my flip flops, brushed my teeth and headed out the door to meet Jess at my storage unit. Jess (friend and fellow cheerleader) drives a truck and agreed to helping me move my futon from my storage unit to my apartment (because my futon definitely ain't fitting in Flow). So that took about twenty-ish minutes and I was back at my apartment (I almost said dorm! ha!) by ten. I showered, picked out a cute outfit, grabbed a cereal bar and was out the door by ten forty. First class of the day: Color and Composition with Moon Jing Jang (I think?). Class went my pretty smoothly. Mrs. Jang went over the syllabus with examples/explanations along the way and we were let out of class very early.

I was walking about the Lamar Dodd art building when I ran into Rhiannon and Carolyne at almost the exact same time! I hung out with both of them for a little while then decided to head to the Sigma Kappa house with Rhiannon for lunch. At the house, I enjoyed some barbeque chicken with a side salad and glass of water. After lunch, I got a quick peek at Rhiannon's room before heading back the the Lamar Dodd for 3D design.

With Rhiannon as a class mate, I met Imi Swangbo (I think that's her name) and was introduced to a world of deciding if art was objective or subjective. I, along with the rest of the class, decided that it's a complex mixture of both. Yet again, we went over the syllabus and we let out a little early. On the way to the car, I had a good, long chat with my grandmother on my dad's side about the first few days of class and gave her my new address - KA-CHING!

Back at the apartment, I finally got my schedule figured out! I am now taking Weather and Climate to help satisfy Dad's amount of hours per semester qualification and one of my two science requirements. Very exciting!

After a good while of doing nothing but watching an old cycle of ANTM on TV, I decided to make dinner (a lean cuisine). Ashley Schick (mutual friend of Zack and me) headed over for dinner because they were planning on going to Force (local cheerleading gym) for the UGA club competitive team practice. I decided to join them and get a little tumbling in. I had a great tumbling night! Toe fulls were probably one of the best accomplishments.

As of right now, I'm updating my blog and doing nothing else. I'm considering making at PB sandwich and watching some television. Nothing too exciting.

Well, until tomorrow!


Kb_Mal said...

1. Ben will LOVE the bus/biker part of the story. He loves when you do that.

2. Weather and climate is kind of fun! Tell me who you end up getting...

3. You are so busy! But don't forget to take apt. pictures!

Becca said...

I don't know about Ben, but I enjoyed the biker/bus part! I agree with Katie that i'd like to see pictures.

Your cooking sounds like my cooking when ben is out of town.

Anonymous said...

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