Wednesday, August 5, 2009

two-a-days. day 3.

Wednesday started the same as Tuesday, at exactly 8 in the morning when my alarm went off. I opted out of taking a morning shower because I took one last night. I changed into my cheer clothes and Ashley, Anna, and I were out the door by eight thirty.

We met inside the coliseum and the mats were already rolled out. The team started out by stretching and then we worked on some band dances and stunts then moved on to working on some pyramids (and I made one up! - Ben, you'd be so proud. Miss you!). That continued for a few hours then we had some free tumbling time! Obviously this is my favorite time of the day because tumbling is definitely my favorite part of cheerleading... maybe tied with jumps (but I also worked on jumps during the free tumbling time).

For lunch, Jason's Deli sandwiches were catered in and I enjoyed a turkey on wheat with plain chips, a white chocolate macadamia cookie, and a purple powerade. We were alloted an hour and a half for lunch and I finished my sandwich in about fifteen minutes so I was struck with an idea! My storage unit, which I have had all summer in Athens, needed to be paid by the fifth and today was the fifth! So Bria and I headed over to Stephen's Storage and I payed my fee.

Back at cheerleading, we worked on cheers/sidelines and continued with the stunting until we had an hour left and Tyler graced us with his presents in the coliseum. After 4 rounds of laps and stadiums around the coliseum and 20 stadium sprints, I was EX. HAUS. TED. But no worries, we still had an abs circle to complete. After that was done (about 20 minutes later), I was no longer living.

Back at Ashley's, I passed out on the floor of her bedroom while waiting for my turn in the shower. I took my shower (and I felt a lot better after) and thirty minutes later, we (Ashley, Anna and myself) were on the way to Bateman's house!

Dinner at the Batemans' house was so much fun and super yummy! Shane's Rib Shack catered and everyone on the team was there! So fun bonding outside of cheerleading and getting to know each other as real people.

Once we were back at Ashley's apartment, I was so ready to hit the hay... but here I am, still awake at 11:09 because my favorite Wednesday night show came on! So You Think You Can Dance! Ashley, Anna and I watched it together (Katie, King, and Bird - I miss you!) and I, for the first time ever, actually voted! For Kayla, of course.

As of now, I'm going to sleep. Two more days of two-a-days then it's the weekend!

Until tomorrow... and hopefully pictures!

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