Monday, August 10, 2009

august 9, 2009.

Last night (Saturday), I ended up not watching a movie with Heather and went to bed around 11:30 and woke up around ten this morning (Sunday). I layed around for a little bit before heading upstairs, enjoying a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, and some quality time with all the Jones children, Devan, and Heather. After my breakfast, I finished the laundry left in the washer from the night before.

I didn't do much after laundry until I got a phone call from Erica inviting me to come over for a swim and dinner. I totally accepted, packed my bags, and headed over to the Levy home. I was greeted by Erica and her parents then changed into my swim trucks and headed to the neighborhood pool! At the pool, I ran into Rachel (a little girl on peppermint - mini level 1 at stingrays) who was pretty confused about seeing me outside of the gym. Erica and I enjoyed the water and the sun for a little bit then headed back to her house to get ready for dinner and practice.

Erica and I took turns showering and we downstairs by six for dinner, a homemade spaghetti with caesar salad and italian bread. So amazingly good. I loved it. After stuffing my face, I hopped in my car and followed Erica to the gym.

I alternated between Orange and Smoke practice all night working on jumps and tumbling... although I mostly just distracted people from what they were supposed to be doing. I chatted a little with Rachel, Scott, Maddie, and Aubrey on the Smoke side and Erica, Brooke, Strappy, Martha (Sarah McAndrew) and Susanna on the Orange side. After their practices, I had thirty minutes to chill out before Rust/Citron practice started. It was good to see everyone at the gym. A special shout out to Scott and Kellie, who had been keeping up to date with my blog quite nicely (:

At Rust, we worked on jumps then running tumbling then standing tumbling. When the stunting portion of stunts started, I decided to head out because I was driving back to Athens.

So as of now, I'm back at Ashley's apartment. I'm exhausted. And I am going to bed. Goodnight.

Until tomorrow.

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Thanks for the shout out!