Saturday, August 8, 2009

two-a-days. day 5. And the day after.

I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, this past Thursday.

Before I forget, everyone needs to download "Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles.

So Friday morning was the earliest of them all. My alarm went off at six fifty and I (groaningly) took a quick shower and began trying to look presentable for the cheerleading poster pictures that would be taken starting at eight. Sporting the uniform called "Red Super G," I arrived at the coliseum one last time for that week. With the rest of my team members, I headed out to the practice fields. We were put in a few different positions and posed for multiple pictures. First we did whole team (in which I held Jackie on my shoulders in three different ways) pictures, a goofy picture, pictures by years on the team, and individual shots. Alli had her camera and we decided to do some other pictures on the side (stingray alum, sophomores, etc). After pictures, we were told to change into our practice clothes.

Practice started around ten and (I think) we started with cheers, then progressed to stunts, then band dances. After we had completed everything required, we were told to change into our running shoes and TyTy chose to grace us with his presence.

About thirty minutes later, I was drenched in sweat in the mid-day sun. My legs were pounding with pain from sprinting across the football field a total of 24 times. Yeah... I was dead. Once the sprints were over (thank goodness), we headed inside the coliseum and got a little surprise!

We were each given a black back pack containing our practice clothes for the year (although our T-shirts and shoes were not in quite yet). But the good news wasn't over yet! We were instructed by Coach O to head to Chick-Fil-A for lunch then we were released for the day and the week! Such a relief to have a little extra time off.

So everyone caravanned over to my favorite fast food restaurant and I enjoyed a nugget meal with a lemonade. Anna even tried the new Peach milkshake... but I thought it tasted like plain vanilla. After everyone finished eating, we all parted ways and Ashley and I headed back to her apartment. The best part of it all? The three hour nap that took place almost immediately after arriving at her apartment. Well deserved and extremely needed.

Ashley and I woke up from our nap and she made plans to go over to her boyfriend's house and I called Stephen, who I knew was in town for the night. Stephen said to grab my bathing suit and head over to our mutual friend Carolyne's apartment to meet up with him, Carolyne, and Molly. So I did!

We all sat around at watched Shark Week on Discovery for a little bit before heading to the pool for a short dip. Stephen and I took turns doing basket tosses off the waterfall into the deeper pool while Molly judged. I think Stephen won. The night came and we continued hanging out until it got pretty late and I decided to just crash on the couch at Carolyne's house.

This morning, around ten or so, I brushed my teeth and said my goodbyes and hopped in my car and headed toward Decatur for a shopping day with Katy! Stops at Ross, BrandsMart, and Wal-Mart gave me the prefect opportunity to get almost everything on my shopping list! I got everything from a toaster, coffee maker, crock pot, can opener, and a colander to a bathroom mat, measuring cups, shower curtain, cutting boards, and pillows! And when I eventually got back to Katy's and ordered my bedding from it was definitely a major day for apartment shopping. And I have to say BrandsMart is the craziest, biggest, most crowded, most compact, amazing place I have ever been. I second Katy's statement, "I'd love some BrandsMart gift cards!" Katy and I made a quick drive thru at the El Pollo Loco and headed back to her house.

After spending some time with Katy, Dan, and injured Roxxi (tore her ACL - so sad), I headed back to the K-saw! I had just arrived when Heather was headed out the door and Casey asked me if I'd like to go get pizza with Emily, Devan, Harrison, Lily, and himself. I accepted and we moseyed over to Johnny's Pizza and Subs on Dallas Highway. Casey and I split a Buffalo Chicken Pizza that was so good but SO spicy! I pretty much ate everyone's crust too.

The tab was taken by Casey and a census was taken about what to do next... the Park was the winner! So we all jumped in the Suburban and headed to the Park in Acworth. Walking, running, swinging, laughing, and a little crying from Lily all took place before we piled in the car again and made our way over to our next adventure... ice cream!

A birthday cake remix with white chocolate chips instead of sprinkles from Coldstone at the Avenue West Cobb later, I was full to the brim! But a very happy full at the same time.

Currently back at the Jones residence, I'm doing laundry from the past five days and relaxing. Heather and I might be watching a scary movie a little later but as for now, I'm freshly out of the shower and quite content with having nothing to do but sit around.

Until tomorrow.