Thursday, November 26, 2009

i guess it's about time!

It's been so long since I've last posted... I can't remember the half of it. So instead of listing off days and their events, I'm just going to update everyone on the things going on in my life.


All of my classes are going pretty well and I can't believe we're already getting down into finals! For American History (which I have decided is my least favorite class), I just finished reading a book called Celia, A Slave about a fourteen year old slave girl that got raped by her master (awesome... not) and wrote a nine page paper about it. For Art History, we just sit in class and Rhiannon takes notes and I try to entertain her. For the art seminar, we continue to make fun of "Miss East-West" and listen to boring lectures about art. For Weather and Climate, we're learning about tornadoes, lightning, and thunder... it's actually pretty exciting.

For my art classes, things are coming to an end too. In Color and Composition, we just finished a group project that involved creating a code to represent the lyrics of the Beatles song "Across the Universe." Van, Jefferson, and I worked together and created this:

Mural Poetry Project - Across the Universe

For 3D design, I am enjoying myself by learning how to braise metals (it actually is pretty cool but i'm not very good at it and i've been burned quite a few times). I'm working on making a baby manatee, it's about two and a half feet long.

I'm getting even further in my journey towards being in an IDS (interdisciplinary study) in Animation. I'm working on getting my council together and my petition for the Dean's Office.


UGA cheerleading is at it's busiest point. Volleyball, basketball, and football are still going strong. We aren't practicing as much, which is good, but Jackie and I are still doing really well with our stunting. Georgia vs. Georgia Tech is this weekend and I'll be cheering! Can't wait to see my cheer friends that go to school there. It was great to see Chelsea Parker last weekend at the Kentucky game too!

For Stingrays, we're getting close to our first competition! We know our whole routine (other than the dance) but I think we are learning that really soon. I'm excited about being on the competition floor again and seeing everyone at competitions.


I recently set up (or well, had it set up for me) a website selling my t-shirts! The shirts are fifteen dollars and shipping is about five dollars extra. I'm using this as a fundraiser to pay for Stingrays and hopefully, get a little cash on the side. Order yours today!

I'm getting really excited about Spreezy Breezy X (aka. Spring Break '10) and a cruise to Mexico with a bunch of friends! I'm sure it's going to be super fun. I need to get a passport though.

I'm working on my Christmas shopping and I'm getting really excited about that!

As of right now, I'm in Raleigh, NC spending time with my family, eating lots, and reading a little bit of Harry Potter. I'm going to try to stay more up to date with this whole blogging thing... we'll see how that goes.

Until next time.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I waited too long again. However, I fully plan on sleeping tonight... so I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to update you on the past 14 years of my life. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

yes, i am alive.

I haven't blogged in two weeks and that is a definite problem. Although I probably won't be able to remember everything for the past fourteen days, I shall try.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009... So long ago.
My planner says I had a test that day in Weather and Climate. I made a B+ on that. My planner also says that I had practice that day and Glee afterwards at Rachel's house. It also says to work on my paper... I doubt I did that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009.
My planner has two things written for this day. Workouts and Work on paper. I'm assuming I did both of these things considering Workouts are mandatory and my paper was due the next day.

Friday, October 16, 2009.
This day, I turned in my paper. I also had Stingray Choreography at 8 and a photoshoot with Caurie beforehand! Favorite picture of the evening? Here it is!

Caurie and I repping the Rust uniforms for the website!

Saturday, October 17, 2009.
This day, I remember sleeping in then watching the UGA vs. UT football game with Roger before showering and heading over to the competition at Walton to see Erica! After the comp, Erica, Brandon, and I went to lunch/dinner at Longhorn and it was great. That evening, I hung out with the busteds!

Sunday, October 18, 2009.
This day, at one thirty, I had to cheer a volleyball game. We were defeated by Florida in three games.

Monday, October 19, 2009.
This day, I had practice. And class, I'm sure. I was also supposed to call some lady about my interdisciplinary study... but I didn't.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009.
This day changed my life. This evening, I went to a function put on my SDT (sorority) called GREEK GRIND. In this event (to raise money for SDT's philanthropy), all the sororities make up dance routines and perform. It. Was. Amazing. ZTA won and definitely deserved it. A link? Here you are! A picture from the night? That too:

me and BRIA at Greek Grind.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
Practice. Glee. Blah, blah...

Thursday, October 22, 2009.
Color and Composition self portrait due. I was pretty happy with mine considering it was not so easy working with Starbursts wrappers!

This evening, I was supposed to go to a ADPi/Theta date night with Emily Collins but she had a test to study for so Katie Mac, Casey, Fred, Thoms, Lauren Med, Rachel, Lionel and I went to see the midnight premier of "Paranormal Activity" and that is the reason I am currently awake at 3:44 am. It was so scary!

Friday, October 23, 2009.
This day has one thing written. BUSTED. So I'm assuming that I had a fun night with some fun friends! Proof, you ask? Here you go! I also cheered a volleyball game this night... I think. We won!

A fun night with a fun group!

Saturday, October 24, 2009.
On this day, I woke up in the mid-morning and got ready to go see Whitney and Georgia play a softball game! It was really cold and my friends' team lost but it was still fun to see them play. After the game, I headed to the Tennis Arena to see Nate, Tramm's boyfriend, play. After winning the first set, Nate tore his meniscus on the court. He's getting surgery tomorrow and I wish him the best of luck. That evening, I was invited to a KD date night with my very close friend, Mackenzie Leeigheee. It was SUCH a fun night including dancing, eating, playing with ponies, saving lives, and being silly. I loved every minute of it.

Mackenzie and I just warming our pizza by the fire.

Sunday, October 25, 2009.
This day, I studied. For like seven hours. For an art history test. It wasn't too bad. Then rust practice. We started working on skills in the routine... but I'm not giving away any secrets!

Monday, October 26, 2009. Today(/Yesterday...?)
I totally rocked my Art History test and I was super pumped. After that I worked on my 3D design project before heading to Weather and Climate. After class, I hung out at KD with Courtney, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth before picking up Katie Mac and getting food to go. After eating at the Staish, practice awaited us. After practice, it was back to the Staish for a few hours (including a short run to Chick-fil-a). Currently, I am not sleeping. And tonight at practice... Jackie and I worked on cupies! Alli and I worked on some too (:

Jackie and I in a cupie.

Well, until tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So Katy (awesome sister) inspired me to show off some of my outfits. So that's something I'll be adding to blog posts!

Evening Outfit:
Vintage Lacoste Sweater
White V-Neck T
Citizens of Humanity Jean Pants
Rainbow Sandals
Gold Cannes Watch
(inspired by Brad Goreski aka. my new facebook friend)

Download of the Day: 3 by Britney Spears

Until tomorrow.


I can't believe I haven't posted in a week! This has to be the longest time period between posts. Better get going... Thanks Mallory for the reminder (:

Wednesday... Hmm. What was wednesday? I'm assuming I went to class (which was probably boring). Wait! I do know that I had a pop quiz in Weather and Climate. After class, I probably went back to my aparment. Then practice. Then GLEE. Then back home? Who remembers, it's been a week!

Thursday was semi-hectic, if I remember correctly. Workouts followed by showering and packing for the weekend, picking up Rhiannon and Cailtin, heading to class, blah, blah, blah. After class, I made my way to Katy and Dan's house for a slumber party! That was super fun. Katy and I made three meat ravioli with a yummy salad. We watched Real Housewives AND Project Runway before bed.

Friday morning was a journey in mind, body, and spirit. I'm pretty sure this was a major moment in me realizing that I am no longer a child. I drove to my brother's, WALKED to the MARTA, bought my own round trip ticket, checked in (by myself) and got my boarding pass for my flight, went through security, and got to my gate with an hour to spare before my flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan. A quick flight later, I was greeted by my dad and step mom in the 48 degree weather. A short car ride to Holland, MI and the family reunion commenced! My dad's side of the family (in whole... almost) was present and definitely made for a good time. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second cousins, husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends, plus the grandparents (celebrating their 60th anniversary)... Oh my! Dinner was served at the house and conversation never stopped until we departed to the hotel/ranch (...?) to slumber.

Saturday morning, I actually got to sleep in (probably because everyone else in my family is SO athletic and runs twenty eight miles a day and I'm not athletic at all). I showered and got ready for lunch at Aunt Nancy's. The meal? Pasty. Definition? Who. Knows. Let's see if I can find one.Pasty. Not my favorite, but I ate half. After lunch, THRIFTING! Katy and I were joined by pro thrifter, Aunt Janet, and pregrant cousin, Mo. Best find of the day?

awesome leather jacket - 16 dollars.
Brad and Rachel (mostly Brad) would be so proud!

Sunday began with breakfast at a cute little dutch restaurant down the street from the Hotel/Ranch. I enjoyed a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. After breakfast, we said our goodbyes to all the family and made our way back to the airport in Grand Rapids. Point three five seconds after being on the plane, I landed in Detroit and changed gates for my flight to ATL. Back in Atlanta, I rewound my directions back to Ben's apartment (taking scary marta, which was okay because I chatted with a German boy the whole time). Once at my car, I headed to Stingrays to watch Orange and Smoke (where I got to see Erica, Scott, Strappy, Brandon, Justin, Roger, Caurie, Rachel, Maddie... and everyone else!) before Rust practice. After practice, I made my way back to Athens and drove into the Exchange right as my gas light illuminated.

Yesterday, I had classes. Blah. Then headed back to my apartment to do some painting for Amanada before practice. Practice went really well. Jackie and I worked on cupies inbetween reciting Harry Potter spells. STUPIFY! So that was fun, obviously. After practice, Amanda came over for a slumber party and Becky came over to watch the season finale of Rachel Zoe with Zack and Me (mostly Zack). After that, it was bed time.

Today, I had work outs this morning, where I worked extremely hard. After that, I headed back to the apartment to find Amanda still sleeping... lucky. I took a short nap before showing and getting ready for class. After picking up Rhiannon and Caitlin and making our way to the art building, I'm sitting in color and composition where I should be working on my self portrait based off the colors from candy wrappers! Fun!

The rest of the week might be semi-stressful. Registration for next semester, test tomorrow, paper due friday, birthday party for Jackie tonight (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), and cheer/classwork/art work on top of that. Well, until tomorrow... or next week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a crazy super exhausting but still pretty awesome weekend recap.

So my last update was from this past Thursday, which seems like eras ago.

Thursday night, I enjoyed the ZTA and KD Michael Jackson Themed Date Night featuring the cover band "Who's Bad" at New Earth with best friend and stunt partner, Jackie. Due to the fact that she dropped her camera down like 17 flights of stairs, pictures are floating around somewhere in limbo. We hope they will be back in action (and on facebook) soon! I had a great time and was up bright and early the next morning for practice! Yippee!

Friday was spent practicing, showering, classing, then going home and chilling out before heading over to Sigma Kappa to meet my best friend and date, Caitlin, before heading out for the evening in honor of the 45th Annual Pearl Gala Sigma Kappa Semi-Formal. Caitlin (along with some of her sorority sisters and dates) enjoyed a catered Barberitos meal then headed to the Classic Center to dance the night away (/check off the alum and hand out cups). The night was just right and I was so happy to be invited!

Caitlin and I striking a pose at dinner. So chic. ...Serpent.

Side Bangs? Even better.

Saturday morning started around two in the morning when I got a call from my step sister, Sarah, asking for directions to my apartment. I don't exactly remember giving her the directions but when I awoke to my alarm the next morning at eight forty five, she (and two friends) were asleep on the floor of the living room. I got ready as Dad, Susan, and Katie joined the party at the apartment and was off to the coliseum! Ice cream, truck rides, tail gates, food, dog walk, and the game later... UGA was defeated by LSU but it was an amazing fourth quarter. Back at the apartment, I hung out with the family for a little bit before heading over to the Staish to see the Busteds and spend the evening there.

Dad, Katie, Myself, Richard, Susan, and Jane at the CHEERS Tailgate before the game!
(where's Sarah? Walking from her car parked ten miles away at "churches")
FYI - I do not have an awkwardly shaped upper body, I think Susan is pulling on my top.

Sunday was spent sleeping (for the most part) after hitting up WOW with some friends to watch the Detroit Lions game (mostly because Kelly wanted to watch Matthew). After the two hour nap, I got up and got ready for TRAMP STAMP dinner at Chili's! STAMP (Sarah, Taryn, Amanda, Mary, and Paul) is the awesome group of best friends ever made (the tramp is Jaclyn, and she's fine with that). I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and the food was great too! After dinner, I headed back to get ready for Stingray practice and then I was off to Kennesaw with Emily Van V. Practice went well, for the most part (I was tired), and we even got out a little early. I rode back with Amanda Van V and we made great time!

Monday was pretty boring. Classes were the usual. After class, I headed to the apartment to get ready for the videos we would be making at practice that evening. I'll keep that one a surprise! After practice, I had my usual walk with Taryn then back to the apartment for some MAJOR painting. With Rachel Zoe in the background, I painted my life away until about twelve thirty with the company of Zack, Amanda, Becky, Matthew V. Rost, and his friend Amanda.

Tuesday (Today), started with an extreme work out at the Annex. I did the whole work out (that's right, I finished - and tried hard!) with a little bit of time to spare. After that, it was back to the APT to finish my paintings before they were due at eleven. I finished in time to take a quick nap before getting ready and heading to class (of course, I picked up Rhiannon and Caitlin). Classes were pretty good and lots of people named one of my paintings as one of their favorites! 3D Design was fairly frustrating but I got lots of work done on my cardboard piece based off a clay piece. After class, I headed to AOPi to help some friends out with some arts and crafts and ate dinner with the girls (yummy parmesan chicken). A quick change of clothes and I was off to Force to do a little tumbling with Amanda Van V and Kaley Rae Speros. After some good toe fulls, I dropped the girls back at their cars before a trip to wal-mart to get toilet paper and detergent. Currently, I am back at the apartment and ready to get some shut eye!

Until tomorrow... or maybe the next day (:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

getting kinda better (:

So after a SUPER lazy tuesday, I was up and ready on Wednesday morning for my test in American History. After the test, I wasn't super confident with how I did but I wasn't freaking out either... maybe a B. After the test, it was art history, then to the Doctor at the athlete training center to get a prescription for my throat. After that, I was excused from practice that evening and made my way over to AOPi to hang out with Courtney, Lindsay, Natalie, Brittany, and Amanda. After my visit at AOPi, I headed over to Rachel's to watch Glee with the usual group. After Glee (which was GREAT), I picked up Emily Collins from Theta for a Hibernation Station Slumber party featuring a little bit of HP with a side of chips and salsa... but that's what we always do!

Today, I had to wake up early to check in at workouts (and I dropped Emily off) then headed back to the apartment to go back to sleep for a few hours (so great). After that, I woke up and got ready for class, picked up Rhiannon and Caitlin and headed to the Lamar Dodd. After classes (semi boring and not very productive), I headed back to the apartment once again. A bowl of ramen noodles later, I am updated my blog and waiting around for a phone call from Jackie to tell me to head over to ZTA for the Michael Jackson themed date night with KD! I'm super stoked! Expect pictures!

Sorry this is so rushed, but until next time...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

getting kinda sick ):

The remainder of Friday was filled with Weather and Climate, taking a short nap, a birthday party, and hanging out with some close friends... even a slumber party at the Staish! The next day was going to be a big one, so I set my alarm for 11 a.m. just to be sure!

Saturday, I had an obligation to be dressed and ready and at the coliseum at 2:15. And I was even a few minutes early! Keeping my fingers crossed that I would not be cheering in the rain, I headed out to multiple tailgates and pep rallies before heading to the stadium for the game. Mom, Tripp, Woody, and Charlie had tickets to the game so it was great to spend some time with them too! The game, although extremely wet, was actually really fun... and winning wasn't bad either! Saturday night, I spent some time with "the Busteds" (aka. Me, Casey, Katie Mac, and Tramm) with a few others then went to sleep until Sunday.

Tripp, Woody, Charlie, Me, and Mom pre-game (and pre-rain) tailgating!

Sunday was extremely relaxed and well deserved. I hung out around the apartment (and napped) until it was time for Stingray practice. Practice was sensational! I had a great stunting, jumping, and tumbling night and even got to spend some quality time with a lot of great friends. After the short trip back to Athens, I headed to bed.

Monday was okay. Classes went pretty well and went by quickly. After class, I headed back to the apartment for an hour or so before heading back to campus for my advising appointment. I met with my adviser and we decided what classes would be best for my schedule for next semester (AND she agrees that taking 15+ hours and cheering is too much... but I have to follow Dad's rules). After the meeting, I was off to practice where Jackie and I were both in giggly moods. Conditioning kicked my butt (in a good way) and then I was off to AOPi to watch Gossip Girl (more like entertain myself while everyone else watched gossip girl) and have a heart to heart with Sarah Brinson. After the show, I was off to AXO with Amanda to see Taryn! A short walk later, it was pretty late and I needed to sleep! Back at the apt, I went straight to bed.

Today (Tuesday), I woke up feeling like poo. Soar throat, swollen tonsils, a headache, and chills almost kept me in bed. However, knowing that going to workouts would be the only way to get help from the trainers, I brushed my teeth and headed to the annex. Anish and Katie noted my symptoms and worked on getting an appointment for me at the health center while I did a light version of the day's workout. After the hour in the weight room, I found out there were no openings at the health center for today so I have an appointment for tomorrow and was told not to go to classes yesterday. I made my way back to the apartment and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at 8:15. I rolled over and woke up to a text message at 1:20. I definitely needed the rest! I hung around the apartment all day studying for my american history test, ate a little bit, and drank lots of fluids. I stopped by the pool for a little bit because it was such a nice day. As for right now, I'm taking a break from my studying to update my blog. I hope to get to sleep pretty good.

Until next time... hopefully tomorrow! Wish me luck on my test and my appointment!

Friday, September 25, 2009

a recap of the week.

My last post was on monday so let's pick it up from there!

Tuesday stated out pretty well but very early! I headed to workouts (which were especially NOT fun because I got in trouble for rolling my eyes at the training coach which DID NOT happen because I'm not in middle school) then back home to take a short nap before heading off to a day full of critiques!

In Color and Composition, we presented projects two and three (which Professor Moon likes to call Project Second and Project Third) and discussed the color and composition of each (imagine that!). We also discussed the balance, movement, and technique used in each piece. I was pleased with my work but could see the room for improvement on future projects. I've never really painted before so It's good that all my stuff is a work in progress (pun intended).

In 3D design, all the students (including myself) set up our finished designs and went around the room critiquing each piece individually. We focused on the basic idea of each project, the precision, cleanliness, shadows, relief, etc. I was very pleased with this project especially when my teacher said that it was narrative and graphic (PERFECT for my dream career - Animation). And here it is...

3D Design Project One:
A foam core grid based on the Little Mermaid.

After class, I headed to ATL to get a haircut at Siggers Salon in Atlanta. Lisa Green, a fellow UGA cheerleader's mom, did an amazing job on my hair and was so fun and talkative the whole time. I definitely would refer anyone to go see her! Lisa was helping a few other hair dressers with the hair for models for an upcoming show in New York. There were tall blonde girls everywhere!

After my haircut, I headed to Stingrays to see Green practice and get some tumbling in before heading over to Katie and King's house for Dinner... which was my favorite meal of all time - Kahlua Chicken! After a great time hanging out with the Harrison's, I was headed back to Athens.

Wednesday started out the same as Tuesday... Early! But practice was fun and we even got to running tumble (I'm sure Tramm and I were the only ones that were happy about that). After practice, I headed to History only to find out that it had been cancelled so I headed back to Rankin and met up with Tramm. We hung out for a little bit then I headed to Art History, then the seminar (where Rachel, Laura, Caitlin, Rhiannon and I colored mermaids), then Weather and Climate. After class, I headed back to the apartment to shower and get ready for an ice cream date with Amanda!

Ice cream was amazing (One dollar at Hodgen's Pharmacy at Five Points)! I enjoyed a cone of strawberry cheesecake chuck and Amanda got half peanut butter chocolate chunk and half cookies and cream. So yum! After ice cream, I hung around the AOPi with Amanda until after dinner (which was a yummy shrimp alfredo). Half a mile down Milledge, my next stop was KD to help Courtney with some art work. I had a great time NOT studying for the accounting test (because 1) I'm not in accounting. 2) everyone else is!) and being silly with Court until it was time to go to sleep.

Thursday was supposed to start early but I just happened to miss my alarm for work outs and got to sleep in until 10 for the first time in seriously... not joking... maybe three weeks. It was great! In classes, we started new projects (one based on butterflies and one based on touch). After class, I headed over to Alyssa's apartment and we hung out for a while, grabbed some chick-fil-a and did some hard core facebook stalking. Around nine, I headed over to AOPi to watch the premier of Grey's Anatomy with some friends, then headed over to the Staish to see some other friends before going back to my apartment with Katie Mac and Casey for a sleepover!

This morning, practice was okay. We ended practice with a twenty five minute run. Seth and I set an easy pace and spent the time chatting about life. Definitely helped the time pass! After practice, Casey and I headed to Waffle House (where she got oatmeal... and by oatmeal, I mean the allstar breakfast... and ate the whole thing). After that, it was off to class. Two classes later, I am currently in the art building updating my blog and listening to some new jams.

What's going on tonight? Appearance at a Nursing home, tanning bed, then joining up with the rest of the busteds (Casey, Katie Mac, and Tramm) for a movie night! Tomorrow? UGA vs. Arizona State! Can't wait to see my mom, Tripp, Woody, and Charlie! Speaking of mom... it's her birthday! So happy birthday to my mom. She's great.

I probably won't be posting until sunday. So until then...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I really need to step up my game with this whole "keeping my blog updated" thing. So here's a start!

Last time we talked, It was almost a week ago. Since then, a lot has gone down.


Classes were normal but semi-stressful because my projects would be due in both classes the next time we would meet. After classes, I don't remember what I did because that was so long ago. Most likely eating, sleeping, tv, etc.


Classes were great, nothing too crazy or exciting. After class, I headed to Atlanta to my sister and brother-in-law's house for a family gathering in honor of my mother's birthday! It was super great to see everyone (even Katy and Dan's dog, Roxxi, who had just gone under the knife to get her ACL repaired... but i think it was removed or something? Katy - feel free to explain). I even got some shopping done! New tubberware from Katy and flatware (and an AWESOME Celine Dion book) from mom were on the ride back with me to Athens that evening.

Jackie and I at the UGA vs. Arkansas football game!


I woke up at nine in the morning, showered, and got ready to head to Arkansas for my first travel game of the year! A bus ride to Atlanta, a flight to Arkansas, an amazing game, a ride to the airport, a flight to Atlanta, and a bus ride to Athens later, we arrived at six a.m. on sunday and I. WAS. EX. HAUST. TED. Seriously. I think exhausted is an understatement. I've never been so tired. But it was totally worth it to defeat the Razorbacks! I guess this section covers part of sunday so...

Remainder of Sunday:

I went directly to sleep once returning to my apartment. Three hours later, my alarm went off and I was up and adam! After a quick shower, I headed to Marietta to help Erica celebrate her eighteenth birthday! Brunch was served at the Levy's house and it was delicious! So much fun seeing everyone! After the crowd was gone, I began studying for my art history test. Up next on the checklist was Brandon's birthday dinner at Outback then Stingrays to watch Orange/Smoke practice and then I had practice with Rust! Tumbling actually went pretty well for me, being so tired and the lack of sleep. After practice, I was headed back to Athens for more studying before heading to bed.

Monday (aka. Today):

I skipped my first class (oops! I really needed sleep and I knew nothing was going on today. Plus! we are allowed five absences. I really needed to take one). I woke up around ten, got ready, and headed out for the day. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but my outfit today totally rocked. Light blue Columbia PFG shirt with khaki cargo shorts and duck boots. I would have taken a picture BUT by the time my longggggg day was over, I was COMPLETELY saturated with rain water. Anyway, Art History test was amazing. I think I did really well. After that, I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for my 3D design project (and a coloring book!). After my adventure, I was back on campus for Weather & Climate. After that, it was straight to the Lamar Dodd building to do work on my art project! I finished (pictures tomorrow) just in time to get my materials to my car (dryly) and get to practice. Practice went well and conditioning felt good. Jackie and I have become quite the stunters! After practice, it was straight to the apartment for more art work and Rachel Zoe project... I also ate a yummy pizza!

As of right now, I am headed to bed because I'm tired and I have to be at workouts at seven! Yippie! Goodnight.

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I can not believe it's been almost a week since my last update! I guess that's what happens when life gets stressful and days become too short to get everything done...

Let's venture back to Friday. Friday was a good day. Classes went really well and I thought I did amazingly on my Weather and Climate test. After classes, I got a chance to hang out with Casey at her house then get together with Megan and Tiffany later that night. We even had a slumber party!

Saturday, I woke up semi early (around nine thirty) and got ready for the big day - GAME DAY! I started out the day with a tailgate on Broad Street with Amanda, Megan, and Amanda's extended family. It was great to relax and have a few snacks before starting the hectic schedule! After picking up my raffle tickets (that I left at my apartment), I headed to the coliseum to meet with the team and get the cheering started! Pictures, tailgates, ice cream, dawg walk, warm ups, and a five hour game later - I had helped cheer the Bulldogs to a victory against the South Carolina Gamecocks! And even got some TV time! After that game, I was completely exhausted and headed home to shower before hanging out with some friends (including Katie Mac and Jackie) over at the Station (a group of houses off Milledge).

Amanda, Seth, (a little bit of Jackie) and I on ESPN2!

Sunday, the day started when Jackie and I woke up and headed a few houses down to Alex's house! Whitney had slept over so we had a super fun time quoting youtube videos and such in Alex's bed. After much discussion, we decided to head to Five Guy's Burgers and Fries for lunch! A cheeseburger and fries later, my grease limit had been reached. Dang! I still owe Jackie for covering my meal because I had left my wallet in my car. We left downtown and dropped Alex off at KD, dropped Jackie at her car, and Whitney and I headed to the mall in search of a dress she had seen at the game (and a red belt to go with it). We didn't find the dress but found a different one that Whitney really liked... and even discovered a neon cosmic putt-putt golf course in the mall! We're definitely planning on going back and playing a round sometime soon. Whitney dropped me off at my car and I got to work on laundry, painting, and reading. Pretty soon, it was seven thirty and Zack, Amanda, Megan, and I were off to Stingrays for open practice! Practice went well and we were back in Athens by one. I headed straight to bed!

Monday was kinda boring. Nothing exciting in any of my classes... we didn't even get our tests back in Weather and Climate! After class, I headed back to the apartment to get some work done before practice. Practice was good, nothing too exciting. Oh! I had to sit out because I had cut my finger with a knife. Oops. But it's getting better, don't worry! After practice, Taryn and I couldn't walk again (via rain) so I headed back home for homework and Rachel Zoe project with Zack and his friend Becky. After that, I was in da bed!

Tuesday started super early for work outs. Due to my cut, I couldn't lift weights, so I spent my morning completing 4,000+ strides on the elliptical. My legs were pretty tired but I had a paper to write so I didn't get my usual nap in before heading to class. Color and Composition went well and I still had to work on my paper so I opted out of 3D design for the day. Paper complete and it was time for Katy to be here! As soon as Katy arrived, we went on an adventure to see all the places Katy lived during her four years at UGA. That was so fun and brought back lots of memories for both of us (and Katy gave me some good tips on restaurants, etc). After the tour (scenic, by choice, I might add), Katy and I took a trip to the K-Roger for groceries for dinner! An hour or so later, Katy and I were feasting on a delicious meal of Lemon Tilapia, Broiled Asparagus, and Long Grain Rice. Dinner was topped off with a little bit of frozen yogurt! After watching Flipping Out on Bravo, Katy and I brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

This morning, Wednesday, Katy and I woke up with Coffee, got ready for the day and headed off to get breakfast with one of Katy's long time friends, Kate! Breakfast at Mama's Boy right off of downtown was so great! I enjoyed a bacon, egg, and cheese scrambler with a side of grits and a biscuit. After breakfast, I had to hurry over to the Rankin Student Athlete center to print off my paper before heading to History. Four classes later, classes were over and I was headed back to my APT for a nice long nap and a little bit of laundry. Next up was practice. Then GLEE at Rachel's (which was SO much fun). Then headed to AOPi to hang out with Amanda, Audrey, Alli, Sarah, and Callan (also so much fun)! After that, back the apartment for a shower and to update my blog. Last up for the day, I'm going to sleep (:

Until tomorrow... or next time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Let's traveling back in time to Tuesday, shall we?

Work outs were blah. The funny thing is that I am actually trying hard in the weight room (pushing myself to higher weights, using proper technique, having a positive attitude, etc.). If I remember correctly, I power cleaned 110 pounds and squatted (25 x 2 + 45 x 2 + 45...) ...that can't be right! There is no way I squatted 185! But I guess I did.

After napping, showering, getting ready for the day, etc., I did some reading and headed to class... but I picked up Caitlin on the way!

In color and composition, I completed one (of four) of my project two pieces, a project based around mixing our own colors.

It's even semi-Asian!

In 3D design, I continued to work on my foam core (AHHHH!) project. I think Katy will like this especially. I wouldn't say it was my inspiration, but it kind of reminds me of an Eric Carle character!

After class, I headed back to my apartment for just a few minutes before changing clothes and heading to cheer on the UGA Volleyball team!

The Dawgs defeated Prespiterian College in four matches! It was so much fun getting to cheer with Casey, Katie, Allyson, Seth, Allison, Bria, and Amanda. I'm definitely going to miss having all-girl groups on my side at football games (we split into Coed and All-girl teams).

After the game, I hung out with Jackie, Whitney, Elizabeth Pishal, and Courtney for a while before heading to bed.

Wednesday was a pretty long day. Four classes in a row = not fun for someone that is hungry! American History went well. Art History was great. Art Seminar was slightly entertaining (thanks in part to Rachel Harrington). And in Weather & Climate, we got our pop quizzes back! I got a 90%. We have a test in that class tomorrow!

After class, I headed back to the apartment, SCARFED down an entire margherita pizza, and got ready for practice!

Practice was fairly intense (as it should be... we have our first home game on Saturday!!). Jackie and I did really well with our stunting and even had a little bit of fun joking around and dancing to a CD that I burned for practice.

After practice, (after canceling my walk with Taryn via rain) I headed over to Rachel Nielson's house to watch "Glee" (a.k.a. my new favorite show times a trillion). It was so great. I can't get over it.

Once the show was over, I made my way to KD to help with Arts & Crafts night! I had a great time hanging out with Whitney, Jackie, Kelley, and Mackenzie basically just being silly, painting, and eating pokey sticks.

Back at the apartment, I had a few Arts & Crafts projects of my own to complete and once they were done... I was in the bed!

This morning, Thursday, I had work outs again. I hang snatched (I think that is what those are called) 95 pounds and benched 155 pounds. That's almost as much as I weigh! Pretty impressed with myself (and pretty sore!).

After getting back to my bed for a short nap and getting ready for the day, I headed over to Sigma Kappa to pick up Rhiannon and then headed to class.

In Color & Composition, I continued mixing colors and get a lot of work done on number two of four of my pieces for project two. In 3D design, I continued working with the wretched foam core. After class, I had to book it back to the apartment to get ready for the cheer dinner at the Country Club!

The dinner (Salmon, Asparagus, Potatoes, some kind of Beef, and Key Lime Pie) was amazing! After our meal, the DJ started playing some tunes and we all got up and did the Cupid Shuffle, the Electric Slide, and the Cha Cha Slide! So much fun bonding with my team mates outside of practice... and in cute clothes!

After the dinner, I headed back to the APT to get some studying done before heading over to Emily Wirt's to watch "Project Runway." I didn't pay much attention to the show but I had a great time hanging out with Emily, Heather, Will, Scott, and Elizabeth.

Currently, I am back in my room and taking a study break to update my blog (obviously). I finished all my book readings (for Weather & Climate) and I am about to go tackle "Anne Orthwood's Bastard" for American History (well, at least some of it). I might need a snack too!

Until tomorrow... or most likely, Sunday! BIG WEEKEND!

Monday, September 7, 2009

the end of labor day weekend.

And I wondered what was keeping me awake... I haven't updated my blog!

So Sunday started fairly late (to my pleasure) as I rolled out of bed and made my way to the living room. I'm actually fairly confused about what happened on which day because today is Monday but it definitely feels like a Sunday, so please bare with me. Sunday... Oh yeah! I ate a lunch of cheeseburgers and fries with my family then quickly changed into my bathing suit and headed outside for a long day out by the pool!

The hours rolled by and the sun arched across the sky until soon enough, it was time to prepare dinner! If you know me, (don't let the cookies fool you) I'm not much of a chef. So Becca and I were pondering, "what craft could we make?" I suggested tie dying t-shirts and it was definitely a hit! After being joined by one of Ben and Becca's friends, Kern, we headed to Wal-Mart to get the supplies!

Dinner was served prior to the arts & crafts time. I enjoyed grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, and cheese cake for dinner and it was simply amazing. I enjoyed every last bite. But then... It was tie dye time!

Ben, Becca, Kern, and I loaded on the bug spray and headed out to the backyard to start getting psychedelic! After spinning, rubber banding, and dying, the shirts sit for six to eight hours wrapped in plastic wrap so we definitely had some time to kill.

I get a text from Troy and a call from Rachel and as soon as I know it, I'm being picked up by Josh and headed to a get together at Lane and Joel's house! It was great to see some old friends from Columbus and even a few Stingray friends that happened to be in town! Special shout outs to Brantley, Josh, Rachel, Brett, Troy, Bill, Cortney, Amy... I think that's all. Let's just say, if I saw you, it was great to see you!

Back at home, I had a quick snack (chips and dip, I think) and headed to bed!

The next day (today/Monday), I was waking up at Lunch was being served! Grilled chicken with provolone and grilled sweet potatoes were on the menu and in my tummy! Another great meal prepared by Tripp. After eating, the tie dye shirts from the night before were revealed!

front and back views of the masterpieces! so much fun.
(I guess I make up for Ben's lack of posing ability)

After showering and packing, it was on the road to ATL with Ben and Becca. Once at Ben's apartment, I grabbed my keys and was on my way back to Athens! I made it back in just under and hour and ten minutes. I jammed out to my new mix CD the whole time.

Once back in Athens, Zack and I headed to Wal-Mart for some groceries. After hitting up Wally World, Zack and I visited Chickfila for the free chicken sandwich deal they had going on. If you missed it, I'm sorry!

After unloading the car, it was study time! Well, Zack studied but I read Anne Orthwood's Bastard, a required reading for my American History class. Once I had gotten my ration of reading, I was back in the living room and ready for this week's new episode of the Rachel Zoe project. Ashley came over to join Zack and me for the show and during commercial breaks, I did a little stretching and worked on my body positions (I EVEN DID A SCORPION).

As of right now, I should be sleeping. I have to be at the coliseum tomorrow at seven a.m. for morning workouts and let's just say, I'm not looking forward to being up that early.

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

labor day weekend... thus far!

Friday morning started when the sun shined through my window and I awoke feeling energized and ready for the day to begin! But due to the fact that my alarm had about an hour an a half before alarming, I went back to sleep.

In American History, I accidentally corrected my professor but he played along (to my relief) and even made fun of me, a little. We are continuing the learn about the Virginia and Massachusetts Companies of the New World.

In Art History, we had a short lecture then a pop quiz that was a writing assignment comparing "David" by Bernini and "Las Meninas" by Velasquez. It was an open notes quiz and with the help of my notes (and Rhiannon's - which was totally allowed!), I think I did really well!

In Weather & Climate, we continued learning about Energy and how it can be absorbed, scattered or reflected throughout the atmosphere. Some of these ideas are slightly confusing but I hope to get a better grasp on them through the readings and future lectures.

After class, I headed back to the apartment and prepared for the Volleyball match that I would be cheering later that evening. I also worked on some laundry and packed a bag for the long weekend!

At six, I left my apartment, picked up Katie Mac, and headed to the Ramsey Center for the Volleyball match. Four games later, the UGA volleyball team was defeated by Duke's Volleyball team but it was a great night and everyone played really hard. When we were dismissed, I grabbed a piece of pizza and was on my way to Marietta!

In Marietta, I got to spend time with Christie and her family (aka. pretty much my family), Lindsey, and a few new friends! We made strawberry dip, laughed, and had an all around good time before I passed out on the floor with a pillow.

This morning, Saturday, we slept in until around eleven thirty to bagels with creme cheese (my favorite breakfast of all time... so Jewish!). After eating, we took turns showering and getting ready for the day. Christie, Lindsey, and their friends were headed out to the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game at the Dome and I was headed to my brother, Ben's, apartment then off to Columbus with Ben and his girlfriend, Becca.

Once in Columbus, Ben, Becca, and I headed to St. Francis Hospital to visit my step dad, Tripp. He had some complications from a surgery the previous week but everything is fine now and he is back at home!

My mom and I enjoyed Zenzation Zalads (YUM) for dinner then I decided to bake some cookies! Anna, although you were missed, my cookies might give you a run for your money! During the baking process, I discussed names for children with my mom. I, officially, call dibs on the name Amelia Estelle for my daughter.

Cookies made with the recipe from the back of the White Chocolate Chip bag (:

Currently, Ben, Becca, and I are watching "Iron Giant" and relaxing. Tomorrow's plan? Not too sure but I'd love to have some good weather out by the pool!

Until tomorrow... (or next time).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

tues. wed. thurs.

So Strappy just reminded me that I haven't posted in a few days! Thanks Strappy (:

So Tuesday, I had workouts at seven in the morning (I know - SO EARLY) but I pushed through for the hour then headed back to my apartment for a short power nap before waking up and preparing for the long day!

After waking up, I started putting the finishing touches on my art projects that were due that day in my Color and Composition class. I showered and got ready for the day and was on my way to class!

In Color and Composition, we posted all four of our pieces on the wall. I, not purpose, put mine at the end of the the wall, on the far right. As we went down the line, I got really nervous about my critique because everyone else's pieces were so detailed, intricate, and formed abstract space. However, when it was finally my turn, everyone had really positive comments about how the simplicity was refreshing and simple. One of my class mates said that my collection was her favorite! It was definitely a weight off my shoulders after my teacher gave great comments about the direction, motion, balance, and space of each of the drawings!

Draft 2 (of 4) of my horizontal line drawing!

After Color and Compositions, I headed to 3D design where I got a ton of work done on my "The Little Mermaid" inspired project. Working with foam core has been pretty challenging but I've enjoyed using the power tools and seeing everyone else's work during the meetings at the end of every class period.

Some of my 3D designs with the traitorous foam core!

Tuesday night, I met up with my friend Reece at a restaurant downtown Athens called Thai Spoon. This was my first experience with Thai food and I was very impressed! I loved the peanut flavor in my pad thai dish. I ate it all! After dinner, Reece and I took a short trip to Agora (thrift store located in downtown Athens) then said our goodbyes and I headed off to my next adventure!

The next adventure? Karaoke night at Shokitini with the members of 10 North (aka. ION) of Russell Hall last year! So Jessie, Sarah, Emily, Kaley, Stacey, Chelsea, Jordan, Ansley, and I enjoyed a night of singing and dancing to 'Nsync, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson! So much fun being reunited with new and old friends. Pictures from that should be on facebook soon!

Wednesday, classes went by pretty quickly (including quizzes in History and Weather & Climate). After class, I headed back to my apartment for a short nap. I set my alarm for 5 o'clock. I woke up the natural way, FRANTICLY, at 6:45! I had to be in the coliseum and ready to go at seven! I was so frazzled. But I made it to practice on time and practice actually went really well! Good job, Jacqueline!

Thursday (today), I woke up at 6:20 and headed to the annex for another hour of weight pumping action! After that (miserable) hour, I headed back to the apartment for a power nap (similar fashion to Tuesday) before getting ready for the day.

In Color and Composition, we started project number two. This project will include four pieces that show the same building (in an abstract way) using different color schemes. I worked pretty hard on some different designs and got good feedback from my teacher.

In 3D design, I (and the rest of my class) continued working with the foam core. Nothing too exciting.

After class, I headed back to the apartment, made some pasta, ate the pasta, and changed clothes to go tumble at Force! Tumbling went pretty well (lots of sweat). After tumbling, I was back at the apartment to get ready for Project Runway night with Emily and Catherine!

Project Runway was pretty intense. Catherine, Emily, and I joined a few (more like 15) others at a girl named Amelia's (LOVE that name) house. It was great meeting some new friends.

Currently, I'm back at the apartment and I am watching "Watch What Happens L!ve" with Andy Cohen on Bravo. Dear Andy Cohen, I want to be best friends. I hope you read my blog. Doubtful. But I can hope.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hooray! And until then...

Monday, August 31, 2009


today seemed to fly by really fast, but not as fast as my hand flew over my paper in all three of my classes today!

so classes went well, nothing too serious, just a lot of note taking.

after classes, I came home and took a short nap before practice.

practice went well, for the most part, but Jackie was sick so she did as much as she could then I got to stunt a little bit with Paige and work on some running and standing tumbling.

as of now, I'm eating my little heart out while finishing my art project.

the Rachel Zoe Project is on and I'm also watching that.

eeh, I don't feel like blogging anymore today.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh, the weekend.

I guess I should start with Thursday due to the fact that Thursday is where I left off...

So Thursday started at six in the morning when I moaned to myself as I turned off my alarm and prepared for a very long day. Workouts went well, I got to work out with Tram and Casey Denney. Obviously, we had a fun time. After workouts, I headed back to my apartment for a little nap before heading to class.

Color and Composition went well, for the most part. We had a presentation on shape and color and I was one of the only persons in my class to speak up and answer questions... I guess that's the cheerleader in me. Once the presentation was complete, We continued working on our line drawings. When I thought I had finished my first one, I began erasing the pencil marks from the paper when I smudged the pen ink ALL OVER my work. So I started over. So annoying.

In 3D design, we were given an orientation on the work room and how to use all of the machinery. After spending two weeks in the class without being able to use the room, I can understand how much easier everything will be now that we can. I look forward to getting a little dusty with the saws and sanders!

After class I gave Rhiannon a ride back to the Sigma Kappa house then headed back to my apartment. After a few hours of being bored and doing nothing, I got ready and headed out to meet my friend Chad for dinner. Dinner was great but I was totally exhausted by the end of the day so I went right how and went to sleep.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I got a call during 3D design that I would be drug tested the following morning (Friday) and six. So Friday morning, my alarm went off at FIVE A.M. and I sat up in the bed and tears fell from my eyes (figuratively). But I pushed through and peed in a cup. The good thing is that I was first in line and I had an hour to sleep before practice started at seven.

Practice went pretty well and I was off to Rankin (Student Athlete Center) to get in some reading before heading to classes. Classes were, in all, pretty boring for the day. Pauly let us out a little bit early. The rain was definitely a bummer, especially since I didn't have an umbrella. But it was Friday and after Weather & Climate... I was home free!

After class, I had a short appearance at a retirement home (which was very fun and personally rewarding. I like to think of doing things like that as earning brownie points of life). I headed back to my apartment and after a couple of hours, Erica was here!

Erica and I enjoyed our night hanging out with lots of new and old friends and having a fun night in Athens. She even got to experience Pokey Sticks (an Athens area favorite food).

Saturday started out pretty late when Erica and I woke up and kind of lolligagged around the apartment until she had to leave and head back to Marietta. After about ten minutes, A few friends headed over and we ventured to the pool to catch some rays.

So Whitney, Jackie, Emily, Banks, Taryn, Mary, Kendall, Steph, Zack, Ashley and I were all laying out by the pool when before we knew it... The Loft (a bar in Athens) set up a tent and had a DJ was spinnin' tracks! It was lots of fun until two and a half hours later, I decided I'd had too much sun and I said by ados to my friends and headed back inside.

I made plans to hang out with Casey and Trammell for Saturday night and, obviously, we had a great time.

As for today, I spent my entire day hanging out with Casey. For the most part, we were extremely silly and loud all day. In my opinion, the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

As for right now, I am watching Center Stage at the apartment with Zack and Caitlin. I plan on heading to bed soon, tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tuesday and wednesday.

Yesterday, Tuesday started at nine forty five when my alarm went off and I woke up wondering if I had really woken up at six a.m. for workouts or not. As it turns out, I had woken up that early and I did attend workouts from seven to eight. After working hard for an hour in the annex, I came back to the apartment for a little nap before getting up and getting ready for the school day.

Color & Composition went really well. I finally decided which four drafts (out of 24) I am going to use for my line project due next Tuesday. I worked on my horizontal line drawing until it was time to change classes. Expect pictures tomorrow!

In 3D design, I attempted to make a star (similar to a chinese star lantern... but only half) out of foam core. In the end (about two hours later), it didn't turn out so hot BUT Professor Hwangbo was impressed with my idea and wants me to continue working on it. It's a good think I have over a month to finish this project!

After class, I just hung out around the apartment until Zack invited me on a tumbling date to Force. I accepted, obviously, and worked on standing fulls and lots of other skills around the gym for about an hour.

I hopped in the shower and got ready to go over to meet a few friends at KD. I packed a bag because I was invited to spend the night, and I did! I had a great time hanging out with the big group of girls.

This morning, I woke up to my alarm and showed at KD then headed out for the day!

In American History, I took over two pages of notes on the Tutor family (and friends). This included details on births, deaths, children, cousins, countries, religions, etc. My right hand was exhausted!

In Art History (to which I was late... again), we continued covering the baroque period, including a sculpture of Saint Teresa found in some church (I'll know the real information after a little more studying).

In the Art seminar, we were assigned seats (well, we picked a seat and then it was assigned to us... so I guess we assigned ourselves to a seat). After that was taken care of, we watched two slide shows: one covering the galleries of the Lamar Dodd building, the other covering the Art History major (a.k.a. no thanks).

In Weather & Climate, we finished the group project we started last week then had a short lecture over the atmosphere. Not very interesting but I took good notes and stayed awake (not that I've fallen asleep yet, just throwing it out there).

After class, I walked back to my car, which felt good to get in a little exercise. Back at the apartment, I made lunch (left over pizza and a sandwich) then relaxed and watched TV before heading to UGA cheer practice.

At practice, Jackie and I did a lot better with stunting! After stunting, we had a conditioning circuit that almost kicked my butt. I definitely got in my work out... and soaked my shirt!

After practice, I met up with BFF Taryn and we went on a walk around campus and caught up with each other... even though it had only been two days. I even got to see a few other AXOs after our walk!

Currently, I am 100% dreading waking up early tomorrow. Not fun. But... I'm going to grab something to eat and shower before calling Erica and heading to bed.

Well, until tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

monday number two of my second freshman year.

The alarm went off this morning at eight forty five and I think I went back to sleep for about thirty second after turning off my alarm. However (and luckily), I got out of bed and into the shower after a night of sleeping no so well.

To my first class of the day, History, I was a few minutes late. Eek! But I made up for it by speaking up in class during a discussion about how England became such a power country during the 1400's. I'm a historian.

In Art History, we continued learning about paintings during the baroque period of England. I kind of felt like I was getting more of a bible study... but I took good notes and understood where Professor Pauly was coming from.

During my hour break before Weather & Climate, I chilled out in the Lamar Dodd art building and facebook stalked. Not too exciting but definitely not stressful.

In weather and climate, we went over the sun and how it effects the come and go of the seasons, some inverse cosine law, and began a group project. I worked with a boy and two girls but I don't quite remember their names. Oops. After class... I was home free! Well, kinda.

It was time to run some errands! First stop? The Loft. The Loft (noun): a totally modern and artsy art supply store found on Baxter street in Athens, Ga. Luckily, most of my supplies were in a pre-made bag so I paid for my goods and was on my way! Next stop? Office Max! I needed one binder and some dividers so it was a quick trip. Last stop before heading to the apartment was Publix. A few meals and odds and ends and I was out the door and headed back to the apartment.

After unloading everything, I made a sandwich and began a little relaxation time. I found a "Make It or Break It" (television series on ABC family about gymnasts) marathon and was stuck to the TV. Five thirtyish rolled around and I was out the door and headed to cheerleading practice.

All-girl practiced for the first hour and luckily I was there to fill in for Katy when she had to leave early. Coed practiced the second hour and I didn't do very well with my stunting (sorry Jackie). But work outs start tomorrow so I'll be pumping iron and getting stronger! We conditioned at the end of practice and I was thoroughly drenched in sweat when walking back to my car.

As we had planned, I met up with Taryn at Alpha Chi and we went on a little walk to get a little bit of exercise while catching up on each others lives. I seriously don't know what I'd do without Taryn and her sense of humor that matches perfectly with mine! We plan to walk again Wednesday night.

As for now, I'm dreading waking up early but I'm really not that tired or sleepy. A little snack might help though!

Until tomorrow. and wait!

2009-2010 UGA Cheerleaders
(the poster I talked about!)
Jackie and I are the sixth couple from the left.


weekend recap... holla!

Where do I even begin?

Friday morning, I woke up around nine, got ready, blah. Classes went well (other than History going over by six minutes... causing me to be late to Art History). But I was happy when they were over! Hooray!

After class, I headed back to the apartment to get ready for a small get together that Zack and I put together. I had a few friends come over (shout outs to Mary, Amanda, Blaire, Matthew V. Rost, Tayler, and Clint) but it was mostly Zack's friends, which is totally fine too! We all had a lot of fun.

Saturday, I woke up pretty late... around eleven thirty and started getting ready for poster signing day! I picked up Alli from AOPi and Katie and Anna from the dorms and we headed to the stadium. The day went really well although it's kind of weird to think of how many people have a picture of me hanging in their office/home. Jackie and I were talking about that today. Anyway... I'll try to get a picture of the poster on here sometime soon!

After poster signing ended, I went back to C-Well with Katie Mac! Along with her "person," David, we watched Mamma Mia on TV and got ready for the family cheer dinner. It was weird being back at Creswell (dorm that I lived in last year) because it didn't even feel like the same place anymore. Weird.

At the cheer dinner, I sat at a table with other cheerleaders who's parents couldn't make it to the dinner (except for Katie's mom, Suze, snuck into the mix). Dinner was great and I really enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up!

After the dinner, I was off to KD to see Madeline and Courtney! It was great hanging out with them (and by hanging out, I mean they slept and I sat there). We have plans to get together again on Tuesday night! Yay!

After my stay at Kappa Delta, I headed over to Megan Trammel and Tiffany Burgess's house to hang out for the night. Casey Denney and Katie Mac were thrown into the group and we headed off to Kelly and Lauren Med's house. After some chit chatting, we were joined by a few football players. It was definitely a fun night!

This morning, I woke up around eleven and sat around doing nothing for most of the late morning and early afternoon. I got a call from Jackie and she decided to come over to the pool! As she headed over, I got started on washing some clothes. The pool was very fun despite the fact that Jackie and I got none of our reading done... oops. After the pool, Jackie stayed for a little bit and we found out that Heather (friend and ZTA with Jackie) made the Dance Team for UGA!

Jackie peaced out and I continued with the laundry until sevenish rolled around and I decided that I needed to eat before practice! So I did. Then I went to practice. Then I came back. And now I am tired of blogging and I am going to sleep. Goodnight!

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a quick post!

Today went pretty well. I have my first morning cheer practice for the year tomorrow at SEVEN a.m. so I'm going to make this a quick post and then hit the hayyyy.
  • woke up at nine forty five.
  • ate some left over pizza from last night.
  • took a quick shower.
  • drove to parking deck/found a spot (on the fifth/top level).
  • went to color/composition.
  • started first project. my teacher (Moon Jing Jang) really liked my ideas. Score.
  • small break between classes - hit up the computer lab.
  • went to 3D design with Rhionion (aka. Rhiannon).
  • kinda got an orientation on the different places we would be working with materials.
  • presented my "industry produced object" to the class. Little Mermaid snow globe. Totally rocked.
  • Imi Hwangbo (teacher) presented a slide show of some of her works. She is 100% a rockstar. Ben (or Becca to point out to Ben) you must check out her website. You'll love her stuff. Especially the stuff under "New Work."
  • Went back to the apartment.
  • Bought used textbooks online. Five books for under sixty five dollars... I'd call that a success.
  • Put new stickers on my car! Thanks mom for mailing me that Vineyard Vines whale!
  • Ate dinner. A chicken sandwich and a bowl of soup. Rocked.
  • Headed over to Emily/Scott/Catherine's apartment for Project Runway premier. Hung out with lots of new/old friends.
  • Currently, I am back at the apartment and heading to bed.
Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

august ninteenth two thousand and nine.

I woke up today at nine and I realized a little too late that I was going to be a little late. I hurried through my normal morning routine and was out the door by nine thirty knowing that I had to get to the parking deck in east campus, find a spot, jump on a bus, and get to north campus by 10:10! Stressful... but I made it work!

My first lecture in American History was a success! Mr. Lawton went through the beginning of human development in the Americas up until the first introduction of "white man" to the new world. I took great notes and plan to continue in the same fashion for the remainder of the semester. With fifteen minutes to get to my next class... I was out the door and off to the bus stop in no time!

American history went well, I was about thirty seconds late but my professor seems super awesome. It's the second semester of Art History and she is very lenient with memorizing dates and such (thank goodness). Another amazing part of this class, the final is not cumulative! Meaning: no memorizing hundreds of flash cards right before summer! So that's a weight off my shoulders. Her name? Mrs. Pauly. We'll get along just fine (:

After Art History, I jumped on a bus with Rhiannon to the SLC for the Art Seminar. After receiving two pieces of paper upon my arrival into a large lecture hall, I found a seat near Caitlin and Rachel (best friends and fellow art majors). As the lights dimmed and the speeches began, I got a little tired but fought the urge to nod off to sleep! The class let out a little early which worked out for me because I had to book it to the geography and geology building for my first Weather and Climate class!

Weather and Climate went well but it was a lot of notes! I'm probably going to have to work pretty hard in that class but that's okay because I do that in every class! I enjoyed the lecture and the little things I learned about UV rays, radiation, the atmosphere, etc. After Weather and Climate, I got on my last bus for the day and headed back to my car.

Back at the apartment, I started looking up used books online. I think I'm going to be able to get all my books for under 60 dollars! I'd call that a bargain. However... that doesn't include art supplies. Eek. After my research, I moseyed around the apartment doing not much of anything. I was out the door around six and headed to my first cheer practice under Coach Ben.

Practice went amazingly! Jackie and I worked really hard on stunts and the conditioning at the end of practice definitely left me feeling like I'd accomplished something. Jackie, Alli, and I also found out that we will be flying to the Arkansas game in September! So exciting. I look forward to the remainder of the season!

As of right now, Amanda Beans (best friend from cheerleading in past years) just left the apartment. She was over and hanging out for a little bit. It was great to catch up on each others lives. Not too long ago, I made a frozen pizza and ate half of it. I'm pretty tired and heading to bed soon. Nighty night!

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second Year Freshman.

Yesterday started at exactly eight fifteen when my alarm went off. I had slept amazingly well and was super excited about the day ahead of me so I popped out of bed and into the shower! After picking out a cute outfit and grabbing a breakfast bar, I was out the door and on a mission! First stop: Parking Services.

I had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes at the Parking Services department in East Campus before receiving my blue parking permit for the E05 parking deck. Super exciting... and slightly expensive. After collecting my prize, I headed for the closest bus stop and hopped on an East Campus Express bus. I was on my way to my first class of my second year at UGA when suddenly a biker came out of no where and slammed right into the side of the bus! Okay, that didn't actually happen but I had to make sure you're paying attention. I arrived at Pre-Civil War American History a little early and sat patiently for the teacher to come in. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Lawton (I think that's his name) as he went over the syllabus and got a little overwhelmed when he got a little teary eyed when he started talking about reading a hand written draft (by Jefferson... I think?) of the constitution. I guess he really loves his history. Class got out a little early and I headed to my next class, Art History II.

So I never actually made it to class (due to bus confusion) but I saw my friend Rhiannon walking out of the building and knew that she was in my art history class so I inquired what happened in class? She said that the teacher (who "seems cool") just went over the syllabus (which is online) and let them go early! So I was done for the day! I took Rhiannon back to the Sigma Kappa house and was on my way to the apartment.

Back at the apartment, I stalked oasis (the website used for class scheduling at UGA) for an open class that would a) fit my schedule and b) work into my required classes. No luck. Soon enough, it was time for Bid Day with the TRIOTAS and Alex headed over to prepare the apartment for all our new babies. I would write about the night's activities but that's top secret III stuff so... sorry.

After Alex and all the new triotas left, I headed over to my friend Clint's new house. I got a quick tour of the new place and met all his room mates before settling down on the couch and watching a little television. Millionaire Matchmaker, Dating in the Dark, and some show about Hoarders were all in the mix. It got pretty late so I decided to say my goodbyes to Clint and head back to the apartment to get ready for my second day of class... Today!

This morning, my alarm went off at nine fifteen and I threw on my flip flops, brushed my teeth and headed out the door to meet Jess at my storage unit. Jess (friend and fellow cheerleader) drives a truck and agreed to helping me move my futon from my storage unit to my apartment (because my futon definitely ain't fitting in Flow). So that took about twenty-ish minutes and I was back at my apartment (I almost said dorm! ha!) by ten. I showered, picked out a cute outfit, grabbed a cereal bar and was out the door by ten forty. First class of the day: Color and Composition with Moon Jing Jang (I think?). Class went my pretty smoothly. Mrs. Jang went over the syllabus with examples/explanations along the way and we were let out of class very early.

I was walking about the Lamar Dodd art building when I ran into Rhiannon and Carolyne at almost the exact same time! I hung out with both of them for a little while then decided to head to the Sigma Kappa house with Rhiannon for lunch. At the house, I enjoyed some barbeque chicken with a side salad and glass of water. After lunch, I got a quick peek at Rhiannon's room before heading back the the Lamar Dodd for 3D design.

With Rhiannon as a class mate, I met Imi Swangbo (I think that's her name) and was introduced to a world of deciding if art was objective or subjective. I, along with the rest of the class, decided that it's a complex mixture of both. Yet again, we went over the syllabus and we let out a little early. On the way to the car, I had a good, long chat with my grandmother on my dad's side about the first few days of class and gave her my new address - KA-CHING!

Back at the apartment, I finally got my schedule figured out! I am now taking Weather and Climate to help satisfy Dad's amount of hours per semester qualification and one of my two science requirements. Very exciting!

After a good while of doing nothing but watching an old cycle of ANTM on TV, I decided to make dinner (a lean cuisine). Ashley Schick (mutual friend of Zack and me) headed over for dinner because they were planning on going to Force (local cheerleading gym) for the UGA club competitive team practice. I decided to join them and get a little tumbling in. I had a great tumbling night! Toe fulls were probably one of the best accomplishments.

As of right now, I'm updating my blog and doing nothing else. I'm considering making at PB sandwich and watching some television. Nothing too exciting.

Well, until tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my last day of summer 2009.

After posting earlier this morning, I showered and dressed quickly before heading to lunch with Zack and Ashley Schick at Inoko Express. I ordered the hibachi chicken and planned on saving half of it for dinner but I ended up eating it all (oops).

Back at the apartment, I didn't really do anything. At all. I took a little trip to Academy to find a water bottle (that they didn't have) and Barnes & Noble for a daily planner (which I got). I planned on going to Publix for groceries but I was overcome with a rush of laziness and went back to the apartment.

Time dragged by and soon enough it was time for the cheer meeting. Thinking that the meeting started at seven, I left my apartment and headed to Tram's house for a few minutes but then found out that the meeting actually started at seven thirty. So I spent a little more time watching Tram clean while listening to the Tarzan soundtrack that I was planning on.

At the meeting, we met (or re-met) our interim coach... BEN! So glad to have him back. A lot of details about the season are still unclear, but I definitely look forward to the upcoming season!

After the meeting, Alli, Jackie, and I headed to Chili's for dinner. We all split queso for an appetizer, I had chicken alfredo (which I did save half of) for dinner, and we all split the chocolate molten cake (aka. heaven) for dessert. We paid our bills and said our goodbyes and I headed to Wal-Mart!

At Wal-Mart, I got everything off my checklist (excluding a lamp and the same water bottle that was not at academy) for less than seventy dollars! My plan? To eat everything I bought before returning to the grocery. I'm hoping I can hold out with my frozen dinners, sandwich meat, and ramen noodles for about two weeks!

As of right now, I'm getting excited about tomorrow! I'm waking up pretty early to head to campus to get my parking pass and then it's off to my first class of my sophomore year! The schedule for monday? History at 10:10 and Art History at 11:15.

Until tomorrow.

two-a-days. days 9 and 10. and the day after? ...and some of today.

Let's go way back to Thursday. That seems like such a long time ago...

So after I posted on Thursday, I ate six hard tacos with just beef and cheese from Taco Bell then headed to practice with Ashley. Things went by pretty smoothly and we even finished our work outs a little early. Before breaking, we were asked to sit down for a team meeting. After a lot of tears and explanation, Shelly O'Brien resigned as Spirit Coordinator at the University of Georgia because of her young child, Brayden, that she believes she needs to spend more time with. We'll all miss you, Coach O! We find out tonight (Sunday) who our interim coach will be for football season.

After leaving the Stegeman Coliseum, everyone headed back to their houses/apartments/dorms to prepare for a cheerleading pot-luck style dinner held at The Boulet brother's house! Ashley and I got ready at her apartment then headed to Publix with Craig to pick up our contributions to the party. I decided to bring soda while Craig brought baked beans and Ashley picked up some potato salad.

The party was super fun and a lot of the cheerleaders were there. Chuck brought his wife, Macey, and their baby, Drake. So adorable. I even got to hold my friend Lauren's tarantula (I know that's really random... but I loved it/kinda want to get one). Everyone started leaving as the night grew old so Ashley, Craig, and I headed back to the apartment.

The next morning, Friday, came quickly and my alarm went off at eight for the last time (MAZEL TOV!). When everyone arrived at the coliseum, we were informed of what was to happen that day and that's exactly what we did. Warm up pyramids. Check. Do sidelines. Check. Free time for forty five minutes (I tumbled with Casey and Tram). Check. Sprints. Check. Conditioning. Check. Once everything was complete, we were invited to Jason's Deli for lunch on Coach O. I enjoyed a chicken caesar salad with black olives and a sprite before saying goodbye to the team, hugging Coach O, and peacing out to beat the ATL traffic back to Kennesaw.

I hit a little bit of traffic on the way back but I was at Casey's house around four and began with the laundry from the week. I got a phone call from Justin and an invitation to dinner! So I took a quick shower and threw on a cute outfit then headed down to the Double Tree hotel near the Cobb Galleria to meet up with Justin and Martin. After picking up Mike from his apartment, we valet parked the car and walked to a restaurant in Midtown Atlanta called Einstein's where Jeff and Bill already had a table for six. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheese tortellini but moreover, the sweet potato fries! I ate every last bite of them. Martin was nice enough to cover my meal and I was (and am) very appreciative. I forced (literally) Martin, Justin, and Mike to take a walk around the block after eating because I always feel better getting a little motion in my body after sitting and stuffing my face for a long time. After the walk, we got the car back and headed to Mike's apartment to drop him off then straight to the hotel.

Once back at the Jones residence, I finished laundry and I started packing. Everything left at the house fit into two duffle bags and two laundry baskets excluding my hanging clothes. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch when I was supposed to be packing my car so I decided that I could hold that part off until morning.

So saturday came and I woke up the old fashion way (naturally) around nine thirty. I packed up my car in the midst of a yard sale (Katy, I didn't see anything that you'd like... unless you want some baby clothes?) taking place in the Jones' driveway. I hugged Heather and all the kids and thanked them for all they had done for me over the summer then realized that I'd see them every Sunday, so it isn't that big of a deal. I was on the road by ten fifteen and headed toward Athens and my new apartment!

A few phones calls with Zack gave me enough information to know that I did not have to wait in line to check in because he was already in the apartment. So I started unloading and setting up my room! The apartment is awesome. And it even came with a ceiling fan (which I was kinda stressing out about). I still have one more trip to make to my storage unit and a few pictures to hang but once that is done, pictures will be on the blog! It's so nice having my own space and my very own bathroom! I can't wait to use my crock pot either!

Everything (for the most part) was looking great and organized so I texted my friend Taryn and asked if she would like to come over and check it out. She brought Alyssa Johnstone and I got to give my first formal tour of my new apartment. After a little chit chat on the leather couch, we decided to hit up Taqueria La Parilla for dinner. I wasn't too hungry so I munched on chips and queso until we got a surprise from our waitress... fried ice cream! No, it wasn't anyone's birthday... the waitress felt bad that Alyssa's fajitas took so long so it was a dessert on the house! It was gone in about thirty seconds.

Back at my apartment, Taryn, Alyssa, and I enjoyed the last few minutes of the Women's Gymnastics National Championships. Alyssa really wanted to check out the pools so we went on a quick go-see to the Club House. Four pools and a hot tub, not too shabby. Taryn and Alyssa left soon after and I had just sat down on the couch when I got a phone call from Casey Denney (fellow cheerleader and friend) asking me to come over to hang out with her and Megan Trammel (who usually goes by Tram). So I did. We had a fun night and I met lots of new friends. I ended up spending the night with Casey and woke up this morning (Sunday) and driving back to my apartment and sleeping here until around eleven.

As of now, I need a shower. Zack and I are planning on going to lunch pretty soon. I have the cheerleading meeting tonight at seven. And classes start tomorrow. The most exciting part? Today is my half birthday! I should get half a cake or something. Anyway... I hope I didn't forget anything.

Until tomorrow.