Thursday, September 10, 2009


Let's traveling back in time to Tuesday, shall we?

Work outs were blah. The funny thing is that I am actually trying hard in the weight room (pushing myself to higher weights, using proper technique, having a positive attitude, etc.). If I remember correctly, I power cleaned 110 pounds and squatted (25 x 2 + 45 x 2 + 45...) ...that can't be right! There is no way I squatted 185! But I guess I did.

After napping, showering, getting ready for the day, etc., I did some reading and headed to class... but I picked up Caitlin on the way!

In color and composition, I completed one (of four) of my project two pieces, a project based around mixing our own colors.

It's even semi-Asian!

In 3D design, I continued to work on my foam core (AHHHH!) project. I think Katy will like this especially. I wouldn't say it was my inspiration, but it kind of reminds me of an Eric Carle character!

After class, I headed back to my apartment for just a few minutes before changing clothes and heading to cheer on the UGA Volleyball team!

The Dawgs defeated Prespiterian College in four matches! It was so much fun getting to cheer with Casey, Katie, Allyson, Seth, Allison, Bria, and Amanda. I'm definitely going to miss having all-girl groups on my side at football games (we split into Coed and All-girl teams).

After the game, I hung out with Jackie, Whitney, Elizabeth Pishal, and Courtney for a while before heading to bed.

Wednesday was a pretty long day. Four classes in a row = not fun for someone that is hungry! American History went well. Art History was great. Art Seminar was slightly entertaining (thanks in part to Rachel Harrington). And in Weather & Climate, we got our pop quizzes back! I got a 90%. We have a test in that class tomorrow!

After class, I headed back to the apartment, SCARFED down an entire margherita pizza, and got ready for practice!

Practice was fairly intense (as it should be... we have our first home game on Saturday!!). Jackie and I did really well with our stunting and even had a little bit of fun joking around and dancing to a CD that I burned for practice.

After practice, (after canceling my walk with Taryn via rain) I headed over to Rachel Nielson's house to watch "Glee" (a.k.a. my new favorite show times a trillion). It was so great. I can't get over it.

Once the show was over, I made my way to KD to help with Arts & Crafts night! I had a great time hanging out with Whitney, Jackie, Kelley, and Mackenzie basically just being silly, painting, and eating pokey sticks.

Back at the apartment, I had a few Arts & Crafts projects of my own to complete and once they were done... I was in the bed!

This morning, Thursday, I had work outs again. I hang snatched (I think that is what those are called) 95 pounds and benched 155 pounds. That's almost as much as I weigh! Pretty impressed with myself (and pretty sore!).

After getting back to my bed for a short nap and getting ready for the day, I headed over to Sigma Kappa to pick up Rhiannon and then headed to class.

In Color & Composition, I continued mixing colors and get a lot of work done on number two of four of my pieces for project two. In 3D design, I continued working with the wretched foam core. After class, I had to book it back to the apartment to get ready for the cheer dinner at the Country Club!

The dinner (Salmon, Asparagus, Potatoes, some kind of Beef, and Key Lime Pie) was amazing! After our meal, the DJ started playing some tunes and we all got up and did the Cupid Shuffle, the Electric Slide, and the Cha Cha Slide! So much fun bonding with my team mates outside of practice... and in cute clothes!

After the dinner, I headed back to the APT to get some studying done before heading over to Emily Wirt's to watch "Project Runway." I didn't pay much attention to the show but I had a great time hanging out with Emily, Heather, Will, Scott, and Elizabeth.

Currently, I am back in my room and taking a study break to update my blog (obviously). I finished all my book readings (for Weather & Climate) and I am about to go tackle "Anne Orthwood's Bastard" for American History (well, at least some of it). I might need a snack too!

Until tomorrow... or most likely, Sunday! BIG WEEKEND!

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Kb_Mal said...

I do like your foam core snail!

And I bet you're especially buff now, Wallace. Maybe you can inspire me!