Saturday, September 5, 2009

labor day weekend... thus far!

Friday morning started when the sun shined through my window and I awoke feeling energized and ready for the day to begin! But due to the fact that my alarm had about an hour an a half before alarming, I went back to sleep.

In American History, I accidentally corrected my professor but he played along (to my relief) and even made fun of me, a little. We are continuing the learn about the Virginia and Massachusetts Companies of the New World.

In Art History, we had a short lecture then a pop quiz that was a writing assignment comparing "David" by Bernini and "Las Meninas" by Velasquez. It was an open notes quiz and with the help of my notes (and Rhiannon's - which was totally allowed!), I think I did really well!

In Weather & Climate, we continued learning about Energy and how it can be absorbed, scattered or reflected throughout the atmosphere. Some of these ideas are slightly confusing but I hope to get a better grasp on them through the readings and future lectures.

After class, I headed back to the apartment and prepared for the Volleyball match that I would be cheering later that evening. I also worked on some laundry and packed a bag for the long weekend!

At six, I left my apartment, picked up Katie Mac, and headed to the Ramsey Center for the Volleyball match. Four games later, the UGA volleyball team was defeated by Duke's Volleyball team but it was a great night and everyone played really hard. When we were dismissed, I grabbed a piece of pizza and was on my way to Marietta!

In Marietta, I got to spend time with Christie and her family (aka. pretty much my family), Lindsey, and a few new friends! We made strawberry dip, laughed, and had an all around good time before I passed out on the floor with a pillow.

This morning, Saturday, we slept in until around eleven thirty to bagels with creme cheese (my favorite breakfast of all time... so Jewish!). After eating, we took turns showering and getting ready for the day. Christie, Lindsey, and their friends were headed out to the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game at the Dome and I was headed to my brother, Ben's, apartment then off to Columbus with Ben and his girlfriend, Becca.

Once in Columbus, Ben, Becca, and I headed to St. Francis Hospital to visit my step dad, Tripp. He had some complications from a surgery the previous week but everything is fine now and he is back at home!

My mom and I enjoyed Zenzation Zalads (YUM) for dinner then I decided to bake some cookies! Anna, although you were missed, my cookies might give you a run for your money! During the baking process, I discussed names for children with my mom. I, officially, call dibs on the name Amelia Estelle for my daughter.

Cookies made with the recipe from the back of the White Chocolate Chip bag (:

Currently, Ben, Becca, and I are watching "Iron Giant" and relaxing. Tomorrow's plan? Not too sure but I'd love to have some good weather out by the pool!

Until tomorrow... (or next time).


annabeck said...

I must try these cookies! And this Amelia Estelle... Is this the daughter I will be carrying?

Christie said...

I feel honored!

paulbeck said...

anna... maybe you should get a little credit in the name of the child you are baring.

and christie, thanks so much for having me! it was great seeing you!