Friday, September 25, 2009

a recap of the week.

My last post was on monday so let's pick it up from there!

Tuesday stated out pretty well but very early! I headed to workouts (which were especially NOT fun because I got in trouble for rolling my eyes at the training coach which DID NOT happen because I'm not in middle school) then back home to take a short nap before heading off to a day full of critiques!

In Color and Composition, we presented projects two and three (which Professor Moon likes to call Project Second and Project Third) and discussed the color and composition of each (imagine that!). We also discussed the balance, movement, and technique used in each piece. I was pleased with my work but could see the room for improvement on future projects. I've never really painted before so It's good that all my stuff is a work in progress (pun intended).

In 3D design, all the students (including myself) set up our finished designs and went around the room critiquing each piece individually. We focused on the basic idea of each project, the precision, cleanliness, shadows, relief, etc. I was very pleased with this project especially when my teacher said that it was narrative and graphic (PERFECT for my dream career - Animation). And here it is...

3D Design Project One:
A foam core grid based on the Little Mermaid.

After class, I headed to ATL to get a haircut at Siggers Salon in Atlanta. Lisa Green, a fellow UGA cheerleader's mom, did an amazing job on my hair and was so fun and talkative the whole time. I definitely would refer anyone to go see her! Lisa was helping a few other hair dressers with the hair for models for an upcoming show in New York. There were tall blonde girls everywhere!

After my haircut, I headed to Stingrays to see Green practice and get some tumbling in before heading over to Katie and King's house for Dinner... which was my favorite meal of all time - Kahlua Chicken! After a great time hanging out with the Harrison's, I was headed back to Athens.

Wednesday started out the same as Tuesday... Early! But practice was fun and we even got to running tumble (I'm sure Tramm and I were the only ones that were happy about that). After practice, I headed to History only to find out that it had been cancelled so I headed back to Rankin and met up with Tramm. We hung out for a little bit then I headed to Art History, then the seminar (where Rachel, Laura, Caitlin, Rhiannon and I colored mermaids), then Weather and Climate. After class, I headed back to the apartment to shower and get ready for an ice cream date with Amanda!

Ice cream was amazing (One dollar at Hodgen's Pharmacy at Five Points)! I enjoyed a cone of strawberry cheesecake chuck and Amanda got half peanut butter chocolate chunk and half cookies and cream. So yum! After ice cream, I hung around the AOPi with Amanda until after dinner (which was a yummy shrimp alfredo). Half a mile down Milledge, my next stop was KD to help Courtney with some art work. I had a great time NOT studying for the accounting test (because 1) I'm not in accounting. 2) everyone else is!) and being silly with Court until it was time to go to sleep.

Thursday was supposed to start early but I just happened to miss my alarm for work outs and got to sleep in until 10 for the first time in seriously... not joking... maybe three weeks. It was great! In classes, we started new projects (one based on butterflies and one based on touch). After class, I headed over to Alyssa's apartment and we hung out for a while, grabbed some chick-fil-a and did some hard core facebook stalking. Around nine, I headed over to AOPi to watch the premier of Grey's Anatomy with some friends, then headed over to the Staish to see some other friends before going back to my apartment with Katie Mac and Casey for a sleepover!

This morning, practice was okay. We ended practice with a twenty five minute run. Seth and I set an easy pace and spent the time chatting about life. Definitely helped the time pass! After practice, Casey and I headed to Waffle House (where she got oatmeal... and by oatmeal, I mean the allstar breakfast... and ate the whole thing). After that, it was off to class. Two classes later, I am currently in the art building updating my blog and listening to some new jams.

What's going on tonight? Appearance at a Nursing home, tanning bed, then joining up with the rest of the busteds (Casey, Katie Mac, and Tramm) for a movie night! Tomorrow? UGA vs. Arizona State! Can't wait to see my mom, Tripp, Woody, and Charlie! Speaking of mom... it's her birthday! So happy birthday to my mom. She's great.

I probably won't be posting until sunday. So until then...

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CampusCelebs said...

oh my god.
ice cream dates?
greys anatomy?
study seshes at rankin?
appearances at nursing homes?
you may need to hang with the celebs for a weekend.

so fab.

maybe you can paint portraits for us?

Forever and Always,
The Queen