Monday, September 21, 2009


I really need to step up my game with this whole "keeping my blog updated" thing. So here's a start!

Last time we talked, It was almost a week ago. Since then, a lot has gone down.


Classes were normal but semi-stressful because my projects would be due in both classes the next time we would meet. After classes, I don't remember what I did because that was so long ago. Most likely eating, sleeping, tv, etc.


Classes were great, nothing too crazy or exciting. After class, I headed to Atlanta to my sister and brother-in-law's house for a family gathering in honor of my mother's birthday! It was super great to see everyone (even Katy and Dan's dog, Roxxi, who had just gone under the knife to get her ACL repaired... but i think it was removed or something? Katy - feel free to explain). I even got some shopping done! New tubberware from Katy and flatware (and an AWESOME Celine Dion book) from mom were on the ride back with me to Athens that evening.

Jackie and I at the UGA vs. Arkansas football game!


I woke up at nine in the morning, showered, and got ready to head to Arkansas for my first travel game of the year! A bus ride to Atlanta, a flight to Arkansas, an amazing game, a ride to the airport, a flight to Atlanta, and a bus ride to Athens later, we arrived at six a.m. on sunday and I. WAS. EX. HAUST. TED. Seriously. I think exhausted is an understatement. I've never been so tired. But it was totally worth it to defeat the Razorbacks! I guess this section covers part of sunday so...

Remainder of Sunday:

I went directly to sleep once returning to my apartment. Three hours later, my alarm went off and I was up and adam! After a quick shower, I headed to Marietta to help Erica celebrate her eighteenth birthday! Brunch was served at the Levy's house and it was delicious! So much fun seeing everyone! After the crowd was gone, I began studying for my art history test. Up next on the checklist was Brandon's birthday dinner at Outback then Stingrays to watch Orange/Smoke practice and then I had practice with Rust! Tumbling actually went pretty well for me, being so tired and the lack of sleep. After practice, I was headed back to Athens for more studying before heading to bed.

Monday (aka. Today):

I skipped my first class (oops! I really needed sleep and I knew nothing was going on today. Plus! we are allowed five absences. I really needed to take one). I woke up around ten, got ready, and headed out for the day. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but my outfit today totally rocked. Light blue Columbia PFG shirt with khaki cargo shorts and duck boots. I would have taken a picture BUT by the time my longggggg day was over, I was COMPLETELY saturated with rain water. Anyway, Art History test was amazing. I think I did really well. After that, I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for my 3D design project (and a coloring book!). After my adventure, I was back on campus for Weather & Climate. After that, it was straight to the Lamar Dodd building to do work on my art project! I finished (pictures tomorrow) just in time to get my materials to my car (dryly) and get to practice. Practice went well and conditioning felt good. Jackie and I have become quite the stunters! After practice, it was straight to the apartment for more art work and Rachel Zoe project... I also ate a yummy pizza!

As of right now, I am headed to bed because I'm tired and I have to be at workouts at seven! Yippie! Goodnight.

Until next time...


Kb_Mal said...

1. What did you think about Rachel's illness?

2. Roxxi didn't have her ACL taken out - but she did have an implant put in (like I have in my ankle). She's doing great!

3. I wish I could see your cute outfit!

Kb_Mal said...

4. It's weird that you said "brother in law" even though I know it's true. Ha.