Monday, September 7, 2009

the end of labor day weekend.

And I wondered what was keeping me awake... I haven't updated my blog!

So Sunday started fairly late (to my pleasure) as I rolled out of bed and made my way to the living room. I'm actually fairly confused about what happened on which day because today is Monday but it definitely feels like a Sunday, so please bare with me. Sunday... Oh yeah! I ate a lunch of cheeseburgers and fries with my family then quickly changed into my bathing suit and headed outside for a long day out by the pool!

The hours rolled by and the sun arched across the sky until soon enough, it was time to prepare dinner! If you know me, (don't let the cookies fool you) I'm not much of a chef. So Becca and I were pondering, "what craft could we make?" I suggested tie dying t-shirts and it was definitely a hit! After being joined by one of Ben and Becca's friends, Kern, we headed to Wal-Mart to get the supplies!

Dinner was served prior to the arts & crafts time. I enjoyed grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, and cheese cake for dinner and it was simply amazing. I enjoyed every last bite. But then... It was tie dye time!

Ben, Becca, Kern, and I loaded on the bug spray and headed out to the backyard to start getting psychedelic! After spinning, rubber banding, and dying, the shirts sit for six to eight hours wrapped in plastic wrap so we definitely had some time to kill.

I get a text from Troy and a call from Rachel and as soon as I know it, I'm being picked up by Josh and headed to a get together at Lane and Joel's house! It was great to see some old friends from Columbus and even a few Stingray friends that happened to be in town! Special shout outs to Brantley, Josh, Rachel, Brett, Troy, Bill, Cortney, Amy... I think that's all. Let's just say, if I saw you, it was great to see you!

Back at home, I had a quick snack (chips and dip, I think) and headed to bed!

The next day (today/Monday), I was waking up at Lunch was being served! Grilled chicken with provolone and grilled sweet potatoes were on the menu and in my tummy! Another great meal prepared by Tripp. After eating, the tie dye shirts from the night before were revealed!

front and back views of the masterpieces! so much fun.
(I guess I make up for Ben's lack of posing ability)

After showering and packing, it was on the road to ATL with Ben and Becca. Once at Ben's apartment, I grabbed my keys and was on my way back to Athens! I made it back in just under and hour and ten minutes. I jammed out to my new mix CD the whole time.

Once back in Athens, Zack and I headed to Wal-Mart for some groceries. After hitting up Wally World, Zack and I visited Chickfila for the free chicken sandwich deal they had going on. If you missed it, I'm sorry!

After unloading the car, it was study time! Well, Zack studied but I read Anne Orthwood's Bastard, a required reading for my American History class. Once I had gotten my ration of reading, I was back in the living room and ready for this week's new episode of the Rachel Zoe project. Ashley came over to join Zack and me for the show and during commercial breaks, I did a little stretching and worked on my body positions (I EVEN DID A SCORPION).

As of right now, I should be sleeping. I have to be at the coliseum tomorrow at seven a.m. for morning workouts and let's just say, I'm not looking forward to being up that early.

Until tomorrow!

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Kb_Mal said...

I got my free sandwich, too!