Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I can not believe it's been almost a week since my last update! I guess that's what happens when life gets stressful and days become too short to get everything done...

Let's venture back to Friday. Friday was a good day. Classes went really well and I thought I did amazingly on my Weather and Climate test. After classes, I got a chance to hang out with Casey at her house then get together with Megan and Tiffany later that night. We even had a slumber party!

Saturday, I woke up semi early (around nine thirty) and got ready for the big day - GAME DAY! I started out the day with a tailgate on Broad Street with Amanda, Megan, and Amanda's extended family. It was great to relax and have a few snacks before starting the hectic schedule! After picking up my raffle tickets (that I left at my apartment), I headed to the coliseum to meet with the team and get the cheering started! Pictures, tailgates, ice cream, dawg walk, warm ups, and a five hour game later - I had helped cheer the Bulldogs to a victory against the South Carolina Gamecocks! And even got some TV time! After that game, I was completely exhausted and headed home to shower before hanging out with some friends (including Katie Mac and Jackie) over at the Station (a group of houses off Milledge).

Amanda, Seth, (a little bit of Jackie) and I on ESPN2!

Sunday, the day started when Jackie and I woke up and headed a few houses down to Alex's house! Whitney had slept over so we had a super fun time quoting youtube videos and such in Alex's bed. After much discussion, we decided to head to Five Guy's Burgers and Fries for lunch! A cheeseburger and fries later, my grease limit had been reached. Dang! I still owe Jackie for covering my meal because I had left my wallet in my car. We left downtown and dropped Alex off at KD, dropped Jackie at her car, and Whitney and I headed to the mall in search of a dress she had seen at the game (and a red belt to go with it). We didn't find the dress but found a different one that Whitney really liked... and even discovered a neon cosmic putt-putt golf course in the mall! We're definitely planning on going back and playing a round sometime soon. Whitney dropped me off at my car and I got to work on laundry, painting, and reading. Pretty soon, it was seven thirty and Zack, Amanda, Megan, and I were off to Stingrays for open practice! Practice went well and we were back in Athens by one. I headed straight to bed!

Monday was kinda boring. Nothing exciting in any of my classes... we didn't even get our tests back in Weather and Climate! After class, I headed back to the apartment to get some work done before practice. Practice was good, nothing too exciting. Oh! I had to sit out because I had cut my finger with a knife. Oops. But it's getting better, don't worry! After practice, Taryn and I couldn't walk again (via rain) so I headed back home for homework and Rachel Zoe project with Zack and his friend Becky. After that, I was in da bed!

Tuesday started super early for work outs. Due to my cut, I couldn't lift weights, so I spent my morning completing 4,000+ strides on the elliptical. My legs were pretty tired but I had a paper to write so I didn't get my usual nap in before heading to class. Color and Composition went well and I still had to work on my paper so I opted out of 3D design for the day. Paper complete and it was time for Katy to be here! As soon as Katy arrived, we went on an adventure to see all the places Katy lived during her four years at UGA. That was so fun and brought back lots of memories for both of us (and Katy gave me some good tips on restaurants, etc). After the tour (scenic, by choice, I might add), Katy and I took a trip to the K-Roger for groceries for dinner! An hour or so later, Katy and I were feasting on a delicious meal of Lemon Tilapia, Broiled Asparagus, and Long Grain Rice. Dinner was topped off with a little bit of frozen yogurt! After watching Flipping Out on Bravo, Katy and I brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

This morning, Wednesday, Katy and I woke up with Coffee, got ready for the day and headed off to get breakfast with one of Katy's long time friends, Kate! Breakfast at Mama's Boy right off of downtown was so great! I enjoyed a bacon, egg, and cheese scrambler with a side of grits and a biscuit. After breakfast, I had to hurry over to the Rankin Student Athlete center to print off my paper before heading to History. Four classes later, classes were over and I was headed back to my APT for a nice long nap and a little bit of laundry. Next up was practice. Then GLEE at Rachel's (which was SO much fun). Then headed to AOPi to hang out with Amanda, Audrey, Alli, Sarah, and Callan (also so much fun)! After that, back the apartment for a shower and to update my blog. Last up for the day, I'm going to sleep (:

Until tomorrow... or next time!

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What a great recap!

Neon putt putt at the mall? No way!