Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a crazy super exhausting but still pretty awesome weekend recap.

So my last update was from this past Thursday, which seems like eras ago.

Thursday night, I enjoyed the ZTA and KD Michael Jackson Themed Date Night featuring the cover band "Who's Bad" at New Earth with best friend and stunt partner, Jackie. Due to the fact that she dropped her camera down like 17 flights of stairs, pictures are floating around somewhere in limbo. We hope they will be back in action (and on facebook) soon! I had a great time and was up bright and early the next morning for practice! Yippee!

Friday was spent practicing, showering, classing, then going home and chilling out before heading over to Sigma Kappa to meet my best friend and date, Caitlin, before heading out for the evening in honor of the 45th Annual Pearl Gala Sigma Kappa Semi-Formal. Caitlin (along with some of her sorority sisters and dates) enjoyed a catered Barberitos meal then headed to the Classic Center to dance the night away (/check off the alum and hand out cups). The night was just right and I was so happy to be invited!

Caitlin and I striking a pose at dinner. So chic. ...Serpent.

Side Bangs? Even better.

Saturday morning started around two in the morning when I got a call from my step sister, Sarah, asking for directions to my apartment. I don't exactly remember giving her the directions but when I awoke to my alarm the next morning at eight forty five, she (and two friends) were asleep on the floor of the living room. I got ready as Dad, Susan, and Katie joined the party at the apartment and was off to the coliseum! Ice cream, truck rides, tail gates, food, dog walk, and the game later... UGA was defeated by LSU but it was an amazing fourth quarter. Back at the apartment, I hung out with the family for a little bit before heading over to the Staish to see the Busteds and spend the evening there.

Dad, Katie, Myself, Richard, Susan, and Jane at the CHEERS Tailgate before the game!
(where's Sarah? Walking from her car parked ten miles away at "churches")
FYI - I do not have an awkwardly shaped upper body, I think Susan is pulling on my top.

Sunday was spent sleeping (for the most part) after hitting up WOW with some friends to watch the Detroit Lions game (mostly because Kelly wanted to watch Matthew). After the two hour nap, I got up and got ready for TRAMP STAMP dinner at Chili's! STAMP (Sarah, Taryn, Amanda, Mary, and Paul) is the awesome group of best friends ever made (the tramp is Jaclyn, and she's fine with that). I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and the food was great too! After dinner, I headed back to get ready for Stingray practice and then I was off to Kennesaw with Emily Van V. Practice went well, for the most part (I was tired), and we even got out a little early. I rode back with Amanda Van V and we made great time!

Monday was pretty boring. Classes were the usual. After class, I headed to the apartment to get ready for the videos we would be making at practice that evening. I'll keep that one a surprise! After practice, I had my usual walk with Taryn then back to the apartment for some MAJOR painting. With Rachel Zoe in the background, I painted my life away until about twelve thirty with the company of Zack, Amanda, Becky, Matthew V. Rost, and his friend Amanda.

Tuesday (Today), started with an extreme work out at the Annex. I did the whole work out (that's right, I finished - and tried hard!) with a little bit of time to spare. After that, it was back to the APT to finish my paintings before they were due at eleven. I finished in time to take a quick nap before getting ready and heading to class (of course, I picked up Rhiannon and Caitlin). Classes were pretty good and lots of people named one of my paintings as one of their favorites! 3D Design was fairly frustrating but I got lots of work done on my cardboard piece based off a clay piece. After class, I headed to AOPi to help some friends out with some arts and crafts and ate dinner with the girls (yummy parmesan chicken). A quick change of clothes and I was off to Force to do a little tumbling with Amanda Van V and Kaley Rae Speros. After some good toe fulls, I dropped the girls back at their cars before a trip to wal-mart to get toilet paper and detergent. Currently, I am back at the apartment and ready to get some shut eye!

Until tomorrow... or maybe the next day (:


Kb_Mal said...

How did the paintings turn out?!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)