Thursday, February 11, 2010

an update for the follower (singular).

Let's see if i can quickly go over everything that has been going on in my life... doubtful.


I am now in my second semester as a sophomore. I am taking sixteen hours (thanks Dad) and my plate is as full as ever. I am taking Drawing II (Hocking), Fundamentals of Theater (Massey), Religion (Cox), Theatrical Writing (Huddleston), Ecology (McArthur), and the Ecology Lab (Ashmer). I am enjoying all of my classes but there is always some form of a homework assignment, reading assignment, drawing assignment, etc. going on. But, I guess that is why we go to school anyway!


UGA cheer now consists of Men's and Women's basketball games and gymnastics meets. I enjoy these events because they are less stressful and usually more fast-paced than football and volleyball. I must say, I enjoy cheering for everything about equally. Jackie and I don't work on stunting as much anymore because the skills that are legal on the basketball court and very limited. I still dislike weights for the most part but Seth, another cheerleader, helps me through it by keeping it comical.

Stingrays is going great! We have a huge competition in Dallas (NCA Nationals aka. "Dallas") next weekend! I am staying with Erica and I could not be more exciting about competing (and also kinda nervous because my last Dallas experience was definitely the worst cheer moment of my entire life and I don't think anything will ever be able to top it). I will keep everyone updated on that.

Team USA is another cheerleading team that I am now a part of! Team USA consists of two cheerleading teams, a coed and an all girl, that will compete in April against 60 other countries in the world championships of cheerleading. There was a tryout and interview process and I made the team! I am so excited to represent my country in my favorite activity.


I have been cooking a lot more! Last night, I had four friends over and we made breakfast (of brefix, as Jackie would say) for dinner! It was super yummy and so much fun. The group consisted of the Busteds (Casey, Katie Mac, Trammell, and myself) and our "Plus 1" - Jackie!

For next year, I have been working towards an RA position in the dorms on campus. The interview process ended this past tuesday night so keep your fingers crossed! After a year of RA-ing, hopefully I will be allowed to study abroad for a Maymester somewhere fun like Australia or Italy with the money I will of saved by not living somewhere off campus. Taryn and I will hopefully be doing this together (the RA-ing)... AND BE BACK ON MEAL PLAN!!

I haven't made any significant purchases on ShopGoodwill or anything lately, which is kinda a bummer, but I think I am starting to break my Guy Harvey addiction. I think I have nine or ten by now.

SPRING BREAK IS APPROACHING! As for my plans, I will be going on a cruise to Cozumel and Costa Maya with Jackie, Whitney, Alex, Mackenzie, Elizabeth Pishal, and Kelley Kirstein (not jewish). I am SO PUMPED and so ready for the vacation and the break from school!

I got a blackberry! I am officially addicted to it. And i love it. I tried the droid eris for a couple of weeks but i was definitely not a fan (neither was Anna, who wants to be me... so she got a blackberry too).

My birthday is in five days! How crazy is it that I will be twenty years old? I don't even want to think about that.

Well, I think that's about it. Until next time.


Kb_Mal said...


That was the greatest update ever! I love it!

Come cook for me!

No shopgoodwill? Sad! Let's go shopping!

You need to Maymester in Italy. Like duh.

I love you!


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