Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted in a week! This has to be the longest time period between posts. Better get going... Thanks Mallory for the reminder (:

Wednesday... Hmm. What was wednesday? I'm assuming I went to class (which was probably boring). Wait! I do know that I had a pop quiz in Weather and Climate. After class, I probably went back to my aparment. Then practice. Then GLEE. Then back home? Who remembers, it's been a week!

Thursday was semi-hectic, if I remember correctly. Workouts followed by showering and packing for the weekend, picking up Rhiannon and Cailtin, heading to class, blah, blah, blah. After class, I made my way to Katy and Dan's house for a slumber party! That was super fun. Katy and I made three meat ravioli with a yummy salad. We watched Real Housewives AND Project Runway before bed.

Friday morning was a journey in mind, body, and spirit. I'm pretty sure this was a major moment in me realizing that I am no longer a child. I drove to my brother's, WALKED to the MARTA, bought my own round trip ticket, checked in (by myself) and got my boarding pass for my flight, went through security, and got to my gate with an hour to spare before my flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan. A quick flight later, I was greeted by my dad and step mom in the 48 degree weather. A short car ride to Holland, MI and the family reunion commenced! My dad's side of the family (in whole... almost) was present and definitely made for a good time. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second cousins, husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends, plus the grandparents (celebrating their 60th anniversary)... Oh my! Dinner was served at the house and conversation never stopped until we departed to the hotel/ranch (...?) to slumber.

Saturday morning, I actually got to sleep in (probably because everyone else in my family is SO athletic and runs twenty eight miles a day and I'm not athletic at all). I showered and got ready for lunch at Aunt Nancy's. The meal? Pasty. Definition? Who. Knows. Let's see if I can find one.Pasty. Not my favorite, but I ate half. After lunch, THRIFTING! Katy and I were joined by pro thrifter, Aunt Janet, and pregrant cousin, Mo. Best find of the day?

awesome leather jacket - 16 dollars.
Brad and Rachel (mostly Brad) would be so proud!

Sunday began with breakfast at a cute little dutch restaurant down the street from the Hotel/Ranch. I enjoyed a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. After breakfast, we said our goodbyes to all the family and made our way back to the airport in Grand Rapids. Point three five seconds after being on the plane, I landed in Detroit and changed gates for my flight to ATL. Back in Atlanta, I rewound my directions back to Ben's apartment (taking scary marta, which was okay because I chatted with a German boy the whole time). Once at my car, I headed to Stingrays to watch Orange and Smoke (where I got to see Erica, Scott, Strappy, Brandon, Justin, Roger, Caurie, Rachel, Maddie... and everyone else!) before Rust practice. After practice, I made my way back to Athens and drove into the Exchange right as my gas light illuminated.

Yesterday, I had classes. Blah. Then headed back to my apartment to do some painting for Amanada before practice. Practice went really well. Jackie and I worked on cupies inbetween reciting Harry Potter spells. STUPIFY! So that was fun, obviously. After practice, Amanda came over for a slumber party and Becky came over to watch the season finale of Rachel Zoe with Zack and Me (mostly Zack). After that, it was bed time.

Today, I had work outs this morning, where I worked extremely hard. After that, I headed back to the apartment to find Amanda still sleeping... lucky. I took a short nap before showing and getting ready for class. After picking up Rhiannon and Caitlin and making our way to the art building, I'm sitting in color and composition where I should be working on my self portrait based off the colors from candy wrappers! Fun!

The rest of the week might be semi-stressful. Registration for next semester, test tomorrow, paper due friday, birthday party for Jackie tonight (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), and cheer/classwork/art work on top of that. Well, until tomorrow... or next week!


Kb_Mal said...

1. You are athletic. I am way less athletic than you.

2. Brad would be so proud. So proud. That jacket was a great find.

3. I MISSED the season finale of Rachel Zoe. So mad at myself!

4. It was awesome to hang out with you for THREE nights in a row!

5. You should link to my blog when you talk about me. Muhahaha.

CampusCelebs said...

oh. my. god.
loved the shoutout...
you've inspired me to update.
urgh, either greg or i will have a new post by tonight.
ps-let's PLEASE go thrifting soonsies.
it's my fab.