Thursday, July 9, 2009

A day with (some of) the Jones family.

Today started better than most at a healthy 11:50 a.m. Let that soak in for a while.

After laying out and being boring for a little while, I ventured upstairs and enjoyed a bowl of Frosted Flakes while enjoying an episode of "What Not to Wear" (Dear Clinton Kelly, you're my idol). After letting that digest for a little while, I began on an epic journey.

It all started by heading downstairs and putting on my running shoes. Ipod was set to a cheer music playlist and I was off. I wouldn't quite call it a 'run' but it was a fifteen minute jog. And it felt very nice to get my blood pumping a little faster. After the jog, I took a bath/shower in warmish water and enjoyed some tunes on my macbook.

The day continued with a little bit of texting one of my best friends, Lauren, about one of our mutual favorite shows "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." After talking about how trashy Danielle is, Lauren tempted me into some reading. One chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I was getting a little bored.

I heard some footsteps upstairs as I was putting on some clothes. I headed upstairs and found Heather with Harrison and Lily along with one of Heather's friends, Welsey (who is super fun), and her two children, Sula and Walker. I spent the remainder of the day playing and chatting with the two women and their children. After dinner at La Parilla in Kennesaw, Heather, her kids, and I headed back to their house.

Currently, Lily and Harrison are sleeping as Heather and I are watching some Adam Sandler film, Zohan, which we have both decided is not very good or funny.

Until tomorrow.


K_Streams_Her_C said...

That episode of What Not to Wear was from 2003! How could you watch it's oldness?

paulbeck said...

it was SO old. and i loved every minute of it.

p.s. how's the new layout working with the comments?