Monday, July 27, 2009

just another manic monday.

I did not sleep well last night and I'm kind of nervous that the same thing is going to happen tonight. I woke up around 4:30, 5:45, and 7:15 even though my alarm was set for seven thirty and none of those other times. Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted and a little crabby when I hopped in the shower and began my day. After getting ready, I headed upstairs and made a little lunch for myself. The menu: Turkey & Cheese sandwich on white, baked sour cream & cheddar ruffles, gummy snacks (Dora the Explorer, to be exact), a string cheese, a cow's tail, and a gatorade (BOO GATORS!!). After the preparation was complete, I was off to the gym!

Today marked the beginning of the Harrison Junior Hoyas Cheer Camp (sixth-eight grade). Every team had exactly nineteen girls and Katie's twin sister, Kellie, is the sixth grade coach! The other coaches, who's names I don't quite remember, are super fun and even helped out with learning proper stunting technique. Even some of my favorite Stingray girls, like Tai and Taylor Jay, were at the camp! It's always fun to know the girls you're teaching prior to the first day of camp. The best part of the camp was the pleasant surprise the staff (Katie, Hannah, and myself) received at lunch... Chick-fil-a! The parents of the teams decided to include us when counting how many lunches they would be bringing to camp! So nice.

After camp, I was walking to my car and Caurie pulled up and asked if I wanted to hang out... of course, I said yes! So Caurie, Carter, and I enjoyed a fun day of hanging out at Caurie and Roger's house! We even watched "Twilight." But instead of watching the movie, we mostly talked about how bad of an actress Kristen Stuart is and how awesome "New Moon" is going to be! The best part of the day with Caurie? A NAP! and it was awesome. Time was flying and soon enough, it was time to head back to the gym!

Jackie joined me at the gym during open stunting/tumbling and we worked on some stuff to prepare ourselves for the approaching two-a-days practices. We worked on toss lips, walk ins, and all that other good stuff required to do during band dances at football games. Bria and Stephanie (two other UGA cheerleaders) were there too!

After the stunting shindig was over, I headed back to the Jones residence and enjoyed a Turkey and cheese sandwich (I can't believe I haven't eaten any cereal today!). I had a nice little chat with Casey and Heather about the one and only time they broke up. As they headed to bed, I decided to do the same.

Currently, I'm updating my blog. And I'm pooped. Cross your fingers for some good sleep!

Until tomorrow.

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K_Streams_Her_C said...

Hope you sleep better tonight!