Tuesday, July 21, 2009

twelve hour work day - day 1.

I began my day knowing that I would about to endure one of the longest work days I would ever have but I got out of bed and continued my routine of getting ready nonetheless.

I arrived at work and eight thirty (after stopping at the bank, gas station, and Publix) to find that the gym was locked. No fear! The cleaning man was there and opened the door for us. Today marked the beginning of a three day journey to cheerleading perfection with the Hillgrove High School junior Hawks cheerleading teams (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade). We taught the basics, played a few games, had a few laughs, etc. Kennesaw Mountain High School was also there and I got to see Strappy!

At three, the tumbling classes began and lasted through the rest of the evening until I was released from my coaching duties (for a little bit) around six thirty or so and enjoyed some animal crackers with avid blog reader and friend, Ashley Coffey! Thanks for those, by the way! After helping Emily Jones with her running and standing tumbling, I waited around for open gym to start at nine.

So nine rolled around quickly and I was joined at the gym by Erica, Zack, Brantley, Mallory, and loads of other fun people to take part in stunting, tumbling, jumps, and an all around good time just being with my friends.

After open gym, I headed to the Jones house and enjoyed two healthy portions of spaghetti (a work that Brittany Cain taught me how to correctly spell) while hanging out with Emily and Parker Jones and Parker's friend, Ryan. After that, I headed down to my computer to check my e-mail because I got a text from my dad earlier today saying to check my e-mail and...

(and the air conditioning works = bonus pointz!)

So obviously my life is taking a turn for the better in the department of transportation! hooray! So that's very exciting and I can't wait to receive the new vehicle (currently in Raleigh, North Carolina at my dad's house)! so excited. seriously.

So that made my night (times a hundred million) and I'm going to bed because another twelve hour day at the Stingray Allstars is coming my way!

until tomorrow!


K_Streams_Her_C said...

Ahhhhh! I am so mad at you (okay, pissed!) at you that you didn't call me about this car. There will be severe anger AND a 2-month boycott of your blog if you don't call me tomorrow.

Lou said...

I am so excited ... what will her name be? Guelda? Millie? She is super cute - and with cold air ... wow - you won't know how to act! Drive safely my precious! Lover you!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

I can't wait to see your car's photo shoot. I'll take some photos of you in it tomorrow.