Thursday, July 9, 2009

a summer day.

Today started out about the same as yesterday, waking up way too early! I met one of my best friends and art major, Rachel, who treated me to breakfast at a cute little restaurant in downtown Decatur called Sweet Melissa's. I enjoyed the basic breakfast complete with scrambled eggs, cheese grits, and a fruit cup. Very delish! After seeing Rachel's house (adorable!), I headed back to Kennesaw because Rachel was leaving for work at Anthropologie.

After a warm car ride (due to no air conditioning in the jetta), I was back at the Jones' residence and decided to have some alone time including a nap, a few episodes of varying shows on TLC, and some chips.

Heather arrived home with the two youngest of her kids, Lily and Harrison, and I enjoyed spending some time chatting and wrestling with the two little monsters (they're actually very sweet). After Harrison accidentally called mom when playing with my phone, I decided to change clothes and head to Stingrays for some practice. I worked on triple-toe backs, running tumbling, and even got to back spot a little with one of the teams at the gym.

When leaving the gym, I made plans with friend and co-worker Katie and her husband King to go to their house with another friend, Bird, and watch the episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" that aired earlier that evening (Go DVR!). After a quick drive through at Zaxby's, I was on my way to the Harrison Household with my Zansation Salad (UH-mazing). I exchanged greetings with Jack and Tucker, King and Katie's dogs, and the show began! Kayla is definitely a favorite contestant but I enjoyed a lot of tonight's performances.

Currently back at the Jones' House, I'm pooped! Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow... or should i say today? and I need to go for a run!


K_Streams_Her_C said...

I heard (too late) that Pastries A Go Go was closed for a few weeks. Boo! But I do love Sweet Melissas'!

Yay for another blog post!

Taryn Walker said...

"After a warm car ride (due to no air conditioning in the jetta)" forgot to mention the GRITZY factor!

UGH i miss you, im SO GLAD you got a blog! no i can stalk you :)

annabeck said...

run? are you crazy?