Wednesday, July 22, 2009

twelve hour work day - day 2 and 3.

UGH. I am so behind with my blogging!

Yesterday (Tuesday), started so early that I think I was crying in my sleep before my alarm went off. However, my duties as a staff member of the Stingray Allstars gave me to power to get out of bed and get ready for another twelve hour day at the gym.

It was the second day of camp with Hillgrove Junior Hawks camp and it went by smoothly teaching dances, motions, cheers, chants, jumps, and a few new games to middle schoolers... well, I guess as smooth as it possibly could. The camp ended at three and tumbling classes began - yippie!

So after helping some (and by some I mean about thirty four thousand) girls flip over themselves, my shoulder was seriously weeping and whining for a break. The end of the day rolled around and after a few stunts with King and Andy, I headed to Zaxby's to pick of food for Heather, Emily, and myself. The Zenzation salad still remains as a major part of my heart. I live for that salad.

Because Casey was out of town (and refuses to take part in such actions), Heather and I watched "A Haunting in Connecticut" and it was SO scary; however, it was also very good. A little crazy and I'm going to admit, I had some trouble falling asleep last night.

After the movie, I went straight to my room and went (slash attempted to) to sleep. It was a struggle; however, the REAL struggle was waking up the following morning knowing that another long work day was ahead of me. But I did. I got up this morning and took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face, shampooed my hair, scrubbed by body, etc.

At the gym, it was the final day of camp with Hillgrove! I worked with the eight grade team for most of the day and put together a little routine for the girls to perform during halftime of football games. It was tons of fun and we even had some free time to play some fun games and bond!

After the six hour camp, I was ready for six more hours at the gym (I guess). But then I got a present surprise from Ashley! A bottle of water and some chee-ZITS. So yummy! Thanks Ashley Coffey (said in a northern accent). I spotted back bends, back handsprings, and front walkovers for about 4 hours then stayed for Orange and Smoke practice at the gym. I even got to tumble with Strappy (who I must apologize to because I will not be watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" tonight at 10... but I will watch it later!)! It was really fun to practice and chit-chat with friends like Rachel, Scott, and Aubrey and also, Erica, Alli, Strappy and Brooke.

As of now, I. AM. POOPED. But the show must go on! I'm at Katie and King's house with Katie, King, Bird, Megan, and Ryan (along with their dogs, Jack and Tucker). We are about to enjoy some pizza and SYTYCD! I must go; The pizza just arrived!

Until tomorrow!

And speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to White Water!

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Taryn Walker said...

1. i like your "Z" on bonus pointz.
2. i dont like your emphasis, however, on the ZITS in cheezits (is that how theyre really spelled?!)
3. greg loves whitewater. even in high school i used to get a season pass every year to go with him.
4. i have my final exam tomorrow and our program is done..tear.
BUT im going to paris for a week with kathy...snaps for me!
5. i love your details about your day. such as exactly what you did in the shower. you make me laugh even via computer.

love you!