Friday, July 24, 2009

a fun and sun filled friday.

I slept so well last night that I'm taking a deep breath/sigh as I type this sentence. It was amazing. I woke up around ten and had a few pieces of cinnamon raison toast with Caurie and her daughter, Carter, before heading back to the Jones house.

Once I arrived, I had about thirty minutes to get ready before heading off to Six Flags! So around eleven, Molly picked up Emily, Parker, and myself and we moseyed over to Chick-Fil-A to get a good little lunch (and a cheaper lunch when compared to eating at the amusement park). At the restaurant, we met up with Molly's sisters, Kelly and Lauren, who would also be going to Six Flags.

Once we arrived at the park, we waited for a little bit to get tickets. After that, the fun began! We decided to ride Goliath first (as a warm up, of course). The lines for all the rides were pretty long so we only managed to ride Goliath, Batman, the Mind Bender, the Scream Machine, Superman, the Cyclone, and the Scorcher before it was time to head back home. In between rides and while waiting in lines, we all enjoyed playing games, getting to know each other, and we even enjoyed a few coke ICEE drinks (which really helped everyone beat the heat). With all the sun and walking, I was ready to go by the time we got off the last ride.

After exiting the park, we got piled in Lauren's car and headed back to Molly's car that was parked at Chick-Fil-A. Molly, who is now my "girlfriend" (or at least Parker thinks so), dropped the Jones kids and me off at their house. As soon as I was inside and on the couch, I passed out! It was a good little nap until I woke up and realized I was starving! A few chips, a sandwich, and a gatorade later, I was full and went back to relaxing on the couch. Emily and I watched a few episodes of "What Not To Wear" and talked to Heather about her day (Clinton Kelly, you're still my idol).

As of now, Emily and I are stretching and listening to some songs on Youtube. Parker is watching Disney Channel and bickering with Emily. I plan on catching up with Harry P. before I fall asleep tonight. And I'm super duper excited because I have absolutely NO plans that require waking up early tomorrow. Mazel Tov!

Until tomorrow.

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