Friday, July 24, 2009

white water wonderfulness!

Today started out when my alarm went off at nine, which is quite a lovely change compared to the rest of the week (waking up at a gruesome seven thirty or eight). I took a shower very quickly, wrote a note for Megan and Ryan (they went back home to Illinois today), and headed to White Water to meet up with Heather and the rest of the gang!

On the way to the water park, I got a text from Heather saying she was running a little late (I have to admit though, if I had four kids, I'd be running late too) so I had some free time to enjoy a little HP before they (Heather, Emily, Harrison, Lily, Emily's friend Devan, and babysitter Molly) arrived to meet me in the parking lot. After a little bit of organizing season passes and coupons, we headed into the park!

The towel I used today at the park! Totally reminds me of my favorite radio DJ, Mommy Chula, and Katy's friend Kate (who totally loves The BEAT!)

We set our stuff down near one of the children's play areas and journeyed toward the first attraction of the day, the Runaway River! After that, Devan and I were the only ones courageous enough to take on the Cliffhanger. After a few more rides and trips around the Lazy River, we went back to Heather's car where a lovely picnic was awaiting us. I enjoyed (more like devoured) a turkey and cheese sandwich, a mountain of chips, a bundle of grapes, an apple sauce, a few oreos and a bottle of water.

After lunch Molly, Emily, Devan, and I went back into the park while Heather took the younger two kids back to the house for a nap. I really enjoyed bonding with Molly. She even said I was her new best friend because I braided her hair in the line while waiting for a float to ride the Tornado (which we actually rode twice because it's awesome!). The day at the park rolled around to an end as the clock was racing towards five thirty. Devan had a stunt class to attend at Stingrays at six and I was responsible to teach tumbling classes at the gym beginning at six so it worked out well that Devon could ride with me from White Water to the gym, so she did!

The three tumbling classes flew by and were over in no time (especially the last one with Catherine and Mallory)! So after my duties were complete, I headed to the Jones residence and packed a little stay the night bag because... Caurie invited me to a sleepover!

So as of right now, I'm sitting with Caurie on the couch and we just finished watching some silly youtube videos. I'm 100% exhausted and looking forward to some sleep. Plus, I've got another big day tomorrow... SIX FLAGS!

Until tomorrow. And I can't wait! I'm ready for an exciting and fun filled weekend - hopefully brought to an end with dinner at Erica's on sunday (:

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Kb_Mal said...

Ummm... where's the photo of the 95.5 the Beat towel? Kate loved it.