Friday, July 17, 2009

thursday re-cap... and friday so far!

I am seriously slacking with this whole blog thing!

So yesterday, I woke up at exactly 6:59 a.m. ONE minute before my alarm went off. I showered, picked out a nice outfit, gathered by things and I was off to the courthouse. Luckily, I had HP to distract me from the nerves of the courtroom, the judge, and some shady lookin' folk sitting on the benches surrounding me. In the end, I had no reason to be nervous anyway! They called my name and I walked up to a left-handed man who said, because I took a defensive driving course at Barber's, I would not get the three points on my license but (sadly) I would still have to pay the one hundred and twenty two dollar ticket. Boo. So I payed the ticket upstairs (and I even ran into a friend, Jennifer, from high school!) and headed to my car.

I got to my car and all the windows were busted in! My ipod, GPS, and radio had all been stolen in the daylight of downtown Marietta! I called the police and they came and filed a report, it was so exhausting. Okay, I'm totally kidding. I felt the need to liven up my blog. My car, other than pre-existing injuries, is fine... kinda.

After leaving the courthouse, it was close to ten and I decided to call Katie (rooster on the roof partner/BFF) and see what she was up to. I was invited over for pancakes and ended up spending the remainder of the morning and afternoon with Katie, King, Megan, and Ryan.

After a short lunch at Chick-Fil-A (IT WAS RYAN'S FIRST TIME EATING THERE!! ...he's from Illinois), Katie headed to work and I headed to Casey's house to do a few things before heading to Stingrays to tumble including a little bit more reading, a short nap, and some well needed relaxation.

At five or so, I headed to Stingrays and hung around while waiting for a tumbling class with Roger (coach) to start. I didn't really learn anything new today, I just brushed up some skills I've had for a while.

At the end of the night, King said he was going to teach me how to do rewinds with another coach named Andy. I thought they were joking (due to the fact that girls usually do rewinds... and pretty much any other skill involving flying) but they were serious! I'm going to post a link to the video (it's on facebook), so if you have a facebook, you should be able to watch it.

After the stunting fun was over, everyone headed to Katie and King's for fun, food, board games and the follow-up episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," where we find out that Randi and Kupono where leaving the show. After all of that was accomplished, It was my bed time! I spent the night on the futon at the Harrison residence. I love my friends (:

As for today, I woke up pretty late for the first time in a long time and ate breakfast with Katie, King, Megan, and Ryan. As they got ready and headed to the pool, I headed back to Casey's to shower and pack a bag for Athens! Zack and I are planning on leaving at four thirty and I am super excited!

Until tomorrow.

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