Friday, July 10, 2009

a trip to columbus - day 1.

Friday night is rolling around to an end and it's about that time that I review today's activities...

I woke up at twelve (deep sigh), it was awesome. I ate a bowl of cereal and enjoyed an episode of "What Not To Wear" and then packed a little bag for the weekend in Columbus. A tiny skype conversation with one of by best friends, Taryn (who is currently in France... and SO modern), brightened my day (:

I headed over to Katy and Dan's and took a quick shower. As I got out of the shower, Katy arrived home and I inquired if she'd like to go pick up my jeans but, being the amazing sister that she is, she had already picked them up for me! hooray!

Paper Denim Jeans altered in Decatur for 8 dollars.

Katy and I then ventured to the K-Roger (aka kroger - for all you boring folk) and waited in the pharmacy for a good fifteen minutes and I got a new toothbrush! it's blue.

Dan came home and we (by We, I mean Dan) loaded up the truck (even Roxxi in the back) and began our two hour journey to Columbus. I took a little nap after attemping to read and an interesting (more like bazaar) podcast on Katy's ipod.

At home, my mom's husband, Tripp, had made a pork roast, seasoned potatoes, broccoli, and dinner rolls. YUM-EEE. I ate it all and then some more.

After a short skype conversation with Uncle Harry... Katy, Dan, Tripp, Mom, Roxxi and I are now sitting around the living room and talking about past times and good memories (I guess Roxxi isn't talking much). Nothing better than that.

Until tomorrow.


Kb_Mal said...

Awkward Dan Savage Podcast for Life!

You also need to mention you got those jeans for a fab $20. yay, Paul!

annabeck said...

i want to be there!