Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a favorite hobby: hanging out with Katy!

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. So last night, late into the evening, I was doing a little bit of facebook stalking and chatting back and forth with my older sister, Katy. After some planning, we decided to meet up around ten a.m. and continue our day from there!

I woke up around nine (not my favorite part of the day) and grabbed my bag and hopped in the car! An hour later (and a pit stop at Stingray Allstars), I arrived at the home of Dan and Katy Mallory in Decatur, Georgia and lounged around a while with Katy before showering and heading out for the day. The day started with a trip to the dry-clearner and the Greatlands Target. No purchases quite yet for me.

Lunch was back at the Mallory's. Katy had a tofu quesadilla while I enjoyed almost all of a lovely meat lovers pizza. Then we were back on the road!

The tailor and the Goodwill were conveniently located in the same shopping center. I tried on some pants I've had for about 6 months (way too long) at the alteration shop and then Katy and I continued on our way to our favorite store (tied with Last Chance)... Goodwill! I scored some rocking white jeans and Katy found a top.

One of the last adventures for the day was to Your Dekalb Farmer's Market, a place I hold close to my heart. I had been looking forward to my favorite YDFM treat, chocolate covered gummy bears, all day. It would be just my luck that they would be all out! Katy helped with the pain and disappointment by getting a banana strawberry smoothie for me (thanks katya). After getting a few things off one of Katy's crazy lists (and a quick look at the live fish and crabs) we headed out of the farmer's market and back to the house!

A quick pit-stop at Sunny's Alterations to pick up Katy's belt and we were back at the house and ready to start dinner. I helped by sitting on the couch (aka. I didn't help) while Katy prepared a lovely meal of grilled cheese with fresh sliced turkey and a side of soup. So yum!

The sun set and Dan headed to sleep. Roxxi (Dan and Katy's dog), Katy, And I are currently watching The Little Couple on TLC and enjoying each other's company.

As time progresses, I'll get into adding pictures, links, and try to use less parenthesi.

Until next time.

p.s. Katy, you can only correct my english/grammar if it's absolutely necessary. I think I'm good on spelling.
p.s.s. Katy just taught me how to put in pictures and links!


K_Streams_Her_C said...

I am having the GREATEST time with you! If you didn't know, hangin' with Paul is one of my most favoritest (not a word, yeah, I know) past times as well! Love you!

annabeck said...

now i'm thinking that i want a blog. goodness gracious...

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Seriously, Anna. I realized last night that you're now the only sib without a blog!